25 Idle Hands Quotes From the Comedy Horror Movie

Fans of teen comedy horror movies will enjoy these Idle Hands quotes.

Idle Hands was released in 1999 as a teen, dark comedy horror movie.

The movie was directed by Rodman Flender and co-written by Terri Hughes and Ron Milbauer.

Idle Hands stars Devon Sawa, Seth Green, Vivica A. Fox, Elden Henson, and Jessica Alba, among other actors and actresses.

Upon release, the movie received negative reviews and underperformed at the box office, where it grossed $4.2 million against a $25 million budget.

The movie’s name is based on the old saying that “idle hands are the devil’s playground.”

The plot of the movie follows teenager Anton Tobias, a lazy stoner.

Anton’s hand becomes possessed and starts killing people, even after it is cut off from his arm.

Take a look at these Idle Hands quotes to learn more about the movie.

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These quotes give a glimpse of what you can expect from the movie Idle Hands.

1. “Hey, you were right. Anton does scream like a girl.” — Mick

2. “Well, at least he died happy.” — Mick

3. “You lied to me!” — Anton

4. “I’m gonna go call 911. What’s the number?” — Mick

5. “Where did it go?” — Anton

6. “There is evil out there, and I’m gonna kick its ass.” — Debi

7. “You killed me! Let’s try to keep this thing in perspective here!” — Mick

8. “This is some one-hit sh*t.” — Mick

9. “You should learn not to cut off the hand that feeds you, Anton.” — The Hand

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10. “Anton would not scoot his behind off the couch if the house was on fire.” — Dad Tobias

11. “You conked me on the head pretty good. I must’ve been unconscious.” — Mick

12. “Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today because you’re all dead… and it’s all my fault.” — Anton

13. “There is something wrong with my friend. I think he smoked some nutmeg or something.” — Mick

14. “I was a little bitter about the getting killed by my best friend thing, but I’ve had time to get over it.” — Mick

15. “Mom, Dad, you fed me, kept a roof over my head until I killed you. Which I guess doesn’t make me a very good son.” — Anton

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Idle Hands Quotes from Pnub

Here are the most popular lines from Pnub in the film.

16. “Don’t you watch the news?” — Pnub

17. “Don’t be selfish, Anton! No one else’s parents are dead.” — Pnub

18. “Watch the head. It’s on kinda loose.” — Pnub

19. “Those things won’t even cut my bagel.” — Pnub

20. “CPR, man! I saw it on Baywatch, man.” — Pnub

21. “You think we should tell him that we put that writing on the ceiling?” — Pnub

22. “Ok, that wasn’t my fault; that thing should’ve come down a lot slower!” — Pnub

23. “As usual, marijuana saves an otherwise disastrous day.” — Pnub

24. “We’re not bad, we’re not exactly good or anything, but at least we don’t go around killing people.” — Pnub

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25. “Why don’t you just go over there and tell her your name? Maybe she’ll think you’re… funny or something.” — Pnub

How Does Anton’s Hand Become Possessed?

While we don’t see how Anton’s hand becomes possessed, we learn it is from a demon spirit that possessed the hand.

After Anton’s hand kills his parents and two friends, he cuts off his hand to kill it, but this doesn’t work.

His friends come back as zombies to help Anton defeat the hand that is now trying to kill Anton’s girlfriend, Molly.

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