25 Thorin Oakenshield Quotes From the Dwarf King in The Hobbit

The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit fans will love these Thorin Oakenshield quotes!

Thorin Oakenshield is a fictional character that J.R.R. Tolkien created for his novel The Hobbit in 1937.

He is also a main character in the movie trilogy adaptation of the book of the same name.

Thorin is the deuteragonist of the story, a Dwarf-King leader of a group of Dwarves, a Wizard named Gandalf, and a Hobbit named Bilbo.

They are all working together to reclaim the Dwarf Kingdom, called The Lonely Mountain, which was lost to a Dragon about 150 years ago.

They have a limited time to do it before the mountain is sealed for good.

Like all Dwarves, Thorin is short but very strong and is greedy for gold, especially the crown jewel of the Dwarf gold called the Arkenstone.

In the Peter Jackson movie trilogy, Thorin is played by actor Richard Armitage.

Take a look at these Thorin Oakenshield quotes to learn more about this powerful character.

Intense Thorin Oakenshield Quotes

Thorin is an intense character, as seen in the following quotes.

1. “I will have war!” — Thorin Oakenshield

2. “Betrayed by my own kin…” — Thorin Oakenshield

3. “Get out before I kill you.” — Thorin Oakenshield

4. “Your threats do not sway me.” — Thorin Oakenshield

5. “I cannot guarantee his safety.” — Thorin Oakenshield

6. “We have reclaimed Erebor. Now, we defend it.” — Thorin Oakenshield

7. “I have been blind… but now I begin to see. I am betrayed!” — Thorin Oakenshield

8. “We are sons of Durin. And Durin’s Folk do not flee from a fight.” — Thorin Oakenshield

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9. “If anyone should find the Arkenstone and withhold it from me, I will be avenged.” — Thorin Oakenshield

10. “But a treasure such as this cannot be counted in lives lost. It is worth all the blood we can spend.” — Thorin Oakenshield

The Most Remembered Thorin Oakenshield Quotes

Here are some of the most remembered quotes by Thorin.

11. “So this is the Hobbit.” — Thorin Oakenshield

12. “There are a few warriors amongst us.” — Thorin Oakenshield

13. “Nor will I be responsible for his fate.” — Thorin Oakenshield

14. “Axe or sword, what’s your weapon of choice?” — Thorin Oakenshield

15. “It matters. I want to know – why did you come back?” — Thorin Oakenshield

16. “Loyalty, honor, a willing heart, I can ask no more than that.” — Thorin Oakenshield

17. “If more people valued home above gold, this world would be a merrier place.” — Thorin Oakenshield

Thorin Oakenshield Quotes Said to Bilbo Baggins

Check out these quotes Thorin says to Bilbo.

18. “True friends are hard to come by.” — Thorin Oakenshield

19. “It is a gift. A token of our friendship.” — Thorin Oakenshield

20. “I am so sorry… that I have lead you to such peril…” — Thorin Oakenshield

21. “You did what only a true friend would do. Forgive me.” — Thorin Oakenshield

22. “Do not speak to me of loyalty. Throw him from the rampart!” — Thorin Oakenshield

23. “I’m glad you’re here. I wish to part with you in friendship.” — Thorin Oakenshield

24. “It means, Master Baggins… you should never underestimate dwarves.” — Thorin Oakenshield

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25. “Farewell, Master Burglar. Go back to your books… and your armchair… plant your trees, watch them grow.” — Thorin Oakenshield

What Happens to Thorin?

Thorin lets his greed get the best of him, and he not only goes back on his word, he grows suspicious of his friends and leaves his cousin Dain Ironfoot to die fighting alone.

However, Bilbo and his other friends finally get him to realize who he is becoming, and he throws down his gold to join the battle and save his cousin.

Thorin is mortally wounded in the ensuing battle, but before he dies, he makes peace with Bilbo as he realizes they are the best of friends.

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