How The Zodiac Signs Impact Our Personality

Our zodiac signs have a big impact on who we are, inside and out.

They affect our motivations, relationships, and general outlook on things.

However, it’s wrong or inaccurate to think that each of us is represented by just one sign.

We’re all wonderful, beautiful, and complicated beings.

Because of that, we need to set a higher standard and give our astrological makeup a little more substance.

All too many of us are led to believe that we represent ONE particular sign—which is referred to as our Sun Sign.

Each of us is indeed born with a special stamp that we refer to as our “sign.”

But, it’s a mixture of more than just one piece of the Zodiac.

Now, astrology can be complicated—I totally get it.

Through my work, I find that if I’m given the chance to break the “complication” down into the basics, it’s a lot easier to understand.

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Here are a few basics about the zodiac signs before we dive in deeper.

The Zodiac Sun Sign

A person’s Sun Sign or astrological label is simply the sign the Sun was living in at the time of our birth. 

Each individual sign connects us to other people born around the same time of the year.

Many people born under the same Sun Sign will share some commonalities, and sometimes, feel a special connection to one another.

It’s like being part of the same demographic.

Your Sun Sign identification has everything to do with the sun’s movements.

The sun moves through each of the 12 signs of the Zodiac all throughout the calendar year.

The sign that the Sun was living in at the precise time we were born determines our Sun Sign.

It’s like the hour hand of a clock tick tocking away, and every time the hour hand hits a new number, the signs change.

Twelve numbers relating to each of the 12 signs.

Traditionally, the Sun lives in each sign for the same period each year – about a month.

But it doesn’t remain precisely the same every single year.

The beginning and end of each sign period can be tricky as the signs are about to change.

I have met all too many Pisces who went years thinking they were Aquarians!

For instance, a person born on December 21st, 2014 at 6 p.m. in New York City has a Sun sign of Sagittarius.

If another person was born on the same day and place BUT three minutes later (approx. 6:03 PM), their Sun sign was in Capricorn.

Individuals born during these transitional periods are what I like to think as “two for one specials” given that the traits of two signs are running through them (the one that’s leaving and the one that’s coming into focus).

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Every year, there is always a specific time that the Sun transitions into the next sign.

It’s not exact every calendar year.

Approximate Sun Sign dates

Here’s an approximate list of the dates associated with the zodiac signs.

If a birthday falls on the tail ends of the sign’s beginning or end, that person may be a two for one special.

  • AriesMarch 21st—April 19th
  • TaurusApril 20th—May 20th
  • GeminiMay 21st—June 20th
  • Cancer: June 21st—July 22nd
  • Leo: July 23rd—August 22nd
  • Virgo: August 24d—September 22nd
  • LibraSeptember 23rd—October 22nd
  • Scorpio: October 23rd—November 21st
  • Sagittarius: November 22nd—December 21st
  • Capricorn: December 22nd—July 19th
  • Aquarius: January 20th—February 18th
  • Pisces: February 19th—March 20th

With each move into a new sign, a different influence and set of characteristics come to the forefront.

All the new babies being born pick up certain elements of the traits taking center stage.

People’s personalities sponge up the astrological influences as well.

For instance, when the Sun is living in the more disciplined sign of Capricorn (typically in January) most people are more disciplined and goal-oriented—think “New Year’s Resolutions.”

There is also a frugality or “tightening of the purse strings” that comes with this territory.

People were content to spend money during the holiday season when the Sun was in the optimistic Sagittarius (December), but need to get more practical-minded in January, when the bills come in.

We’re not just one Zodiac Sign

Of course, only some will resonate deeply with the “general” characteristics of their sign.

Others will poo poo their label saying they “in no way relate” to the generalities.

Personalities differ from all those supposed Sun Sign generalities all the time.

For example, many people characterize Leo as the sign with a dramatic flair that always needs an audience.

But all too often, I hear a Leo tell me, “I’m so shy.”

I’ve also heard more than quite a few Capricorns tell me, “I’m a total rebel and never conform to the rules.”

However, Capricorn is the sign that is supposed to be known for its strict and serious, disciplined style.

How could these discrepancies be?

Given that we’re all such unique individuals, there is no way we can all be categorized in just 12 different ways.

When individuals fall outside the box (which is more common than not) the true power of astrological insight is lost because it gets discounted.

