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Never Have I Ever Quotes from the Coming-of-Age Series

Remember what it’s like to be a teenager with these Neer Have I Ever quotes.

Never Have I Ever is a coming-of-age comedy-drama series created by Mindy Kaling and Lang Fisher that premiered on Netflix on April 27, 2020.

The story is loosely based on Kaling’s childhood experiences. It is about an Indian-American high school student who is dealing with the sudden death of his father and coping with the life of being an adolescent.

This series had been a turning point as it represented a South Asian in Hollywood and received praises for breaking Asian stereotypes.

This series has the perfect balance of comedy, teen romance, and family. The Never Have I Ever quotes below will make you reminisce on your teenage years.

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Never Have I Ever quotes from Devi

1. “I’d like to be invited to a party with alcohol and hard drugs. I’m not gonna do them, I’d just like the opportunity to say, ‘No cocaine for me, thanks. I’m good’.” ― Devi

2. “I’d love for my arm hair to thin out. I know it’s an Indian thing, but my forearms look like the frigging floor of a barbershop.” ― Devi

3. “If Women didn’t accept each other’s apologies, The View would grind to a halt.” ― Devi

4. “Indian people love Trader Joe’s.” ― Devi

5. “Do you work at the Apple Store cause you’re a freaking genius.” ― Devi

6. “Ben and I have a past…a sordid past.” ― Devi

7. “You deserve Daniel-Day Lewis making his wife live with him in character as Abraham Lincoln.” ― Devi

8. “Hey gods, it’s Devi Vishwakumar, your favorite Hindu girl in the San Fernando Valley. What’s a-poppin’? It’s the first day of school, and I thought we should have a check-in. I think we can all agree that last year sucked for a number of reasons.” ― Devi

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9. “Peace out, virgin.” ― Devi

10. “It’s like, I think about sex 24/7, but I don’t really know how to do it. In the movies, you always see the girl kiss her way down the guy’s body, but then, she moves off-screen. Is she stopping at the penis or kissing all the way to the foot?” ― Devi

11. “I don’t bring lunch on Tuesdays. It’s square pizza day.”  Devi

12. “I don’t negotiate with terrorists, Ben. And honestly, I’m mature enough to be on my own. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna Google how to buy a credit card.”  Devi

13. “My mom doesn’t tell me how to live my life Megan Thee Stallion does.” ― Devi

14. “One hot girl nose ring, please.” ― Devi

15. “I’m chill as a slurpee, bro.” ― Devi

16. “I just want him to be a stone cold hottie, who could rock me all night long.” ― Devi

17. “Sociopaths get shit done, Fab.” ― Devi

18. “Dinner? At your house? You and me? Eating together? At the same table?” ― Devi

Never Have I Ever quotes from Fabiola

19. “What’s a Bebe Rexha?” ― Fabiola

20. “I left a funeral to be by your side after Nick Jonas married an Indian woman that wasn’t you.” ― Fabiola

21. “One day, you will walk again. If not, I will build you legs.” ― Fabiola

22. “You look like an Indian Kardashian.” ― Fabiola

23. “I had a dream the other night that Dua Lipa was feeding me grapes.” ― Fabiola

24. “We are smart. And idiots are banging all the time. We can learn how to do it, too.”  Fabiola

Never Have I Ever quotes from Nalini

25. “Yeah, you better go to your room before I give you a smack. Smacking is still an acceptable punishment in many minority cultures.” ― Nalini

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26. “American workplaces need fun perks to keep their employees earning a paycheck.” ― Nalini

27. “Not interested in joining whatever cult this is. Thank you very much.” ― Nalini

28. “What an unexpected displeasure.” ― Nalini

29. “Our recycling bins can’t take much more of this.” ― Nalini

Never Have I Ever quotes from John McEnroe

30. “I don’t usually condone cheating, but this nerd’s playing doubles like a pro.” ― John McEnroe

31. “Was it the greatest apology? No. He mostly looked at his shoes, and the vocabulary was limited, but when it comes out of that beautiful mouth, it’s friggin Shakespeare.” ― John McEnroe

Never Have I Ever quotes from Eleanor

32. “How dare he not treat you like the Tamil goddess you are?” ― Eleanor

33. “Let’s go to the costume room and look for inspiration.” ― Eleanor

Never Have I Ever quotes from Kamala

34. “Wow Devi, I’m impressed that you’ve been able to take your rage problem and attach it to systemic racism and sexism.” ― Kamala

35. “He’s basically the LeBron of Stem Cell Research.” ― Kamala

Never Have I Ever quotes from Ben

36. “You think you are a loser? I was so lonely I got catfished by a middle-aged man yesterday.” ― Ben

37. “My dad has access to a PJ… a private jet.” ― Ben

Never Have I Ever quotes from other characters

38. “This is worse than if it were happening to me. In protest, I shan’t use my legs either.” ― Ramona

39. “I once hugged a man at Circuit City when I found out a damaged printer was 80% off.” ― Dr.V

40. “At your age, maybe it’s time to be a little less aspirational. Self-care is also feminist. I read that on Goop.”

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41. “It’s a lot of work to act only with your eyes.” ― Malcolm

42. “Distance makes the heart grow fonder, and proximity makes the heart want to barf.” ― Mr. Kulkarni

43. “You had a big loss and the hurt that comes from that can come out in surprising ways.” ― Dr. Bloom

44. “There is no time for hanging up or not speaking in this life.” ― Pati

45. “I have a vibrant countenance that people find relatable and appealing.” ― Trent

46. “When scientists declare your face to be perfectly symmetrical, that’s all everyone thinks you have to offer the world.” ― Gigi Hadid

47. “There’s no room for popularity on the robotics team.” ― Lenny

48. “I’m here to do exactly what I said I’d do. I’m here to have sex with you.” ― Paxton

49. “I’m going to the movies with my friends. Which pair of jeans is the fiercest?” ― Rebecca

50. “I recently had to convince my mom that I’m not forsaking my religion because I tweeted, ‘Harry Styles is my god.'” ― Aneesa

51. “Salutations, my proteges.” ― Mr. Shapiro

Which of these Never Have I Ever quotes is your favorite?

Never Have I Ever received a lot of positive reviews from fans especially with its great concept and captivating story that is based on real-life experiences.

Anyone, especially teens, could easily relate to the dilemma and flights of emotion this series packed in. After all high school is arguably both the worst and best year of our lives.

Although coming-of-age dramas are becoming more popular, this show is a refresher that you should not miss.

So let these Never Have I Ever quotes and sayings take you back to a time where your life was an uncharted road and experience the fun and excitement of teenage years once more.

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