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50 Pokemon Quotes From The Popular 90s Franchise That Will Have You Trying to ‘Catch ‘em all!’

Reading through these Pokemon quotes will have you feeling nostalgic, for sure!

Pokemon, also known as Pocket Monsters, is a 90s phenomenon that just keeps delivering. Nintendo, Game Freak, and Creatures founded the Japanese media franchise, which is managed by The Pokémon Company.

Satoshi Tajiri created the franchise back in 1995. The initial launch was a Gameboy game and featured fictional monsters called “Pokemon.” Humans, dubbed Pokemon Trainers, could catch and train their monsters to battle each other for sport.

It didn’t just stop there, branching off into a TV Show, movies, more video games, and tradable cards. Pokemon has become the highest-grossing media franchise of all time and holds the record of second-best-selling video game franchise. (The number one selling video game franchise title belongs to Mario Bros., in case you were wondering).

Pokemon kept adapting to technology and created the ever-popular Pokemon Go app for smartphones. The frenzy around that app was insane, but it got people moving and playing together! Enjoy these Pokemon quotes!

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Funny Pokemon quotes from the original TV show

1. “Hey, I know. I’ll use my trusty frying pan as a drying pan.” — Brock

2. Meowth: “Don’t worry that pretty blue head of yours, I’ve got a plan.”

James: “It’s lavender.”

3. Ash: “Err…my name is…Tom Ato!”

Misty: “What!? Err…well…my name is Ann…Chovi.”

Brock: “And my name is Caesar Salad.”

4. Brock: “I didn’t know Vikings still existed…”

Ash: “They mostly live in Minnesota!”

5. James: “I am the Flaming Moltres!”

Jessie: “Where on Earth did he get that costume?”

Meowth: “Straight outta his closet.”

6. Ash: “It’s following Pikachu around like it’s a streaker or something.”

Brock: “Ash, you mean a STALKER!”

7. “That’s ok, Brock—you’ll find lots of other girls to reject you!” — Ash Ketchum

8. “If anybody’s out there, you can come out. And if you’re a monster or a ghost, you can stay where you are.” — Ash Ketchum

9. “Sometimes I look at that psyducks face and I get a headache.” — Misty

10. “Drat. We just wasted this whole episode cheering for the good guys.” — James

Pokemon quotes and lines from Mewtwo

11. “Humans may have created me, but they will never enslave me. This cannot be my destiny.” — Mewtwo

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12. “You humans are a dangerous species. You brought me into your world with no purpose but to be your slave. But now I have my own purpose. My storm will create my own world, by destroying yours.” — Mewtwo

13. “I see now that one’s birth is irrelevant. It’s what you do that determines who you are.” — Mewtwo

14. “Perhaps you are unique, a unique human. One of a kind.” — Mewtwo

15. “I see now that the circumstances of one’s birth is irrelevant. It’s what you do with the gift of life that determines who you are.”  Mewtwo

16. “So, this is my power… but what is my purpose?”  Mewtwo

17. “So I am simply the end result of your experiment. What becomes of me now that your experiment is over?”  Mewtwo

18. “Behold my powers! I am the strongest Pokemon in the world. Stronger even than Mew.” — Mewtwo

19. “Human and Pokemon can NEVER be friends.”  Mewtwo

Pokemon quotes from Meowth and other talking Pokemon

20. “We do have a lot in common. The same earth, the same air, the same sky. Maybe if we started looking at what’s the same, instead of looking at what’s different, well, who knows?”  Meowth

21. “Do you think we’ll get a bigger part in the next movie?”  Meowth

22. “I know we gotta grab some rare Pokemon for the Boss… but it wouldn’t be such a bad idea if we grabbed a little bite to eat.”  Meowth

23. “I’m totally unprepared to deal with life’s realities.” — Meowth

24. “Take charge of your destiny.”  Rayquaza

25. “The important thing is not how long you live. It’s what you accomplish with your life.”  Grovyle

