50 Snap Quotes That Are Worth Your Time

As the title suggests, this article offers a generous list of snap quotes.

Apart from the quotes, we have also explained the term snap and its different variations.

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The Term “Snap” Explained

Snap is a simple word with different meanings. 

This word can be used for an array of contexts.

Below are a few of its interpretations:

  • As a Noun (A brief or rapidly occurring event)
  • As a Sound (Cracking or popping sound)
  • As an Action (An act of abrupt closing and opening)
  • As a Slang (Quick expression or excitement)

What does Snap Out mean?

The term “snap out” generally suggests a sudden or forceful break free from a specific condition or state.

It is related to a quick shift in our behavior or attitude.

Snap out sometimes also refers to overcoming an emotional or mental state.

When a person asks you to “snap out of it,” it means the other person is urging you to come out of the distraction or current mood. 

It usually encourages a person to stop thinking about negative things. 

Snapping Fingers Explained

Snapping fingers is an act of creating some sort of snapping sound.

This is done by pressing the middle figure with the thumb.

As a result, the middle figure strikes the palm and creates a distinctive sound.

A person snaps his/her fingers during any of the following instances. 

  • Expression of approval or appreciation
  • Timing and rhythm
  • To catch attention 
  • Personal gestures or habits

Some Words about Snap Judgment

Snap judgment refers to a way of making judgments in haste.

The assessments and decisions are made without getting relevant information.

When we rely on initial impressions, it could lead to an unexpected loss.

Snap judgments are usually made quickly and merely rely on instinctive or intuitive responses.

However, in some cases, snap judgments could be accurate. 

The Term Snap in Relation to Taking Pictures

The word snap is excessively used when it comes to taking pictures. 

It usually refers to capturing a casual or spontaneous way.

The photograph taken emphasizes mainly the subject’s essence rather than the image’s quality. 

Snap also refers to the abrupt pressing of the shutter button of a camera. 

This term is normally associated with candid-like photography.

So, the moment captured is usually unplanned or spontaneous.

Top 10 Snap Quotes 

Here are some great snap quotes that you probably have never heard before.

1. “I tend to make snap judgments about people.” — Jane Fallon

2. “These days, I can get the strings to snap if I want.” — Steve Hackett

3. “I can get mad and snap at people. If a horse loses, I’m moody.” — Bob Baffert

4. “There’s a lot of games played, a lot of snaps played over the long haul.” — Julius Peppers

5. “If you have a very good concept of your character, you can snap into it.” — Sean Bean

6. “When I come into a camp, a team, I look to be the best player every snap.” — LeSean McCoy

7. “I’m good at snap decisions. But if you let me, I will chew something to death.” — Jimmy Iovine

8. “The one thing you have an advantage of as an offensive player is the snap count.” — Mark Schlereth

9. “If I have to play every snap for us to have a chance to win, I’m going to do that.” — Myles Garrett

10. “I couldn’t believe verse was supposed to be hard. It was a snap for me. I loved Shakespeare.” — Ted Lange

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Snap Quotes About Snapping Out 

Most of the time, we need to snap out of various matters. These quotes will show how to snap out during these circumstances.

11. “The very expectation that an actor loves to experiment becomes a shackle that is difficult to snap out of.” — Vijay Sethupathi

12. “So my idea of neurotic is spending too much time trying to correct a wrong. When I feel that I’m doing that, then I snap out of it.” — Gene Wilder

13. “If I’m writing a furiously angry scene, I have to consciously snap out of it when I shut down the computer, or I find myself growling at my family.” — Ruth Ware

14. “It’s human nature for everyone to say ‘what if,’ but I try to snap out of it as quickly as I can because I’m never going to be able to go back and change what has happened.” — Kyle Carpenter

15. “Literary readings aren’t going to shake their reputation as the added-fibre of our entertainment diet until the people who organize and participate in them snap out of this mentality.” — Lynn Coady

16. “Pretension is a poor joke that you play on yourself. Snap out of it. Recognize your strengths, and work on your weaknesses. Real achievement is liking what you see in the mirror every morning.” — Virat Kohli

17. “I try and stay positive; being negative isn’t good for my personality. I don’t just bring myself down, I bring everyone around me down. It’s like a dark cloud, ‘Uh oh, here we go,’ and have to snap out of it.” — Catherine Zeta-Jones

18. “And the nice thing about writing a novel is you take your time, you sit with the character sometimes nine years, you look very deeply at a situation, unlike in real life when we just kind of snap something out.” — Sandra Cisneros

19. “Mental illness, unfortunately, is an invisible disease: it’s not seen or heard. For whatever reason, because of that, society has decided that if we can’t see it, maybe it doesn’t exist, so they want just to sweep it under the carpet or say, ‘Snap out of it,’ or that you’re looking for attention.” — Mauro Ranallo

20. “I grew up watching ‘Rambo’ and ‘Rocky’ and all of those movies, so you have a surreal moment, even as an actor, when you’re in front of these guys, whether it’s DeNiro or Stallone. You have a moment like, ‘Geez, that’s Sylvester Stallone,’ and then you have to snap out of it and get back in the pocket of the character.” — Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje

Snap Quotes About Snapping Fingers 

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People often snap their fingers in tension or sitting in their leisure time. The below-mentioned quotes have some interesting facts about snapping fingers.

