50 Gnome Quotes For Adding More Magic To Your Life

Feel the magic with our phenomenal gnome quotes. 

Gnomes have been integral to the tapestry of human culture since we can remember. 

Check out our gnome quotes and learn more. 

What are gnomes? 

In folklore worldwide, there are stories of dwarfish, subterranean, human-like creatures who share the earth with us. 

In Western culture, these beings are colloquially called gnomes. 

Gnome is a word that applies to several short, goblin-like, earth-spirit beings who live in subterranean homes and protect nature. 

Below are different gnome-like beings from across the world: 

  • Tomtem are gnome-like beings from Sweden. 
  • The Menehune are gnome-like beings from Hawaii. 
  • In Africa, the Yemboes are gnome-like beings from Senegal. 

The spectrum of light is vast

Human culture is full of beings that seem supernatural. 

The human eye can only detect a small portion of the visible light spectrum. 

Radios detect different portions of that spectrum the same way x-ray machines do. 

Quantum physics informs us that many unseen universes exist within our reality. 

Our eyes are not trained to see what does not directly apply to us.  

More and more people are opening up to new forms of vision. 

Many aspects of the light spectrum are invisible to the human eye; for example, we cannot see ultraviolet light. 

The human eye can only see so many spectrums, and humans are conditioned to see what makes us feel safe. 

Are gnomes real?

The answer to this question depends on who you are asking. 

If we are objective, it is not unreasonable to acknowledge that many things, objects, beings, and other phenomena occur before our eyes that we cannot see. 

In many cultures, they describe gnomes as possessing common attributes. 

Gnomes often work at night, are directly in tune with nature, and often serve as protectors to livestock, crops, waterways, and forests. 

The existence of gnomes spans continents. 

When historians look at different cultures, they all discuss beings 2-3 feet tall, have human life spans upwards of 400 years, grow beards, have superhuman strength, and can produce magic and smoke pipes. 

Some of these descriptions are very specific, which begs the question, how did these attributes make it across the globe to civilizations that never met each other?

It is certainly worth investigating. 

If you love magic or are a garden gnome aficionado, you will love our gnome quotes below! 

Short gnome quotes celebrating the garden guardians

Here are some tiny little quotes about tiny little gnomes. 

1. “Giddy is the life of a jolly wood gnome.” — Lazlo

2. “Hooray for the life of a jolly wood gnome.” — Lazlo

3. “Trust not in Sprites nor the motivations of a Gnome.” — Jefferson Smith

4. “In short, you have all the social prospects of a garden gnome.” — Stephen R. Lawhead

5. “If I ever wanted a gnome, I guess I’d just stand out on my lawn for a while.” — Johnny Christ

6. “Bigger is not always better; gnomes and dwarfs are often more interesting than giants.” — Thijs Porck

7. “Gnomes are supposed to be good luck in a garden, protecting against pests and diseases.” — Kelly Asbury

8. “They have long beards, and they love your lawn. They dance little jigs on their little gnome homes.” — Lazlo

9. “Actually, cats do this to protect you from gnomes who come and steal your breath while you sleep.” — John Dobbin

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10. “Drab Habitation of Whom? Tabernacle or Tomb – or Dome of Worm – or Porch of Gnome – or some Elf’s Catacomb?” Emily Dickinson

Gnome quotes about the magic world of gnomes

Gnomes have long been a part of human stories and culture; these quotes remind us that gnomes have long been impacting our societies. 

