50 Gold Digger Quotes For Seeking Your Fortune

We have got you covered if you are looking for gold digger quotes. 

People use the word gold digger to describe others, but how are some choosing to redefine the word?

Let’s explore gold-digging.

What is a gold digger?

Gold digging is a real job; people worldwide dig for gold. 

Gold digging is hard work; a gold digger digs for the precious metal in rivers or mines. 

As a career, gold-digging was popular in the united states during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. 

It is natural for the meanings of words to evolve. 

Over time, the meaning of the word gold-digger also expanded to include people who romantically pursue relationships with wealthy people to take their money. 

Below are some telltale signs that a person might be a gold-digger

  • Their friends are gold diggers
  • They only appreciate expensive gifts
  • They are immediately and frequently curious about your financial situation

Can anyone be a gold digger?

Yes, anyone can be a gold digger. 

In popular culture, we have historically applied the term gold digger to women who pursue a relationship with a wealthy older man to gain access to money. 

However, anyone can engage in gold-digging since a gold digger has no honest emotional or physical attraction to their partner. 

A stereotypical narrative is that a younger woman will get involved with an older man hoping he either dies or divorces his current wife so the gold digger can get the funds or resources through legal proceedings. 

Gold digging is not gender specific; there are many cases where men pursue older women with the same intentions. 

Is all gold-digging bad?

From an ethical or moral standpoint, many agree that pursuing a relationship with someone to take their wealth is predatorial behavior. 

Yet, many people believe there are healthy gold-digging relationships. 

If both parties are aware of the relationship dynamic, both sides can benefit mutually. 

If an individual understands their partner is with them for financial gain and is okay with that, they are not being taken advantage of. 

Each party can protect themselves as they see fit if they know each other’s intentions. 

To learn more, check out our gold-digger quotes below. 

Short gold digger quotes to live by

Here are some words of wisdom and observations about gold digging from a diverse group of influential people. 

1. “Gold diggers are the wife beaters of men!” Bill Burr

2. “No gold-digging for me; I take diamonds!” Mae West

3. “We may be off the gold standard someday.” Mae West

4. “Don’t be a gold digger; rather, be a goal digger.” Suraj Choudhary

5. “Dear parents, teach your daughter to be a woman, not a gold digger.” Manas Deka

6. “And frankly, I’m a huge gold digger, and The Miz is about to make a lot of money!” Alex Riley

7. “People say I’m a gold digger, but do you see me wearing gold? No. I’m wearing diamonds.” Anna Benson

8. “If I was a gold-digger, I would have a lot of money in my bank account. I’d be worth millions and millions.” Heather Mills

9. “I am called a gold digger all the time. I don’t care. There is nothing you can do about what other people say.” Anna Benson

10. “Gold digger, a relationship with a gold digger motivates you to earn more in life. Most importantly, you will know the accurate amount of her love.” — Saaquib Ahmed

The top gold digger quotes about searching for what is precious. 

People are redefining the definition of gold digging, and these quotes demonstrate that shift. 

11. “Her generosity extends to the meek as well as the gold diggers.” — Pier Giorgio Di Cicco

12. “Quit calling women gold diggers when you don’t have any money.” — Adnan Shaikh

13. “Some women are not gold diggers. They dig for metals that are way more precious.” ― Mokokoma Mokhonoana

14. “It is not enough to tell me that you worked hard to get your gold. So does the Devil work hard.” Henry David Thoreau

15. “The gold-digger is the enemy of the honest laborer, whatever checks and compensations there may be.” — Henry David Thoreau

16. “I’m here to tell you, though, ladies, that the term “gold digger” is one of the traps we men set to keep you off our money trail.” — Steve Harvey

17. “Keep in mind that there are computers that do touch things up. Like when I got a hold of the poster for ‘Gold Diggers,’ I said: ‘Hey, wait a minute! Those aren’t my teeth!” — Anna Chlumsky

18. “When I think of the gold-diggers and the Mormons, the slaves and the slave-holders and the flibustiers, I naturally dream of a glorious private life. No, I am not patriotic.” — Henry David Thoreau

19. “The reason gold-diggers trivialize relationships is because they do not know love, they only know money.” — Moffat Machingura, How I Kissed Heartbreak Goodbye

20. “Ernestine used to remark, in a tone tinged with envy, that Lill was probably New Jersey’s youngest gold digger, and that few adult gold diggers ever had received more, in return for less.” ― Frank B. Gilbreth Jr., Cheaper by the Dozen

Jamie Fox Gold Digger quotes from his hit with Kanye West

Here are some of Jamie’s thoughts about making the song Gold Digger and some of his best lines from the music.

