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Libra Quotes To Better Understand This Sign

Libras are creative, if not slightly crazy. Libra is the seventh sign of the zodiac and several famous people represent the house of Libra, like Hilary Duff, Lil’ Wayne, Kim Kardashian, and even Cardi B! These Libra quotes are from some of these talented creators.

Libras are also all about balance and fairness. If you have ever wondered what it’s like being a Libra, then you came to the right place!

Libras are special, and these quotes illustrate their unique qualities. They illuminate what it is like to be loved by a Libra, and what Libras want from others.

Will you learn something new about the Libras in your life? If you are a Libra, maybe you will find these quotes shed some light on your personality.

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Libra quotes about balance

1. “I always feel more grounded and stable when I have balance in my life; I’m a Libra!” —     Laura Regan

2. “Libra is the Scales, sir. Justice maybe? The idol could be a statue by the Law Courts.”     —DS Peter Jakes

3. “I am a Libra, so I have to balance things.” — Mark Viduka

4. “On my Libra scale, I’m weighing sins and forgiveness.” — Lil Wayne, “She Will”

5. “I am a Libra, let’s balance the scales.” — Gwen Stefani, “Spark the Fire”

6. “There is nothing that Libra wants more than peace, harmony, and beautiful surroundings.” — Chani Nicholas

7. “I’m a Libra, I always have two sides of everything.” — India Arie

8. “After a breakup, a Libra will make do with the decision and be off to create an exciting new balance in their life.” — Unknown

Libra quotes on what it’s like being a Libra

9. “I’m pretty good at thinking about everything – all of my consequences – before I make a decision, and I think about everything that’s going to happen because of that decision. I’m a Libra, and I’m very strategic.”  Hilary Duff

10. “The Libra husband is reasonable. He is a born judge, and no other zodiacal type can order his life with so much wisdom.” God! That’s all I need: order! That’s all I need: an M ordered life. You know, a manager. But he’s *got* to be a Libran.” Edith ‘Little Edie’ Bouvier Beale

11. “Billy is a Libra, a sign of love / Billy has a one-track mind / He’s great in the kitchen and never complains / He’s the happily married kind.”  Benjamin Weisman

12. “Libras hate to see others hurting, but when you irritate them their temper can be destructive.”  Anonymous

13. “Librans love people, but they hate large crowds. Like gentle doves of peace, they go around mediating and patching tip quarrels between others; still they enjoy a good argument themselves.” — Linda Goodman

14. “I’m a Libra. If someone compliments me, I’ll say something nice to them. I like to give out compliments.” — Amber Rose

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15. “Libras love doing things for others, but they like to feel appreciated. A little thanks goes a long way.” — Unknown

16. “Libra only gets stubborn when people don’t take them seriously.” — Unknown

17. “Libras like to take risks!” — Cardi B

18. “A Libra is usually generous, provided you don’t take advantage of that.” — Unknown

19. “I’ll just be over here avoiding confrontation and being a Libra.” — Unknown
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Libra quotes on why being a Libra is special

20. “Sometimes in my life, I feel like a bit of a sorceress who can’t totally control all their power. I’m a Libra, so… Libra women are pretty magical.”  Olivia Thirlby

21. “Sat in Libra’s Bowl, where it’s all, it’s all, it’s all / It’s all, balancing / It’s the black in the grate / The smoke in the sink / It’s the ether that you and I / Opted to drink / It’s the tooth that was chipped / On the first ever kiss / It’s you and it’s me and that’s what it is.”   Alison Moyet

22. “If Libra were a city, they’d be Paris. The moodiness of the Seine is more or less a portrait of their inner life.” — Alex Dimitrov and Dorothea Lasky

23. “Libra’s will leave you speechless with sweet nothings.” — Unknown

24. “When you get into an awkward situation, let a Libra do all the talking. They can negotiate themselves out of anything.” — Unknown

25. “Libra will make you feel special. That is their charm.” — Unknown

26. “Libra Dream: For the world to become a peaceful, happy place.” — Unknown

27. “Don’t rush a Libra. Something this good takes time.” — Unknown

28. “Libras are charming individuals who can put on an array of faces to please anyone they are with.” — Unknown

29. “Why, Libra personality is a warrior personality.” — Sai Thanmae

30. “A libra is skilled enough to be one step ahead, but make you believe they are one step behind.” — Unknown

31. “Libras receive great pleasure by pleasing and helping others.” — Anonymous

Funny Libra quotes

32. The whole business with the fossilized dinosaur skeletons was a joke the paleontologists haven’t seen yet. This proves two things: Firstly, that God moves in extremely mysterious, not to say, circuitous ways. God does not play dice with the universe; Secondly, the Earth’s a Libra. — Terry Pratchett

33. “I’m Libra and to mess with a libra will leave you nowhere.” — YA Chhora

34. “It’s really okay to not be a diplomat most of the time… not all can be a Libra, you know.” — Unknown