11. “Gnomes live ten times faster than humans.” Terry Pratchett

12. “Then why are you shouting?” “Because,” yelled the gnome.” — Stephen Cosgrove 

13. “When I shout, it gets part of the cold from the inside out, said the gnome.” — Stephen Cosgrove

13. “People kill over money and power and love, but no one kills over gnomes.” — S. J. Kincaid

13. “Look, the life of gnomes and goblins is nasty, brutish, and short. So are they.” — Terry Pratchett

14. “Why are you crying, shivered the otter. Because I am cold, shouted the gnome.” — Stephen Cosgrove

15. “This really blew my mind, the fact that me, an over-fed, long-haired, leaping gnome, should be the star of a Hollywood movie.” — Eric Burdon

16. “This is your mature response to go off into the mountains rather than talking about it and have s’mores with a gnome and a mountain man.” — Ilona Andrews

17. “Elves, pixies, gnomes- the Moomins, Chorlton and the Wheelies, SpongeBob SquarePants- they all tried to invade you at some point.” — Jacqueline Rayner

18. “Most fantasy is incredibly derivative of Tolkien, so when you read a lot of fantasy, it’s really just elves and gnomes, and it all goes back to Tolkien.” — John Orloff

19. “And, since sensible humans know that there are no such things as people four inches high, a gnome who doesn’t want to be seen probably won’t be seen.” — Terry Pratchett

20. “I make it a point of honor to have a couple of gnomes in my garden as silent testimony to the right of gnome-lovers everywhere to do their own thing without fear of snide remarks.” — Richard Briers

Gnome quotes by J. K. Rowling and other magic lovers 

J. K. Rowling’s books have made gnomes, wizards, and dwarfs commonplace in the homes of millions of readers and fans of the Harry Potter series. 

21. “They kind of look like evil lawn gnomes.” — Cassandra Clare

22. “Muggles have garden gnomes, too, you know,” J. K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

23. “I wouldn’t trust Newcastle’s back five to protect my garden gnomes from squirrels.” — Jonathan Pearce

24. “She lingered in that charming little garden to say hello to the gnomes, such a glorious infestation!” — J. K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

25. “I’m glad I escaped the clutches of those evil gnomes. I’m talking, of course, about Puerto Ricans.” — Thom Yorke

26. “Bidding the wizard farewell, he turned to his daughter, who held up her finger and said, Daddy, look, one of the gnomes actually bit me!” — J. K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

27. “How few wizards realize just how much we can learn from the wise little gnomes – or, to give then their correct names, the Gernumbli gardensi.” — J. K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

28. “When Loughner himself speaks, and we find out his real influences are Spiderman, ‘Gnome Chomsky,’ Taylor Swift, and Dr. Bronner, then what?” — Walter Kirn

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29. “How wonderful! Gnome saliva is enormously beneficial!” said Mr. Lovegood, seizing Luna’s outstretched finger and examining the bleeding puncture marks.” — J. K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

30. “The bus timetable sites are all run by an inbred cabal of malicious gnomes. Who don’t speak English. And who don’t count very well, either. Or tell time. And they certainly can’t read maps.” — Robin McKinley

GNOME quotes about Linux and other operating systems 

GNOME is a graphical user interface and a set of computer desktop applications for the Linux operating system. 

31. “OS X is sweet: it’s simple and intuitive, and I think GNOME shares a lot of values with it.” — Nat Friedman

32. “We cannot choose one desktop over the other – Gnome or KDE – because there’s users for both code bases.” — Miguel de Icaza

33. “In the Land of Ire, the belief in fairies, gnomes, ogres and monsters is all but dead; in the Land of Ind, it still flourishes in all the vigor of animism.” — Joseph Jacobs 

34. “This doesn’t mean you’re getting a discount.” Audrey heaved a mock sigh. “Oh well. I guess I’ll have to ply you with sexual favors, then.” Gnome choked on the soup.”  — Ilona 

35. “Here`s a book about gnomes, undies, salamanders, elves, sylphs, fairies, but it, too, brings in the origins of Aryan civilization. The SS, apparently, are descended from the Seven Dwarfs.” — Umberto Eco 

More GNOME quotes about the user interface

36. “As Mono matures, people will begin to use it to write desktop components that take advantage of all the hard work thats gone into some of the meatier GNOME libraries, as well as the nifty language features of C#.” — Nat Friedman

37. “Often your ‘fixes’ are actually removing capabilities that you had because they were ‘too confusing to the user.’ GNOME seems to be developed by interface Nazis, where consistently the excuse for not doing something is not ‘it’s too complicated to do, but ‘it would confuse users.” — Linus Torvalds