21. “Everything could be taken away at the snap of a finger.” — George Hill

22. “You can’t snap your fingers, and suddenly half of Congress is women.” — Geena Davis

23. “The law does not allow the FTC just to snap its fingers and temporarily block a merger.” — Brett Kavanaugh

24. “I’m sorry that I can’t snap my fingers and undo 50 years of bad American foreign policy.” — Harry Browne

25. “To snap my fingers and let it go away. Even if it takes the 3,000th hit with it, just let it all go away.” — Rafael Palmeiro

26. “Mental illness is just like any other injury – you just don’t see it, but it’s the same in the sense that things don’t just heal overnight, or with the snap of a finger.” — Stephanie Labbe

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27. “Western classical music had long-known syncopation. But no one had felt compelled to snap his fingers to music before American jazz and musical theater, which sent a previously undiscovered current coursing through the body, demanding an outlet.” — Heather Mac Donald

28. “I don’t like fantasy where a king snaps his fingers, and suddenly a whole army appears and goes off to war – he’s got to feed them, he’s got to pay them, he’s got to take care of the camp followers and the gamblers and the people who cause the disorder.” — Raymond E. Feist

29. “There are some in the establishment who dislike a candidate who thinks for himself and isn’t easily controlled by the Washington establishment. I will be someone who will be taking a firm stand on principle and will not be knuckling under whenever the establishment snaps its fingers.” — Kris Kobach

30. “Any actor worth his salt is looking for truth, the core of truth of the particular situation he is portraying, of that play. The playwright, the actors, and the audience, that’s what we’re all there seeking. When it’s working, time is destroyed. Sometimes ‘Moon,’ a play of four hours, would go by in a snap of the fingers.” — Jason Robards

These snap quotes are related to taking pictures. You will know more about how to map pictures after reading these quotes.

31. “I snap with my mom. It was a great way for me to see my dog when I was in college. We send selfies, too.” — Evan Spiegel

32. “I definitely try to keep some level of style on my days off because you never know who’s going to snap your picture.” — Jesse Lee Soffer

33. “Wherever I go, I’m watching. Even on vacation, when I’m in an airport or a railroad station, I look around, snap pictures, and find out how people do things.” — Richard Scarry

34. “Of course, I realize that photography is not the technical facility as much as it is the eye, and this decision that one makes for the moment at which you are going to snap, you know.” — Ben Shahn

35. “I go eat a sandwich for lunch and have a milkshake and miss going to the gym for 10 days, and somebody snaps a picture of me on the beach, and all of a sudden, I’ve lost it. Why do I need to be perfect all the time?” — Eric Dane

36. “Don’t squander beautiful moments by always trying to snap the perfect picture or record the event on film. Sometimes it’s better to watch things as they happen with your own eyes, knowing that the memory of the experience will always be with you.” — Rachel Nichols

37. “We have a snap of my dad wearing blue eye shadow, which I would always make fun of. When I was about 12 and first started wearing lipstick, my dad would ask, ‘Are you wearing makeup?’ I would say back, ‘You’re wearing more makeup there than I am!’” — Georgia May Jagger

38. “I don’t really talk about my personal life. It’s a strange and funny and weird thing. Sometimes you have a conversation with someone, and the paparazzi snaps a picture of you, and people decide you’re dating. If I try to answer everything people say, I would be up all night.” — Tracee Ellis Ross

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39. “I know that, for me, I need to try to cover myself while breastfeeding so that no one snaps a picture. If this wasn’t the case, I probably wouldn’t mind as much because my son is my biggest concern. My attitude is, if someone sees a little somethin’ somethin’, don’t look if you don’t like it.” Kourtney Kardashian

40. “People would be amazed by the ordinary life William and I live. I do my own shopping. Sometimes, when I come away from the meat counter in my local supermarket, I worry someone will snap me with their phone. But I am determined to have a relatively normal life, and if I am lucky enough to have children, they can have one, too.” — Prince Harry

Snap Quotes About Snap Judgements 

This section contains snap quotes related to snap judgments. One should not make any snap judgments about others as it leads to much confusion.

41. “It’s very easy to listen to one comment and make a snap judgment.” — Heather Dubrow

42. “People make snap judgments about me that are frequently misguided.” — Bebe Neuwirth

43. “I try not to make snap judgments. I never, ever make conclusions about products I’ve never tried.” — Walt Mossberg

44. “I used to make snap judgments and moved quickly. It’s more important to be thoughtful and think of the consequences of your decisions.” — John Hickenlooper

45. “We are all cognitive misers. Our brains do not expend mental resources thoroughly examining problems when snap judgments will do.” — Kyle Hill

46. “I am against discrimination of any kind, but if I make snap judgments, no matter who it’s towards, aren’t I committing the same sin as someone who profiles?” Jay-Z

47. “And increasingly, as people live online, we are used to making really snap judgments about somebody’s character based on their Facebook page or the way their blog feels or looks.” — Zephyr Teachout

48. “We all make snap judgments on small amounts of information. We do it all the time with online dating, deciding whether to spend time with someone on the basis of a short blurb and three pics.” — Alice Levine

49. “The second we see somebody on the street or meet someone, we make snap judgments about them, about who they are and why we wouldn’t necessarily sit with them or why we would or what’s cool or not cool.” — Max Cannon

50. “It’s not easy. I make snap judgments, too, and I start to write people off. And then I start to remind myself of how I’m constantly asking judges not to write people off. And so then I try to resist it.” — James Forman, Jr.

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