50 Migraine Quotes For Fast Relief

Migraines are painful, but our migraine quotes might help you feel better. 

What is a migraine? 

A migraine is a headache of varying intensity accompanied by nausea and sensitivity to light and sound. 

Even with medical advancements and improved health, migraines are still one of the most common medical conditions in the United States. 

Check out these interesting facts about migraines: 

  • WHO recognizes migraine pain as a top ten debilitating pain on earth. 
  • Migraine impacts thirty-seven million people a year in the US. 
  • Migraine is 3x more common in women than men. 

In every household in America, one in four people suffers migraines. 

Migraines are troubling because they often go misdiagnosed, which means more people are suffering through them than is reported. 

Migraine is the most common cause of recurring severe headaches that cause patients to seek medical attention. 

There are many myths and misunderstandings about migraines. 

Migraines are preventable, but a person must know what triggers their migraines.

Everyone’s physiology is different, so the causes of a migraine are manifold. 

For many people, over-the-counter pain medicines help treat migraines. 

For chronic and severe sufferers, prescription medicine is available. 

It is essential to be mindful and play it safe when it comes to migraine pain. 

Doctors now report that most sinus or severe tension headaches are likely migraines. 

Migraine pain is extreme 

Sinus headaches are unusual. 

It turns out that most headaches in the sinus region are really migraines that affect the nerves in that area. 

Take a moment and look through our migraine quotes and sayings.

Short migraine quotes

Here are some concise quotes about migraine pain. 

1. “A migraine is the cockblock of writing.” — Don Roff

2. “Chicago happened slowly, like a migraine.” — Neil Gaiman

3. “The sound of her laughter eased Clark’s migraine.” — Bruce Crown

4. “A lot of the time, migraines come as a result of stress.” — Ryan Murphy 

5. “Migraines tend to affect women more frequently.” — Whitney Cummings

6. “The hardest part about migraines is how unexpected it is.” — Ryan Murphy 

7. “If my migraine attacks had gone away, I’d still be playing.” — Nolan Patrick

8. “A migraine coming on. She got them when she was stressed.” — Kara Thomas

9. “The machos have migraine: Not tonight, darling, I love me.” — Charles de Leusse

10. “Normally, when I get a migraine, the first thing that goes is my vision.” — Terrel Davis 

Insightful migraine quotes

These quotes remind us to focus on our health. 

11. “Depression affects almost 80% of migraine sufferers at one time or another.” —  Sarah Hackley

12. “I know it doesn’t look like it affected my tennis, but especially in the sun, playing with a migraine makes it worse.” Serena Williams 

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13. “There was hallucinogenic music on in the background that sounded like a migraine and a woman being tortured by tickling.” —  David Mitchell

14. “It reminded her of the way schizophrenics and people suffering migraines would describe light as assaulting and dangerous.” — James S.A. Corey

15. “If we want to live happy and joyful lives with migraine, it is vital that we acknowledge and deal with the emotional realities of the disease.” — Sarah Hackley

16. “People with migraine, especially chronic migraine, also are more likely to experience intense anxiety and to have suicidal tendencies.” —  Sarah Hackley

17. “Whether you’re an actress or you’re a teacher, or you’re the postman, you have a job to do…and you can’t be shut down for two days because of a migraine.” — Jennie Garth

18. “I have always viewed the mornings as the most hopeful and motivating time of day! So when I don’t feel that way due to a migraine, I get very discouraged and upset.” — Whitney Port 

19. “My work is stressful. It requires me to face the dark side of existence, and the migraine attack, awful as it is, maybe a cleansing convulsion that permits me to continue.” —  Irvin D. Yalom

20. “I have a CT scan, an MRI, I go to the neurologist—the readings are all inconclusive. I’m told it’s a migraine with an unknown cause. Have you tried yoga? they say.” — Karla Cornejo Villavicencio

Migraine quotes about its effects

A migraine can be debilitating. 

21. “Try your best not to give the migraine any more energy than it’s already going to consume from you.” — Kristin Chenoweth

22. “Like others, my migraine blindsides me when it strikes and takes away whatever I had planned for my day.” — Khloe Kardashian 

23. “When a migraine hits, all I want to do is lie down in a quiet, dark room, and it leaves me feeling isolated and helpless.” — Khloe Kardashian

24. “Migraine is a weird and changing disease. It affects all of us differently, and every attack is a little different than the one before.” —  Sarah Hackley

25. “My neurologist pain specialist banned me from anything but mild walking exercise. My last siege migraine lasted a grueling four and a half months.” — Ashley Judd

26. “What makes it so difficult is that people think you are just having a regular headache. You just can’t explain them to someone who doesn’t have them.” — Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