26. “I’m gonna miss you! We’ll be best, best friends, forever and ever.” — Jirachi

Inspirational Pokemon quotes and catchphrases

27. “Everybody makes a wrong turn once in a while.” — Ash Ketchum

28. “Do you always need a reason to help somebody?” — Ash Ketchum

29. “Getting wrapped up in worries is bad for your body and spirit. That’s when you must short out your logic circuits and reboot your heart.” — Elesa

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30. “You see, sometimes friends have to go away, but a part of them stays behind with you.” — Ash Ketchum

31. “There’s no sense in going out of your way to get somebody to like you.” — Ash Ketchum

32. “A Caterpie may change into a Butterfree, but the heart that beats inside remains the same.” — Brock

33. “You can’t expect to win every single battle, but love’s worth fighting for and if you’re brave and courageous and never quit, you can come out a winner, just like me.” — Brock

34. “Me, give up? No way!” — Ash Ketchum

35. “Even If we don’t understand each other, that’s not a reason to reject each other. There are two sides to any argument. Is there one point of view that has all the answers? Give it some thought.”  Alder

36. “Make your wonderful dream a reality, it will become your truth. If anyone can, it’s you.”  N

37. “There are bad ways to win and good ways to lose. What’s interesting and troubling is that it’s not always clear which is which. A flipped coin doesn’t always land on heads or tails. Sometimes it may never land at all.”  Grimsley

38. “Physical wounds can be treated without much difficulty, but emotional wounds are not so easy to heal.”  N

39. “Even if you lose in battle, if you surpass what you’ve done before, you have bested yourself.”  Marshal

40. “Well, if you just try hard enough, things will work out, won’t they.” — Ash Ketchum

41. “If there is someone in this world who understands you, it feels like that person is right beside you. Even if you’re as far apart as the end of the land and top of the sky.” — Giallo

Pokemon quotes and sayings about being a Pokemon trainer

42. “Strong Pokemon. Weak Pokemon. That is only the selfish perception of people. Truly skilled trainers should try to win with all their favorites.”  Karen

43. “It’s more important to master the cards you’re holding than to complain about the ones your opponent was dealt.”  Grimsley

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44. “Some trainers have no fear. To them, this is just one more challenge. They follow their hearts. That is what sets them apart, and will make them Pokemon Masters. Good luck to all of you.” — Miranda

45. “The bond you share with your Pokemon is marvelous.”  Professor Oak

46. “The world’s greatest Pokémon Master is waiting for me! Let’s use our Pokémon to get to that island!” — Ash Ketchum

47. “A wildfire destroys everything in its path. It will be the same with your powers unless you learn to control them.”  Giovanni

48. “Pokemon aren’t meant to fight; Not like this. It’s useless. What can come out of it?”  Nurse Joy

49. “Man has plenty to learn from nature and from Pokemon.” — Mr. Briney

50. “If I was a better Pokemon trainer, I’d stop making all these excuses. From now on, I swear I’ll never run away and leave my friends behind again. No more excuses.” — Ash Ketchum

Which of these Pokemon quotes is your favorite?

Why is Pokemon still so popular after all this time? When it came out, the gameplay featured addicting mechanics, like the need to ‘Catch ‘em all!’ That is still around in the app, and like the original, it encourages you to play with your friends! Everyone had Pokemon, and trading them was a lot of fun. The show, featuring the adorable Pikachu, didn’t hurt its popularity any either!

There aren’t very many Pikachu quotes on the list, because originally Pikachu responded to anything with “Pika Pika.” However, he shocked fans when he spoke to Ash in English, in Pokemon the Movie: I Choose You! I wonder what other surprises they have in store for fans this time around!

The latest in the Pokemon movies, Pokemon the Movie: Secrets of the Jungle, will be here soon! If you need a Pokemon fix while you wait though, download Pokemon Go, and give it… well a, go!

Did you enjoy these Pokemon quotes and lines? Which of the quotes is your favorite? Let us know in the comment section below.

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