38. “On September 5, when the TUC unanimously rejected wage restraint, it was the end of an era, and all the financiers, all the little gnomes in Zürich and other finance centers about whom we keep on hearing, had started to make their dispositions in regard to sterling.” — Harold Wilson

39. “There was a china garden gnome on the doorstep, wearing a desperate, crazy smile. “It’s not so bad,” Alan said. “You never take me nice places anymore, baby.” said Nick, and was mildly gratified by Alan’s ring of laughter, like a living bell that had been caught by surprise when it was struck.” — Sarah Rees Brennan

40. “Never once did I see myself standing under the window of a house belonging to some druggie named Carbine, waiting for his yard gnome to steal his stash so I could get a cab back to a cheap motel where my friend, a neurotic, death-obsessed dwarf, was waiting for me so we could get on the road to an undefined place and a mysterious Dr. X, who would cure me of mad cow disease and stop a band of dark energy from destroying the universe.” — Libba Bray

Cute gnome quotes about magic and beautiful gardens

Gnomes love nature, and these quotes remind us why they fit right in gardens and grassy knolls. 

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41. “I’m LEP. A captain. No rent-a-cop gnome is going to stand in the way of my orders.” — Eoin Colfer

42. “This ‘users are idiots, and are confused by functionality’ mentality of Gnome is a disease. If you think your users are idiots, only idiots will use it.” — Linus Torvalds

43. “I remember her telling me once that rabbits were the gnomes in attendance to the Fairy Queen and that the stars were God’s daisy chain. Perfect rot, of course.” — P. G. Wodehouse

44. “The things I encounter that I call elves or gnomes, it’s just a gloss. I mean, they’re small, and they have the archetype. They’re more like leprechauns, and this maybe raises a racial issue.” Terence McKenna

Long gnome quotes

45. “She sat in the dew-damp grass and ripped up clumps of it, tossing them in the air and feeling vaguely guilty about it. Some gnome ought to pop out of the tree and scold her for torturing the lawn.” — Holly Black

46. “Once upon a time, there was a girl who discovered that if she played a certain tune on a jade flute, she could summon up jade gnomes, a peculiar, harmless, but rather creepy-looking spirit of the underground.” — Ursula Vernon

47. “Cats are the slipperiest of domestic animals. Thousands of years of genetic coding has taught them to melt into azaleas, lie motionless behind garden gnomes, glide along fence tops, and slink under benches.” — Caroline Paul

48. “Call them what you want. Garden gnomes. Lawn ornaments. Little evil outdoor statuary hell-bent on world domination. It doesn’t matter. What does matter is that, right now, they’re hiding in plain sight, pretending to be symbols of merriment and goodwill.” — Chuck Sambuchino

49. “As a composer and as a musician, I’m a true believer – and this is not to be overly diplomatic – I’m a believer that there’s artistry in everything from a lawn gnome to a desk chair to a symphony to an Andy Warhol painting. There’s art in absolutely everything.” — Darren Criss

50. “She’s one of those soppy girls, riddled from head to foot with whimsy. She holds the view that the stars are God’s daisy chain, that rabbits are gnomes in attendance on the Fairy Queen, and that every time a fairy blows its wee nose, a baby is born, which, as we know, is not the case.” — P. G. Wodehouse

What is the history of garden gnomes?

You have seen garden gnomes in people’s gardens. 

Aside from humankind’s appreciation for the magical realm, we have a dark history regarding garden gnomes. 

Gnomes are often portrayed bearded with bright colors and fun cone-shaped hats. 

Oddly enough, the precursors to garden gnomes were real people. 

Yes, you read that correctly. 

The 1700s in Europe came with a lot of eccentric behavior. 

In places like England, France, and Spain, they recruited people to serve as living decorations in the yards of wealthy landowners. 

Advertisements for individuals who were strange or eccentric to serve as garden and yard ornaments for the wealthy were common. 

Many times, people who were physically deformed or physically disabled were hired to stand in the yard of wealthy Europeans to bring attention and entertainment to people passing by. 

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