27. “I always thought I must be ‘crazy’ or ‘dramatic’ for always having a headache and other migraine symptoms, but it’s time to stop minimizing and normalizing pain.” — Whitney Cummings

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28. “I dread those migraine days and fear that the migraine pain is going to be bad enough to keep me from being there for my family, friends, work, and most importantly, my daughter.” — Khloe Kardashian  

29. “No matter what stage of illness we are in, whether we’ve just been diagnosed or we have lived with chronic migraines for decades, there are adjustments we can make to increase joy in our lives and to live more fully.” — Sarah Hackley

30. “We once saw a documentary on migraines. One of the men interviewed used to fall on his knees and bang his head against the floor over and over during attacks. This diverted the pain from deep inside his brain, where he couldn’t reach it, to a pain outside that he had control over.” — Jay Asher

Migraine quotes about the pain

Many people say a migraine is one of the worst pains we experience. 

31. “Normally, ‘Saturday Night Live’ is about as entertaining as an ocular migraine.” — Greg Gutfeld 

32. “The return of the voices would end in a migraine that made my whole body throb.” — Alice Jamieson

33. “I can’t tell you how many shows I’ve done with full-blown migraine headaches.” — Jonathan Taylor Thomas 

34. “I’ve experienced migraine attacks since childhood and know how it can often be dismissed by others.” — Whitney Cummings

35. “When I have a lot going on, and then you couple that with the migraines, it is a little bit tough to deal with.” — Ryan Murphy

36. “People don’t understand how disabling migraine can be, especially when I have to cancel plans at the last minute.” — Khloe Kardashian  

37. “Getting a migraine was like there was a monster that would show up in your house whenever it felt like it, and there was nothing you could do about it.” — Whoopi Goldberg 

38. “I had just recently started birth control pills which I should never have been on because I am somebody who suffered from migraines anyway, and I just did not talk to my doctor about this.” — Hailey Bieber

39. “So ladies, if you suffer from bad migraines and you plan on being on birth control pills, make sure you tell your doctor because having a stroke is a potential side effect from birth control pills.” — Hailey Bieber

40. “What triggered a migraine for me may have no effect on someone else. For many people, coffee can relieve symptoms somewhat, but for me, it was a trigger. You really have to find out what affects you individually.” — Morgan Fairchild 

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Quotes about migraine remedies

Everyone has a different way of getting rid of migraines. 

41. “Sunglasses are a migraine sufferer’s best friend.” — Cindy McCain 

42. “This is a soul under perpetual migraine attack.” — Richard Schickel 

43. “After I saw the first thing I ever did, I got a migraine.” — Claire Forlani

44. “I got my first migraine on my first day of work in TV in 2001… it was debilitating.” — Brooke Baldwin 

45. “I had a migraine for about seven or eight straight days, and I was unable to sleep most nights.” — April Winchell 

46. “I do a lot of research on the placebo effect, not just in depression but in irritable bowel syndrome, pain, arthritis of the knee, migraine, asthma.” — Irving Kirsch 

47. “I’ve come to understand that migraine is a part of the personality. I have migraine troughs. These often follow high productivity. I have a hypo-manic phase; then I’ll crash.” — Siri Hustvedt 

48. “I have found that every family has a strange remedy for any situation – from ‘Use Fantastic to get the scuff off your patent leather shoes!’ to ‘Soak an aspirin in a glass of water to get rid of a migraine.’” — Nia Vardalos 

49. “Two days after the chemo, I felt terrible, like I had a permanent migraine and had been shot in every limb. I was knackered, starving. The doctor explained that was because I had essentially been poisoned.” — Jeremy Kyle

50. “My daughter is a real migraine sufferer; the minute she has a handful of Haribo sweets, she gets a headache. There’s a connection between what the liver can’t break down with what goes on to trigger a headache. You just have to be aware.” — Sheherazade Goldsmith

Migraine pain is treatable

Doctors estimate that over one hundred and thirty-seven million people suffer migraines annually. 

This number is troubling because doctors suggest that less than 5% of patients who see a healthcare provider get the necessary assistance to treat their migraine. 

Migraines are not just an adult problem. 

Ten percent of children in the US suffer migraine pain. 

In fact, doctors also suggest that some forms of colic in infants are actual undiagnosed migraine pain. 

Most people who deal with migraines may get a few episodes a year. 

Pain management is not the only problem when it comes to migraines. 

Direct medical expenses and lost productivity cause people to miss out on vital treatment, costing about twenty million dollars annually in the US. 

However, an unfortunate 2% of the population deals with chronic migraine. 

What’s your biggest takeaway from these migraine quotes and sayings?

How do you deal with migraine pain? 

Tell us your favorite migraine remedies below in the comment section.

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