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35. “No need to give Libra orders. They won’t obey them, anyway.” — Unknown

36. “Libra’s are rarely wrong and they are usually right. So, arguing with them is pointless.” — Unknown

37. “If Libra doesn’t say something, their face does all the work.” — Unknown

38. “Don’t mistake a Libra’s compassion for stupidity because they can see through all the bullshit.” — Unknown

39. “All Libras’ speak at least five languages: English, love, sarcasm, truth, and justice.” — Unknown

40. “Welcome to Libra season, aka the chillest of them all.” — Unknown

41. “Beware of the sudden Libra mood swings. Yes, they do seem to come out of nowhere sometimes.” — Unknown

Libra quotes about love

42. “Libra’s will leave you speechless with sweet nothings.” — Unknown

43. “Type of lover a Libra is: You never have to question if they love you, because they show it every chance they get.” — Unknown

44. “Don’t let Libra’s romantic softness and love for peace fool you, they can get ruthless.” — Unknown

45. “Libras don’t fall for just anyone, so when they choose you know that it’s the real deal.” — Unknown

46. “Give a Libra 100% of you and expect to get 1000% of them in return.” — Unknown

47. “A Libra’s friendship and love is worth gold.” — Unknown

48. “Libras are master kissers and can be master seducers once they set their eyes on you.” — Unknown

49. “A Libra will love you even at your absolute worst, but push it too far and they have a hard time forgiving and forgetting.” — Unknown

50. “A Libra is the right blend of beauty and brains to make the ideal lover.” — Unknown

51. “I’m a Libra. That means that I can make a decision, but only after much thought.” – P. J. Harvey

Best Libra Quotes About Librans and Their Personality

52. “No surprise that Judge Judy is a Libra—it is the sign of the law, after all!” — Judge Judy

53. “Libras are the diplomats of the zodiac. They are able to put themselves in other’s shoes and see things through another person’s point of view.” – Daniel E. Ouellette

54. “Libras don’t indulge in idle flattery. If they don’t like something, they are tactful enough to remain silent.” – Margarete Beim

55. “Still, not all of the beautiful people in the world are Librans.” – Linda Goodman

56. “I’m too much of a Libra. I too often see the other person’s point of view and capitulate, even though I have strong political convictions.” – John Lithgow

57. “When Libra asks your opinion—and that’s likely to be often—don’t think that this intelligent individual is incapable of wise, often brilliant strategies and decisions.” – John Mesina

58. “I’m a Libra. I enjoy sunsets, spicy breakfasts, and yoga.” – Nancy Gideon

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59. “Libra is even nice to the people he or she doesn’t get on with, for Libra doesn’t like to have enemies.” – Claire Petulengro

60. “I’m a Libra and I’m very outspoken. And I can’t hold a grudge against you or not like you on a sly.” – James G. Spady

61. “The hesitation of a Libra person comes from the fear that if they make a decision, someone might be disappointed, and they would like everyone to feel taken care of.” – Saket Shah

Libra Quotes and Inspirational words Of Wisdom 

62. “Libras want something more than adulation. They want something almost unendurable when it comes to love.” — Alex Dimitrov

63. “Libra is first up, then down.” — Linda Goodman

64. “As a friend, it’s hard to know if you’ve ever really helped a Libra.” — Alex Dimitrov

65. “Librans have a gift of seeing something positive and lovable in almost anybody. Harmony in all aspects of life is their top priority.” — Therrie Rosenvald

66. “Libras can see both sides of the coin but have difficulty determining who is right and who is wrong.” — Serina Cappucci

67. “You’ll know if your Libra is seriously under-loved when they won’t even argue with you, and just act passively.” — Mary English

68. “Venus-ruled Libra treasures an environment of beauty and space.” — Mary Valby

69. “Libra is seen as the only inanimate sign and sector of, “Peace in the heavens”, and yet Libra energy can also become anger in the form of open combat against known enemies.” — Michael St Clair

70. “A Libra friend is analytical, rational, and fair, most of the time.” — Hazel Dixon-Cooper

71. “Sometimes Libra can be coaxed gently into trusting his own emotions in an atmosphere of trust.” — Liz Greene

Which of these Libra quotes is your favorite?

For as long as I can remember, I have been surrounded by Libra’s. My mother and grandmother were Libras, as were all of my closest friends in high school. My adult best friends have also been predominantly Libras. I was not the least bit surprised that I ended up marrying a Libra, but it surprised me when our first child was born on his birthday!

My husband and eldest child represent a good deal of what they say about Libras in these quotes. They are definitely about things being fair and equal. They balance out the crazy that is my Leo self, and the Capricorn younger child who likes to make up his own rules and drive them nuts.

Do you have any Libra quotes and sayings you would like to add, or favorite stories about the Libras in your life? Drop them in the comments below!

Danielle Dahl, Lead Contributor
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