50 Fighting Quotes to Overcome Life’s Challenges

Many people share fighting quotes on social media to inspire others to overcome difficult situations. 

These quotes are sometimes inspirational and have a message to convey.

We have gathered some of the best quotes to encourage you to overcome your life challenges.

In addition, we have also talked about the reason why we fight and ways to avoid conflict.

If you are interested, please continue reading.

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Why Do We Fight

Fighting is referred to as a complex human behavior.

There are various reasons for humans to fight. 

Fighting could take different forms, such as physical, debates, and sports competitions. 

Here are a few of the most noteworthy reasons why people fight:

  • When threatened, it triggers the instinctive behavior of fighting for one’s survival. 
  • People also tend to fight for their superiority, which involves preparing themselves for sports competitions.
  • Conflicts and disagreements are a few other prominent reasons for starting a fight between individuals or nations.
  • Strong emotions like jealousy, anger, or fear could also start a fight.

How to Avoid Fighting

Whether you are involved in verbal or physical fighting, it could prove to be destructive and harmful. 

Hence, it is better to avoid any kind of conflict. 

Here are a few ways to avoid fighting:

Try to Manage your Emotions 

Practicing self-control is one of the most effective ways to avoid a fight. 

It helps you manage your anger and frustration.

If you anticipate a conflict, try to take deep breaths.

Try to diffuse the situation by just walking away.

Look for some Common Ground

It is another way to avoid a conflict that could lead to a fight. 

For this purpose, you must try to identify the areas of agreement. 

It would help you find mutually beneficial solutions. 

As a result, you can prevent fighting by de-escalating the conflict.

Practice Empathy

Practicing empathy is another way to prevent a conflict by understanding the feelings and perspectives of the other person. 

You can avoid misunderstanding by listening and showing empathy.

Find a Mediator 

If resolving conflicts and disagreements is impossible, seeking mediation could be helpful. 

Hence, find the mediation of a neutral third party. 

This can help locate a common ground for both parties. 

What is Meant by Fighting for One’s Rights?

If someone is fighting for his/her rights, it means such a person is defending one’s fundamental rights.

It could be in the form of legal action or protests. 

This usually involves civil rights and worker’s rights movements.

The process of defending or fighting for one’s rights could prove to be challenging.

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For instance, it includes facing discrimination, resistance, or violence. 

In addition, it is necessary to strengthen social justice and equality in society. 

Top 10 Fighting Quotes

Here are the top 10 fighting quotes for your reading pleasure.

1. “You must never tire fighting Satan.” — Abraham Cahan

2. “As long as I’m fighting, I’m not dying.” — Mara Jade Skywalker

3. “Equity everywhere is worth fighting for.” — John Fetterman

4. “I’m really good with fighting with my feet.” — Eric Roberts

5. “I don’t like yelling and fighting, and I can’t quarrel.” — Grace Kelly

6. “I play some fighting games, but mostly I just play sports.” — Vince Carter

7. “Whatever you’re fighting for, you go with full passion and love.” — Michelle Kwan

8. “Marriage is nature’s way of keeping us from fighting with strangers.” — Alan King

9. “The skillful leader subdues the enemy’s troops without any fighting.” — Sun Tzu

10. “When I hear a man preach, I like to see him act as if he were fighting bees.” Abraham Lincoln

Intriguing Fighting Quotes

Read on for some wisdom in the form of insightful quotes about fighting.

11. “Sometimes it’s worse to win a fight than to lose.” — Billie Holiday

12. “You either get tired fighting for peace, or you die.” John Lennon

13. “There is such a thing as a man being too proud to fight.” Woodrow Wilson

14. “The wave of the future is coming, and there is no fighting it.” — Anne Morrow Lindbergh

15. “If fighting is sure to result in victory, then you must fight.” — Sun Tzu

16. “We shall heal our wounds, collect our dead and continue fighting.” Mao Zedong

17. “Wisdom is merely the movement from fighting life to embracing it.” — Rasheed Ogunlaru

18. “It is always easier to fight for one’s principles than to live up to them.” — Alfred Adler

19. “Visions are worth fighting for. Why spend your life making someone else’s dreams?” Tim Burton

20. “One had better die fighting against injustice than die like a dog or a rat in a trap.” Ida B. Wells

Worth Fighting Quotes

Discover the power of perseverance and determination with these inspiring worth-fighting quotes that remind us never to give up on our dreams.

