25 Adventurous Jumanji Quotes From the Original Movie

These Jumanji quotes from the original 1995 movie will suck you right back into the adventure and remind you how much fun the original film was.

As always, Robin Williams steals the show in one of his classic performances as Alan Perish, a boy who grew up in the fictional jungle of a board game and was suddenly spit back out into the real world as an adult man.

Determined to complete the game and reverse all the havok brought forth by Jumanji, grown-up Alan teams up with his childhood friend, Sarah Whittle (Bonnie Hunt) and siblings Judy and Peter Shepherd (Kristen Dunst and Bradley Pierce).

A classic film filled with comedy, heart, and adventure, we hope you enjoy these Jumanji quotes.

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Classic Jumanji quotes

1. “Jumanji. A game for those who seek to find a way to leave their world behind. You roll the dice to move your token. Doubles gets another turn. And the first player to reach the end wins.” — Alan Parrish

Classic Jumanji quotes

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2. “In the jungle you must wait…until the dice read five or eight.” — Alan Parrish

Epic Jumanji quotes

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3. “You’re not a postal worker are you?” — Gun Salesman

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Jumanji quotes about you're not a postal worker are you

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4. “Jerks!” — Alan Perish

Jumanji quotes about Jerks

5. “I’ve seen things you’ve only seen in your nightmares. Things you can’t even imagine; things you can’t even see. There are things that haunt you in the night; then something screams, and you hope to god you will not meet the same fate. Afraid? You don’t even know what afraid is.” — Alan Perish

More Jumanji quotes

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6. “Did someone roll a five or an eight?” — Alan Perish

Jumanji quotes about did someone roll a five or an eight

7. Van Pelt: “Any last words?”

Alan Parrish: “Jumanji.”

Van Pelt: “What?”

Best Jumanji quotes

8. Alan Parrish: “So you tried to cheat did you?”

Sarah Whittle: “You tried to cheat?”

Relatable Jumanji quotes

9. “WHAT YEAR IS IT!” — Alan Perish

Jumanji quotes about WHAT YEAR IS IT

10. Alan Parrish: [in terror] “A hunter from the darkest wild / Makes you feel just like a child.”

Sarah Whittle: “What is it?”

Alan Parrish: “Van Pelt.”

Wise Jumanji quotes

11. Benjamin: “What if someone digs it up?”

Caleb: [dramatically] “May God have mercy on his soul.”

Short Jumanji quotes

12. “It’s the law of the jungle, Sarah. You’ll get used to it.” — Alan Perish

Funny Jumanji quotes

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Adventurous Jumanji quotes from the game

13. “This will not be an easy mission – monkeys slow the expedition.” — Peter Shepherd

Adventurous Jumanji quotes from the game

14. “Need a hand? Well, you just wait / We’ll help you out… we each have eight.” — Peter Shepherd

Positive Jumanji quotes

15. “Don’t be fooled, it isn’t thunder / Staying put would be a blunder.” — Judy Shepherd

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Inspirational Jumanji quotes

16. “Adventurers beware: do not begin unless you intend to finish. The exciting consequences of the game / will vanish only when a player has reached Jumanji and called out its name.” — Judy Shepherd

Favorite Jumanji quotes

17. “His fangs are sharp, he likes your taste / Your party better move post-haste.” — Peter Shepherd

Amazing Jumanji quotes

18. “Beware of the ground for which you stand / The floor is quicker than the sand.” — Alan Perish

Random Jumanji quotes

19. “‘They grow much faster than bamboo / Take care or they’ll come after you’.” — Sarah Whittle

Top Jumanji quotes

20. “A tiny bite can make you itch / Make you sneeze, make you twitch.” — Judy Shepherd

Meaningful Jumanji quotes

Jumanji quotes about life

21. Sam Parrish: I thought you told me you were never going to talk to me again.

Alan Parrish, 1969: “Whatever I said, Dad, I’m sorry.”

Jumanji quotes about life

22. Alan Parrish, 1969: [runs up to Sam and hugs him] “I’m so glad you’re back.”

Sam Parrish: “I’ve only been gone 5 minutes.”

Alan Parrish, 1969: [crying] “It seems like a lot longer for me.”

Jumanji quotes and sayings

23. Sam Parrish: “Oh, Alan, I was angry, OK? And I’m sorry, too. Look, you don’t have to go to Cliffside if you don’t want to. Let’s talk it over tomorrow. Man to man.”

Alan Parrish, 1969: “How about father to son?”

Jumanji quotes to motivate you

24. “Whatever it is, you face it like a man.” — Alan Perish

Jumanji quotes about whatever it is, you face it like a man

25. Van Pelt: “Aren’t you afraid?”

Alan Parrish: “I’m terrified. But my father says you should always face what you’re afraid of.”

Jumanji quotes to helping others

Would you ever dare to play Jumanji?

The original film was based on the children’s book, Jumanji, written by Chris Van Allsburg, who also co-wrote the film in 1995.

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In 2017, Columbia Pictures released the film’s first sequel, starring Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart, Jack Black, and Karen Gillian. 

Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle was followed by Jumanji: The Next Level in 2019.

Both sequels were successful and took the original story into the 21st century, introducing the jungle adventure to a new generation of children.

However, nothing can ever compare to the original.

We hope you enjoyed these Jumanji quotes and lines.

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