25 Lovecraft Country Quotes from the Dark Fantasy Series

These Lovecraft Country quotes will tickle your imagination for more Lovecraft fiction.

Lovecraft Country is a horror drama series streaming on HBO.

It’s based on a connecting story of a novel by Matt Ruff.

The series follows the story of Atticus Freeman, a young black man in a 1950s segregated United States.

His goal is to search for his missing father together with his friend Letitia and his Uncle George.

The series revolves around the complex history of racism in America and the unworldly horror surrounding a mysterious town in which H.P Lovecraft based his fictional creations and dark imaginations.

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Lovecraft Country quotes from Atticus

1. “I’m not scared because fear is not gonna save us right now. You are.” — Atticus

Lovecraft Country quotes from Atticus

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2. “Stories are like people. Loving them doesn’t make them perfect. You just try and cherish them, overlook their flaws.” — Atticus

Lovecraft Country quotes about people

3. “Look what we been through to get here: monsters, ghosts, a-a magical treasure hunt, curses, the past, the future. We can’t stop fighting now.” — Atticus

Lovecraft Country quotes about fighting

4. “The mysterious stranger I heard about my entire life, swinging the bat like Jackie Robinson, saving you, Mama, and Uncle George was me. This book belongs to our family, and together, we’re gonna use this book to protect our family.” — Atticus

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Lovecraft Country quotes about family

5. “My entire life, my father’s been trying to turn me into someone I’m not. I’ve gone halfway across the world to get out from under his thumb, and now… Being here, this war, it’s done his job better than he could ever imagine.” — Atticus

Lovecraft Country quotes about life

6. “I don’t know if what I had with Ji-Ah was love. I never had any good examples of it growing up. My parents’ love was… enduring, but unknowable.” — Atticus

Lovecraft Country quotes for love

7. “ I’ve done some horrible things, things I’ve tried to forget. When I’m with you, that seems possible. Cause you see the good in me, I know it’s there.” — Atticus

Lovecraft Country quotes and saying

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Lovecraft Country quotes from Ji-Ah

8. “We’ve both done monstrous things, but that does not make us monsters. We could be the people we see in each other. We just have to choose to be.” — Ji-Ah

Lovecraft Country quotes from Ji-Ah

9. “We have to stop letting their fear shape us.” — Ji-Ah

Lovecraft Country quotes on we have to stop letting their fear shape us

10. “I don’t care that you’re different. I am too.” — Ji-Ah

Lovecraft Country quotes that care

11. “I remember everything. When I absorb their souls, I see their entire lives before they die. All of his memories are in me.” — Ji-Ah

Lovecraft Country quotes about memories

Lovecraft Country quotes from Christina Braithwhite

12. “The things they’ve done, it’s unforgivable. We still come running when they need help. It’s pathetic. And we call it family to make it seem okay?” — Christina Braithwhite

Lovecraft Country quotes of running

13. “The smallest, most inconsequential thing can take you on a new course. You just have to see it, and seize it.” — Christina Braithwhite

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Lovecraft Country quotes from Christina Braithwhite

14. “That’s the currency of magic: Unmitigated freedom.” — Christina Braithwhite

Lovecraft Country quotes about freedom

15. “Most men with god complexes wanna live in heaven, but not hell, failing to understand that God is both.” — Christina Braithwhite

Lovecraft Country quotes about God

16. “Challenging entropy is perilous work, and the Language of Adam is a tricky thing to get right. Many men have suffered greatly trying to wield it. But the spelled blood of the man who wielded it best might just give my father’s spell the advantage it needs.” — Christina Braithwhite

Lovecraft Country quotes

17. “What I know is, our destinies are not decided by our fathers or grandfathers or, in your case, great-great-great-great grandfather. The smallest, most inconsequential thing can take you on a new course.You just have to see it… and seize it.” — Christina Braithwhite

More Lovecraft Country quotes

18. “I can’t remember the last time someone made me wait. But at least I had family to keep me company.” — Christina Braithwhite

Lovecraft Country quotes about company

19. “Don’t let the men fool you into thinking it’s always about them.” — Christina Braithwhite

Wise Lovecraft Country quotes

20. “Tic, you have to be smarter than this. You just can’t go around killing white women.” — Christina Braithwhite

Lovecraft Country quotes woman

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Lovecraft Country quotes from Letitia Dandridge

21. “Growing up, I… Felt love wasn’t special. My mama fell into it every two seconds. And Ruby was just like her. I didn’t wanna be with a man if I… if it didn’t mean something.” — Leticia Dandridge

Lovecraft Country quotes from Letitia Dandridge

22. “Well, you done fucked up because everybody but you done died since you been back.” — Leticia Dandridge

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23. “I guess I’ve just seen so much bad that I’m trying to find something good.” — Leticia Dandridge

Relatable Lovecraft Country quotes

24. “It didn’t just get dangerous. He was kidnapped. I died. Can you stop acting like this is only happening to you? You’re not the center of the fucking universe.” — Leticia Dandridge

25. “You really gonna let [Tic] chase his tail, looking for answers you already have? Now I see where your son gets it. You’re a real asshole.” — Leticia Dandridge

Wise and inspirational Lovecraft Country quotes

Which of Lovecraft Country quotes is your favorite?

Each episode emphasizes several recurring themes, such as the struggle between race and the amazing blood bond of family, which makes the Lovecraftian story more exciting and dramatic.

Furthermore, the atmosphere and political narrative of the series surprisingly mixed well with the horror genre.

Fans of Lovecraftian novels and artworks will definitely love the portrayal of vicious monsters and uncanny creatures in this series.

In addition, the series gave justice to the most iconic horror characters in history, such as the Cthulhu, Shoggoth and Kumiho.

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