25 Ryan Reynolds Quotes About Life, Acting, And Loving The Skin You’re In

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Ryan Reynolds is an American actor who has starred in several successful films but is most well known for his role as Deadpool, the Marvel Comics antihero. 

Who is Ryan Reynolds?

Reynolds was born in Canada on October 23, 1976. 

Below are some of the movies Reynolds is best known for: 

  • Deadpool
  • Pokemon: Detective Pikachu 
  • National Lampoon’s: Van Wilder 

Reynolds has had an extensive career 

Reynolds has built a career of playing sarcastic characters. 

In many of his roles, he blends sarcasm with comedy in a way people adore. 

Deadpool is a fan favorite for many reasons. 

For one, Deadpool has a healing factor that makes him almost indestructible. 

In interviews, Reynolds has encouraged people to love who they are. 

Under his costume, Deadpool’s skin is damaged from horrific burning. 

This aspect of the character aligns with Reynolds, who believes we should love the skin we are in. 

However, many fans would tell you they love Deadpool because he is the only comic book character that knows he is in a comic book. 

Deadpool’s awareness and ability to recover from serious injury make him the perfect sarcastic foil for heroes and villains. 

It made sense that Reynolds would embody the Merc with the Mouth role. 

Why does Ryan Renolds call himself Vancity?

You may have heard him refer to himself as Ryan Vancity Reynolds; however, his actual middle name is Rodney. 

Reynolds explains that he is from Vancouver, Canada, and rather than say, “Hi, I am Ryan Reynolds from Vancouver,” he opts to put Vancity in his name to cut out the extra step. 

Fans of his early work know that he made his professional debut on the Canadian teen soap opera Hillside in 1991. 

Reynolds has two siblings and has been married twice. 

He was once married to American actress Scarlett Johansson and is currently married to Blake Lively. 

Ryan Reynolds has made an impact as an actor. 

In 2016 he received a Hollywood Walk of Fame square. 

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What is Ryan Reynolds’ net worth?

On top of his entertainer acumen, Reynolds has succeeded as a businessperson. 

According to Forbes Magazine, his Aviation Gin earned forty-eight million last year. Forbes lists his net work at over seventy-one million dollars. 

Many fans are excited to see Reynolds star in Deadpool 3, which finds him co-starring with Hugh Jackman as Wolverine.

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Short Ryan Reynolds quotes about seeing the bright side of life

We cannot always choose our conditions, but we can determine our attitudes. These Ryan Reynolds quotes remind us to see the glass as half full. 

1. “I just like to look beautiful sometimes.” — Ryan Reynolds 

2. “I’ve had an alarming amount of concussions.” — Ryan Reynolds 

3. “Any kind of crisis can be good. It wakes you up.” — Ryan Reynolds 

4. “Are you stalking me? Because that would be super.” — Ryan Reynolds 

5. “I have daddy issues. So I keep tissues on me at all times.” — Ryan Reynolds 

Ryan Reynolds quotes about fear, expectations, and loving candy

Ryan Reynolds is a successful actor, but we all feel the pressures of life. 

6. “I’m a bit of an M&M nut. I like the blue ones. I pick them out.” — Ryan Reynolds 

7. “I feared disappointing my father more than anything in the world.” — Ryan Reynolds 

8. “When you have expectations, you are setting yourself up for disappointment.” — Ryan Reynolds 

9. “I’m not a hockey fan, which is probably why I had to leave Canada in the first place.” — Ryan Reynolds 

10. “People have their complexities. They have their heroic moments and their villainous moments, too.” — Ryan Reynolds 

Ryan Reynolds quotes about courage, success, and facing adversity

We all have different challenges in our lives. These Ryan Reynolds quotes remind us to love life’s complexities while pushing ourselves to be our best. 

11. “I firmly believe that you can’t manufacture chemistry with anyone, let alone a kid.” — Ryan Reynolds 

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12. “I love Canada. It makes a nice hat for America. When America runs out of water, it’s the first place I’ll go.” — Ryan Reynolds 

13. “A well-tailored suit is important – and I don’t like wearing belts with mine; it should be tailored to your body.” — Ryan Reynolds

14. “I think every relationship is going to go through a few rough patches. Those are what make it stronger; I think.” — Ryan Reynolds 

15. “I think we can all use a little more patience. I get a little impatient sometimes, and I wish I didn’t. I really need to be more patient.” — Ryan Reynolds 

Ryan Reynolds quotes about friendship and following our passion

Ryan Reynolds reminds us that as we progress and find success. Staying grounded by maintaining friendships and doing what we love is vital. 

16. “I just love bikes. It’s not the safest passion to have, but I guess it’s better than Russian roulette.” — Ryan Reynolds 

17. “If you’re going to commit to that, you’re going to have to find some way to make it bearable and enjoyable.” — Ryan Reynolds 

18. “I never took acting classes, but I knew I could do it based on the skill with which I lied to my parents on a regular basis!” — Ryan Reynolds 

19. “I think you have to let go of this idea that you can be precious about everything, and let it be the abstract mess that it is.” — Ryan Reynolds 

20. “We might be too proud to admit it as guys, but we still need to learn how to manage responsibility, how to face our challenges.” — Ryan Reynolds 

Ryan Reynolds quotes about acting and life

Whenever we pursue excellence in any field, we will face adversity. Ryan Reynolds reminds us to stay focused on what drives us. 

21. “I’ll say this: The media wasn’t invited to my marriage, and they’re definitely not invited into the divorce.” — Ryan Reynolds 

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22. “I think a fragrance is more of a signature than even what you wear – something you’ll remember more down the road than a shirt.” — Ryan Reynolds 

23. “Acting has given me a way to channel my angst. I feel like an overweight, pimply-faced kid a lot of the time – and finding a way to access that insecurity and put it toward something creative is incredibly rewarding. I feel very lucky.” — Ryan Reynolds 

24. “I think we know too much about actors as it is and their personal lives, and it’s this information age where we’re stimulated constantly by the celebrity buzz effect or whatever it is, these websites and blogs and different things.” — Ryan Reynolds 

25. “I played rugby for years, and I had a rugby jacket that I lost when I was 14. Somehow, my brother found it in storage 15 years later, and he gave it back to me for my 30th birthday. That was amazing and probably one of the best gifts I’ve ever received.” — Ryan Reynolds 

Our dreams are a result of our consistency 

We tend, as humans, to sometimes assume things about successful people. 

Ryan Reynolds went from being a small-town kid to playing the hero in big-budget Hollywood films. 

Ryan Reynolds is a man who had a dream and pursued it. 

People who have amassed success in a particular career or passion start in the same place as the rest of us. 

Reynolds admits he never took formal acting classes but remained disciplined in his dream. 

He believes that we are all gifted with specific skill sets, but hard work is undefeated. 

He has shared that he may be the most experienced classically trained actor available, but he relies on hard work and determination to help him achieve his goals. 

From limiting his exposure to toxic relationships, eating a healthy diet, staying committed to harsh workout routines, and managing his finances, Reynolds has found balance. 

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