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If we looked at our personal astrology a little deeper, we would come to see a lot more.

Astrology can be a tool that sheds a lot of light on who we are and why we operate in the way we do.

It can also reveal the people we are naturally going to connect with, as well as those we probably won’t.

However, all of its potential is lost if we don’t look at the full picture.

We need to toss away the thinking that we’re just one sign.

It’s time to embrace the concept that we’re made up of several zodiac signs and their influences.

The many factors that influence our Zodiac Sign

It all begins at the exact moment we are born and breathe our first breath.

This is the point where our true story begins.

At that time, the Sun was living in a particular sign, but there were 9 other planetary bodies that had something to say about us, too.

Each of those planets was living in a sign, as well, which is important to our personality:

  • The Sun shows how we shine.
  • The Moon reveals how we feel and where we run when we’re most stressed.
  • Mercury, the on-the-go planet, tells us how we communicate.
  • The lovely Venus, or planet that loves to love, shows where our heart lives and where we might get a little universal help.
  • Mars, the fighting planet, tells how we’ll fight and stand up for yourself.
  • Jupiter, or the Santa Claus of the zodiac signs, reveals where we get a special abundance factor.
  • Saturn, the hum drum planet of challenge, reveals where we have to be patient and be tested over and over again.
  • Uranus, the great awakener and soul-shaker, shows where each of us is unique, rebellious, and cutting edge. (Yes – we all are in some facet of our lives!)
  • Neptune, the creative planet that can entrance us, shows what area of our lives we might get lost in.
  • Pluto, the planet that scientists say isn’t really important enough to be classified as such, reveals where the biggest transformation of our life will be.

Astrologically, Pluto is one of the most important planetary influences.

Our Rising Sign

I’ve saved the best zodiac influence for last.

The most important factor in our astrology is called our Rising Sign.

We’ve all got one, but not that many people talk about it.

They are quicker to define themselves by their Sun Sign.

Our Rising Sign was the sign that was “waking up” or rising at the exact moment we were born.

Interestingly enough, this sign is the one that describes us a lot more than our Sun sign does.

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The characteristics of our Rising Sign paint our facade – and when people first encounter us, they see those traits FIRST.

It’s really only when they get to know us they can see our Sun Sign and how we choose to shine.

Anyone can see our outer shell—but NOT everyone gets to see what’s on the other side.

Our Rising Sign, or Ascendant, is incredibly powerful when we think about how the Zodiac affects our personality.

The characteristics of that sign can sometimes be much more powerful than the Sun sign itself.

What that means

So remember that shy Leo I mentioned earlier?

Well, she’s actually a Cancer Rising and likes to tuck away in her shell away from the limelight.

Only once she trusts her audience does she let them in.

It’s only at that point that can those see her true creative and vibrant Leo side.

Then there was that rebellious Capricorn?

Well, he’s an Aquarius Rising and showcases a very rebellious and unique streak to all he encounters.

He has goals and aspirations like every Capricorn do, but they are not seen as the “norm.”

To wrap it all up in a pretty package, I just want to reiterate how special we all are.

All the unique qualities that make us WHO we are come directly from the many zodiac influences running through our personal astrology.

Each of the zodiac signs reveals how we exist in the world and what kinds of personality traits we have.

It shows prominent influences, as well as how we feel and where we are pushed to take a stand.

Luck, challenges, and karma are also intertwined in our planetary story.

The placement of each planet and how they were talking to the other planets shows a lot about us, too.

It’s a complicated and beautiful picture all about us.

Once we look at it a little deeper, or have someone explain it to us, a whole new world of revelations come to life.

On a final note, I want to mention another important tip for all my horoscope readers.

Better results will come if we read for our Rising Sign.

We’ll likely find more accuracy by reading for the sign that sets our stage and then checking out what’s being said about our Sun sign.

So go ahead, find out your exact birth time, and begin the discovery process of finding out all the zodiac signs that affect you.

To make it simple, start with your Rising Sign and see how astrology works in a whole new way.

Have your birthday, time, and location of birth handy!

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    Hi, I will have difficulty with this because I don’t know the time of my birth. My parents are deceased, the time is not on the birth certificate that I have and my siblings are not sure of the time, but they both state that it was raining. Of course, we know the place, so will I be able to get an accurate rising out of the information that I do have?

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