22 Rock Lee Quotes From the Popular Manga and Anime Character in the Series Naruto

Fans of the hit manga and anime series Naruto will love these Rock Lee quotes!

Rock Lee is a fictional character that Masashi Kishimoto created for the manga and anime series Naruto.

Rock Lee is voiced by Yoichi Masukawa in Japanese and by Brian Donovan in English.

Lee is a popular character with multiple pieces of merchandise made after him.

He lives in the village of Konohagakure and is a ninja who is a member of Team Guy, which consists of himself, the leader Might Guy, Neji Hyuga, and Tenten.

Rock Lee doesn’t have basic ninja training but believes that through hard work and determination, he can overcome those with more talent.

Might Guy sees his determination and decides to help him become a skilled Ninja personally.

But Lee’s dreams seem crushed when another ninja cripples him in a fighting tournament.

Take a look at these Rock Lee quotes to learn more about this character.

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Best Rock Lee Quotes

These are some fan-favorite quotes from Rock Lee.

1. “A dropout will beat a genius through hard work.” — Rock Lee

2. “He is an enemy who is worth the risk.” — Rock Lee

3. “Please wait… I’m sorry, but it’s about time for my medicines.” — Rock Lee

4. “I am the Handsome Devil of the Hidden Leaf Village! My name is Rock Lee!” — Rock Lee

5. “There is no way that I alone can lose in a place like this.” — Rock Lee

6. “I would like to see how my moves will do against a descendant of the genius clan.” — Rock Lee

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7. “It is now the time to carry through and protect one’s own way of ninja.” — Rock Lee

8. “The lotus of Konoha blooms twice.” — Rock Lee

9. “Don’t be staring at people.” — Rock Lee

10. “A meeting where men are expressing their feelings of friendship through fist-fighting? Why didn’t anyone tell me about this?” — Rock Lee

11. “My motto is to be stronger than yesterday; if I have to, I’ll be stronger than half a day ago, even a minute ago!” — Rock Lee

12. “So I was not born with a whole lot of natural talent, not gifted like Neji, but I work hard, and I never give up! That is my gift; that is my ninja way!” — Rock Lee

13. “Well, I’d like to test myself to see how strong I am, but I don’t deserve to take the test at my present level.” — Rock Lee

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Rock Lee Quotes that Strength and Determination

Rock Lee is known for working hard and pushing through, as shown in these quotes.

14. “Please don’t ignore me; you don’t have the time to be inattentive.” — Rock Lee

15. “If you believe in your dreams, I will prove to you that you can achieve your dreams just by working hard.” — Rock Lee

16. “Sakura, please go out with me! I’ll protect you with my life!” — Rock Lee

17. “I will never give up, Gai Sensei. I will be back stronger than ever.” — Rock Lee

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18. “A rock thrown at a pole will not hit, but if one does not aim at the pole, it will hit! That is the law I used!” — Rock Lee

19. “A hero is not the one who never falls. He is the one who gets up, again and again, never losing sight of his dreams.” — Rock Lee

20. “Among strong people exist genius types and hardworking types. If your Sharingan is a genius-type from the Uchiha blood, I am simply a hardworking type who has mastered only taijutsu.” — Rock Lee

21. “I’m not sad! In front of a man who made an important decision, feeling sadness or pity would be an insult to him!” — Rock Lee

22. “I want to show I can be a splendid ninja as well, even if I don’t have ninjutsu or genjutsu. I want to prove it to the whole world!” — Rock Lee

What Happens to Rock Lee?

It seems like Rock Lee’s ninja career is over, but a medical ninja named Tsunade offers to perform a risky surgery on Rock to see if she can heal him.

Rock takes the risk and the surgery is a success, allowing him to continue being a ninja as part of Team Guy.

Rock goes on to fight in more battles and even has a son he starts training as a ninja.

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