20 Invader Zim Quotes About Your Favorite Cartoon

Check out these Invader Zim quotes from your favorite world-conquering cartoon!

Invader Zim was an animated dark comedy science fiction television show on Nickolodeon in 2001 and 2002.

Invader Zim was created by Jhonen Vazquez, a cartoonist and comic book writer.

The show revolves around an alien named Zim and his robot servant, GIR, as they try to conquer Earth and turn humans into their slaves.

Due to budget and lower ratings, Invader Zim only lasted for one entire season and then was canceled during the 2nd season.

Although Invader Zim had a short run, it has won numerous awards, gathered a cult following, and even created a comic book series and film to pick up where the television series left off.

Sit back and enjoy these Invader Zim quotes!

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Funny Invader Zim quotes

Enjoy a quick laugh about the lovable alien Zim!

1. “The pig… COMMANDS ME!”  Gaz

2. “CHICKEN! I’m gonna eat you!”  Gir

3. “It means the mission is in jeopardy!”  Zim

4. “What about his horrible green head?”  Dib

5. “They locked down their fortress – with locks!”  Zim


7. “I’m an unstoppable death machine, you know.”  Zim

8. “It’s not stupid, it’s advanced.”  Almighty Tallest Purple

9. “I’m gonna roll around on the floor for a while. KAY?”  Gir

10. “You dare agree with me? Prepare to meet your horrible doom!”  Zim

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Invader Zim quotes from the main characters

Check out some of these quotes from the main characters of the television show.

11. “Shut your noise tube taco human!”  Zim

12. “Doesn’t this spaceship have any escape pods?”  Gaz

13. “You speak craziness, Earth boy! More organs means more human!”  Zim

14. “Zim, are you going to bring your parents to Parent Teacher Night?”  Ms. Bitters

15. “You expect me to pay to ride this filthy contraption? Have you the brain worms?”  Zim

16. “He’s bringing all the children to our secret lair? Do you realize what this means?”  Zim

17. “I am Government Man, come from the government. The government has sent me.”  Gir

18. “Why don’t they take the money spent on candy and prizes and use it to buy desks?”  Dib

19. “What’s your brother doing this time? He’s not trying to raise the dead again, is he?”  Professor Membrane

20. “But invader’s blood marches through my veins like giant RADIOACTIVE RUBBER PANTS! The pants command me!”  Zim

A show for Nickelodeon’s older demographic

Invader Zim was created for Nickelodeon’s older demographic and pushed what was acceptable on a children’s network.

Although Invader Zim did not seem to appeal to Nickelodeon’s audience, the fact that the series has continued in other forms shows that it does have a dedicated audience.

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