21. “I gotta leave.” — Jamie Foxx, Gold Digger

22. “Oh, she’s a gold digger.” — Jamie Foxx, Gold Digger

23. “Way over town that digs on me.” — Jamie Foxx, Gold Digger

24. “Yeah, she’s a triflin’ friend indeed.” — Jamie Foxx, Gold Digger

25. “She take my money when I’m in need.” — Jamie Foxx, Gold Digger

26. “She’s not a gold-digger; she’s just a fly-ass chick.” — Jamie Foxx, Gold Digger

27. “The story behind how we made Gold Digger is crazy!” — Jamie Foxx

28. “I walk in the studio, and I hear this fire beat; which would later become Gold Digger.” — Jamie Foxx 

29. “You know what’s interesting? If you listen to the song, they never called her a 30. gold-digger.” — Jamie Foxx

30. “I sit in the studio for about an hour, and then finally it came to me, yeah she’s a gold digger, way over town, that digs on me.” — Jamie Foxx

Kanye West Gold Digger quotes about materialism and relationships 

Kanye West originally made Gold Digger for the Chicago emcee, Shawna. 

She declined, and West repurposed the song from a male perspective. 

31. “If you ain’t no punk, holla, ‘We want prenup! We want prenup!’” — Kanye West, Gold Digger 

32. “Trina, Jennifer Lopez, four kids, and I gotta take all they bad ass to showbiz?” — Kanye West, Gold Digger 

33. “Eighteen years, eighteen years, she got one of your kids, got you for eighteen years.” — Kanye West, Gold Digger 

34, “But I’m lookin’ for the one. Have you seen her? My psychic told me she have an ass like Serena.”  — Kanye West, Gold Digger 

35. “You will see him on TV any given Sunday, win the Super Bowl, and drive off in a Hyundai.” — Kanye West, Gold Digger 

36. “Cutie the bomb, met her at a beauty salon, with a baby Louis Vuitton under her underarm” — Kanye West, Gold Digger 

37. “I know somebody payin’ child support for one of his kids, his baby mama’s car and crib is bigger than his.” — Kanye West, Gold Digger 

38. “She was supposed to buy your shorty Tyco with your money; She went to the doctor, got lipo with your money.” — Kanye West, Gold Digger 

39. “She said, “I can tell you rock. I can tell by your charm; far as girls, you got a flock I can tell by your charm and your arm.” — Kanye West, Gold Digger 

40. “She walkin’ around lookin’ like Michael with your money, shoulda got that insured, Geico for your money.” — Kanye West, Gold Digger 

The top gold digger quotes and sayings 

Here are some interesting gold digger quotes to get you thinking. 

41. “A fool and her money are soon courted.” — Rowland Share F

42. “Can a woman make you a millionaire? Yes! If you are a billionaire.”  Kevin Hart

43. “True Saying: if money grew on trees. Girls wouldn’t mind dating monkeys.” Rayane RB

44. “There are some things that money can’t buy, like manners, morals, and integrity.” James W. Frick

45. “To deflect the impression that he was a gold digger par excellence, Bingham renounced any claim on his new wife’s fortune.” — Richard Kluger

46. “If I was a gold-digger, I would have a lot of money in my bank account. I’d be worth millions and millions.” Heather Mills

47. “The girls are my life. After the divorce, it was kind of scary at first, being alone with the girls, but eventually, it is what it is. It’s my life now. It’s me and the girls, and that’s that. Denise Richards

48. “Whether you’re dating a potential gold digger or are surrounded by friends who are constantly asking for handouts, you’ll want to protect your money from those kinds of drains.” — Kimberly Palmer

49. “For years, it has almost always played out like this: A woman accuses a famous man of harassment, and that famous man calls her a liar. The media reports it; expensive lawyers rush in to also call the woman a liar and maybe a gold digger and maybe worse.” — Nina Burleigh

50. “When you only define yourself with your money and material things, you would most likely attract some gold diggers. You would think that you are getting into a meaningful relationship with her, but to her, it would only mean another business transaction.” Edmond Mbiaka

What is the best way to handle a gold digger?

What should a person do if they believe they might be in a relationship with a gold digger?

This is a great question; the answers will vary depending on the relationship dynamics. 

The best way to proceed is to cut the relationship off, even if this is difficult for you to do. 

Extenuating circumstances may create challenges to sever all ties, but you can sever ties with gold-digging behavior. 

Informing the other person that this version of the relationship is not your preference is essential. 

If they do not understand your wishes, then too bad for them. 

If you are still determining if your partner is a gold digger, ask yourself how they would respond if you lost your wealth or resources.

Would they want to help you rebuild, or would they disappear from your life?

What is your opinion on gold diggers?

Please, be sure to let us know in the comments below. 

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