25 Grace and Frankie Quotes from the Hit Comedy

These Grace and Frankie quotes will make you laugh.

Grace and Frankie is a hit comedy series that circled around the life of Grace, played by Jane Fonda and Frankie, played by Lily Tomlin.

Grace is a cosmetics mogul while Frankie is an art teacher.

They have different personalities and didn’t like each other from the start.

The two are unlikely friends in the first part of the show.

However, the two began forming a friendly bond soon after their own husbands filed for divorce to marry each other.

Even after six seasons, viewers have not gotten tired of this series which has filled everyone’s homes with laughter and heartfelt lessons to learn from.

When their husbands, who were successful divorce lawyers planned to separate from them and tie the knot together, the two’s world were devastated.

Together, they decided to live and conquer life with medical scares, business ventures, personal issues, and aging.

From not liking each other, Grace and Frankie formed a strong bond that would last them a lifetime.

Enjoy these Grace and Frankie quotes!

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Grace and Frankie quotes from Grace Hanson

1. “Fuck my hell!” — Grace Hanson

2. “We are both formidable people who detest children.” — Grace Hanson

3. “You know, at my age I only have one speed: breakneck. Of course I don’t call it that. Because it is a very real fear.” — Grace Hanson

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4. “I don’t know why she has to blow everything out of proportion. Ya know, I might have said some terrible things to her but I was drunk. I didn’t mean it.” — Grace Hanson

5. “You play like an Amish kid!” — Grace Hanson

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6. “Hope is over-rated.” — Grace Hanson

7. “Soulmate! Now there there is a meaningless concept.” — Grace Hanson

8. “Would you mind taking me back home or setting me on fire?” — Grace Hanson

9. “Oh, you’re crying! There’s a whole world in here!” — Grace Hanson

10. “Am I supposed to be able to smell color?” — Grace Hanson

11. “I played by all the rules! Why didn’t you tell me there weren’t any rules, it’s not fair!” — Grace Hanson

12. “If anyone’s going to sit on Ryan Gosling’s face, it’s gonna be me!” — Grace Hanson

13. “Bring me a glass and a shrimp cocktail but hold the shrimp. I will DIY a Bloody Mary.” — Grace Hanson

14. “Have you met me? I avoid all hard conversations. It’s why I carry hard liquor.” — Grace Hanson

15. “Frankie! I told you, I’m not going to do a sex podcast with you!” — Grace Hanson

16. “Imagine if we got Fonzie to sit on it!” — Grace Hanson

17. “I had a roommate who once used my underpants as a napkin.” — Grace Hanson

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Grace and Frankie quotes from Frankie Bergstein

18. “I gained another pound today. But I think it’s a pound of knowledge.” — Frankie Bergstein

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19. “If you’re going into the kitchen could you get me two whiskey sours? One for each hand.” — Frankie Bergstein

20. “When you left, I thought my life was over. I can’t sleep in that big fucking bed without him. But I did it. And now I love having that bed to myself, it’s fantastic, I sleep in a giant X! You know what this means? Im okay, and I’m going to be okay. Ta-da, congratulate me.” — Frankie Bergstein

21. “This is not the energy I wanted to start my vision quest with.” — Frankie Bergstein

22. “Have you ever wondered if Ben and Jerry make more than ice cream together?” — Frankie Bergstein

23. “You should probably brace yourself for some light vomiting followed by life-altering hallucinations.” — Frankie Bergstein

24. “I struggle to believe you.” — Frankie Bergstein

25. “You can’t see me, you can’t stop me.” — Frankie Bergstein

In its first season, the show received mixed reviews from critics but it has gained the popularity it deserved upon from the second season up to its last because of its lovely plot.

The hit Netflix show has gathered many awards since then, including a Golden Globe Award nomination, Primetime Emmy Award nominations, and more.

It is a hit among viewers that the show is coming back from season seven.

Grace and Frankie may have featured the lives of two female senior citizens who were dealing with legal separations, love and friendship but it also touches the heart of the younger generation.

It teaches everyone the beauty of loving oneself, forming lasting friendships, forgiving, and moving on.

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This series is a must-watch, as you can see from these Grace and Frankie quotes and sayings, for those who want to have a good laugh while learning along its episodes.

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