21. “Love is the only thing worth fighting for.” — Lauren Kate

22. “No battle is worth fighting except the last one.” — Enoch Powell

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23. “Lost causes are the only ones worth fighting for.” — Clarence Darrow

24. “Dallas is a great city, and it’s worth fighting for.” — Laura Miller

25. “The world is a fine place and worth the fighting for, and I hate very much to leave it.” Ernest Hemingway

26. “Love is everything it’s cracked up to be. It really is worth fighting for, being brave for, risking everything for.” — Erica Jong

27. “Freedom is not worth fighting for if it means no more than a license for everyone to get as much as he can for himself.” — Dorothy Canfield Fisher

28. “It is a perplexing and unpleasant truth that when men already have ‘something worth fighting for,’ they do not feel like fighting.” — Eric Hoffer

29. “I stand for simple justice, equal opportunity, and human rights. The indispensable elements in a democratic society – and well worth fighting for.” — Helen Suzman

30. “But you’re the hardest thing I’ve ever done, and you’re also the best. So… I think that’s the moral of the story here. Anything worth having is worth fighting for.” — Amanda Hocking

Stop Fighting Quotes

Sometimes it’s best to end the fighting, but sometimes, it’s for the best to keep going. Let’s enjoy the quotes in this regard.

31. “If you kill enough of them, they stop fighting.” — Curtis LeMay

32. “Never stop. Never stop fighting. Never stop dreaming.” — Tom Hiddleston

33. “Victory is always possible for the person who refuses to stop fighting.” Napoleon Hill

34. “If you want peace, stop fighting. If you want peace of mind, stop fighting with your thoughts.” — Peter McWilliams

35. “There is no substitute for hard work. Never give up. Never stop believing. Never stop fighting.” — Hope Hicks

36. “My father and mother. I figured if I could make them laugh, they’d stop fighting. I stole all their material.” — Jerry Stiller

37. “The worldwide, agelong struggle between fascism and democracy will not stop when the fighting ends in Germany and Japan.” — Henry A. Wallace

38. “We need to stop fighting Christian against Christian. I have no time for anything but trying to love other people. That is a full-time job.” Anne Rice

39. “I tried several times to get the song right. The tune and the chords that I started with, there really wasn’t anywhere else it could go. I stopped fighting it and let it take me away.” — Nik Kershaw

40. “Never stop fighting until you arrive at your destined place – that is, the unique you. Have an aim in life, continuously acquire knowledge, work hard, and have the perseverance to realize the great life.” — A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

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Fighting Quotes about Battles

Unleash your inner warrior with these motivational fighting quotes about battles that inspire courage, strength, and resilience in adversity.

41. “You can’t fight a battle you don’t think exists.” — John Eldredge

42. “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about.” — Wendy Mass

43. “Part of the happiness of life consists not in fighting battles, but in avoiding them. A masterly retreat is in itself a victory.” Norman Vincent Peale

44. “Each generation has to stand up for democracy. It can’t take anything for granted and may have to fight fundamental battles anew.” Margaret Thatcher

45. “War consisteth not in battle only, or the act of fighting; but in a tract of time, wherein the will to contend by battle is sufficiently known.” Thomas Hobbes

46. “Fighting wars is not so much about killing people as it is about finding things out. The more you know, the more likely you are to win a battle.” — Tom Clancy

47. “To fight and conquer in all our battles is not supreme excellence; supreme excellence consists in breaking the enemy’s resistance without fighting.” Sun Tzu

48. “In the environmental movement, every time you lose a battle, it’s for good, but our victories always seem to be temporary, and we keep fighting them over and over again.” — David Suzuki

49. “Every soldier must know, before he goes into battle, how the little battle he is to fight fits into the larger picture, and how the success of his fighting will influence the battle as a whole.” — Bernard Law Montgomery

50. “To be nobody-but-yourself – in a world which is doing its best, night and day, to make you everybody else – means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight; and never stop fighting.” E. E. Cummings

Which One of these Fighting Quotes is your Favorite? 

We have tried to offer you a wide range of fighting quotes in this article.

Some quotes are associated with battles, while others discuss fighting for one’s rights.

You can also share these quotes with your friends and family. 

If you have found a fighting quote that inspires you the most, share it with us via the comments section.

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