25 Free the Nipple Quotes from the Comedy

Learn that equality is bare-breasted with these funny and insightful Free the Nipple quotes! 

Free the Nipple is a comedy-drama movie released in 2014 that explores gender equality, freedom of expression, and the objectification of women’s bodies. 

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The Benefits of Reading Free the Nipple Quotes

Based on a movement that originated in 2012, Free the Nipple aims to challenge and change societal norms regarding female toplessness. 

Reading Free the Nipple quotes will enlighten you on this form of gender discrimination and its implications for women worldwide. 

The name Free the Nipple refers to the fact that, in many places, it is illegal for women to bare their breasts in public. 

This is seen as a double standard, as men are allowed to go shirtless without any ramifications. 

The movie argues that this double standard is a form of discrimination against women and supports gender inequality.

In places where female toplessness is illegal, some punishments for violating the law include:

  • Hefty fines
  • Imprisonment
  • Public flogging 

This movie has helped the “Free the Nipple” movement gain traction in several countries where activists organized protests and demonstrations to raise awareness. 

It’s safe to say that Free the Nipple has successfully challenged societal norms and changed laws regarding female toplessness, even prompting some cities and states to change their laws. 

Many people praise the movie and the movement for advancing gender equality and promoting body positivity for all. 

We hope you enjoy these Free the Nipple quotes! 

Top Ten Free the Nipple Quotes 

Here’s our pick of the ten best quotes from Free the Nipple!

1. “My tits are in.” — Free the Nipple

2. “The universe has a plan.” — Free the Nipple

3. “Drop the bra. Free your mind.” — Free the Nipple

4. “Where do you stand on pasties?” — Free the Nipple 

5. “And if you hate freedom, move to China.” — Free the Nipple

6. “I am starting…a full-scale culture revolution.” — Free the Nipple

7. “Every revolution meets resistance, and that’s when things get real.” — Free the Nipple

8. “This is the perfect opportunity for us to just wreak some serious street-art havoc.” — Free the Nipple

9. “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, and then you win.” — Free the Nipple

10. “‘What is your goal in going topless in public places?’ ‘To expose the double standard.’” — Free the Nipple

Funny Free the Nipple Quotes

This movie will give you a good laugh, as these funny Free the Nipple quotes prove. 

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11. “I know Final Cut, Excel, Photoshop, Java, Drupal…And my grandmother was a Black Panther.” — Free the Nipple

12 “Money isn’t really real. If you think about it, it’s like pretty colored paper and lots of numbers in a computer.” — Free the Nipple

13. “If I don’t sell this story, I promise, I’m gonna sell my eggs, my plasma, my-my blood- whatever it takes.” — Free the Nipple

14. “Heads, I run topless through Times Square, and you film. Tails, you run topless through Times Square, and I film you.” — Free the Nipple

Quotes About the Nipple Double-Standard

These Free the Nipple quotes illustrate why breast censorship promotes gender inequality. 

15. “Today, we were wrongfully arrested, as the chief of police just admitted, and we were forced by law to be let go. So keep your laws off our bodies.” — Free the Nipple

16. “Do you have to be an activist to agree that it’s bullshit that a man can walk around shirtless on a hot summer’s day, and a woman will get arrested for it?”  — Free the Nipple

17. “Um, what I can’t get my head around is that the nipple is the first thing we see when we’re born. It nourishes us, and then somehow, the symbol of life becomes illegal.” — Free the Nipple

18 “And what’s even more annoying is that, while we’re allowed to see murder, violence, and war on every channel, Janet Jackson’s nipple slips, and it becomes the f***ing crime of the century.” — Free the Nipple

Quotes on Starting a Revolution

These Free the Nipple quotes show that starting a revolution is no joke. 

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19. “I can’t afford to eat at a restaurant. Where am I gonna get the cash for a revolution?” — Free the Nipple

20. “I do not endorse a way of life but describe one, and the audience is left to make its own decisions and judgment.” — Free the Nipple

21. “I think if you want to impact mass culture in America, you need to take this to the next level. I think you need to go really big.” — Free the Nipple

22. “What you need is a state-of-the-art campaign that will be the butterfly wing that will trigger the tsunami of signatures to petitions.” — Free the Nipple

23. “In political movements especially, the lines between delusion and reality can become very blurry. So how about I will stay realistic, and you two stay optimistic, and we meet somewhere in the middle.” — Free the Nipple

24. “I mean, even icons- icons who have everything in the world- at the end of the day, they realize all they have is themselves. They want meaning in their lives. It’s the only thing that they can’t buy, but we can give it to them.” — Free the Nipple

25. “I’m trying to bring about more responsible representations of female nudity, because the only representations that I see in mainstream culture are ones that are totally hypersexualized and ones that make me question what it means to be a woman in modern society.” — Free the Nipple

Nipples Are Being Freed 

Since the Free the Nipple movie was released in 2014, many US cities and states have changed their laws to allow female toplessness. 

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Some of the cities where laws have changed include:

1. Ocean City, Maryland

A federal judge ruled in 2021 that the city of Ocean City, Maryland, must allow women to be topless in public. 

This ruling came after a woman filed a lawsuit challenging the city’s ban on female toplessness.

2. New York City

In 2019, New York City officially changed its laws to allow women to go topless in public. 

This resulted from a lawsuit filed directly by the “Free the Nipple” movement.

3. Fort Collins, Colorado

Fort Collins, Colorado, changed its laws to allow women to be topless in public in 2017. 

This change came after a federal court ruled that the city’s previous ban on female toplessness was unconstitutional.

4. Washington D.C.

The District of Columbia changed its laws in 2015, declaring it was legal for women to be topless in public. 

A woman’s lawsuit after her arrest for going topless at a local festival prompted it.

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