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20 Sojourner Truth Quotes Honoring the Fight for Equality

Norbert Juma
Published on May 5, 2019 6:15 AM EST
20 Sojourner Truth Quotes Honoring the Fight for Equality

Our latest collection of Sojourner Truth quotes to honor one of the most powerful human rights advocates. These Sojourner Truth quotes will inspire you to stand for your rights and what you believe in.

Sojourner Truth was an African-American abolitionist and women’s rights activist who is recognized as one of the world’s best-known human rights crusaders.

20 Sojourner Truth Quotes Honoring the Fight for Equality

Born Isabella Baumfree in 1797, Truth was bought and sold four times, and subjected to harsh physical labor and violent punishments. She later escaped with her infant daughter to freedom in 1826 and successfully sued for the return of her son in 1828.

After gaining her freedom, Truth dedicated her life to the abolitionist cause and preached about equal rights for all. She delivered her best-known speech – “Ain’t I a Woman?” – at a women’s convention in Ohio in 1851. The speech is now regarded as one of the most famous abolitionist and women’s rights speeches in American history.

When the Civil War started, Truth helped recruit black troops for the Union Army. Her Civil War work earned her an invitation to meet President Abraham Lincoln in 1864.

Truth sponsored a wide range of reform causes, including prison reform, property rights and universal suffrage. In 2014, she was included in Smithsonian magazine’s list of the “100 Most Significant Americans of All Time”.

In honor of one of the most powerful advocates for human rights in the nineteenth century, below is our collection of powerful and inspirational Sojourner Truth quotes.

Sojourner Truth quotes honoring the fight for equality

1. “I know and do what is right better than many big men who read.” –Sojourner Truth

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2. “I feel safe in the midst of my enemies, for the truth is all powerful and will prevail.” – Sojourner Truth

3. “The rich rob the poor, and the poor rob one another.” – Sojourner Truth

4. “I tell you I can’t read a book, but I can read de people.” – Sojourner Truth

5. “I’m not going to die, I’m going home like a shooting star.” –Sojourner Truth

Sojourner Truth quotes honoring the fight for equality

6. “We do as much, we eat as much, we want as much.” – Sojourner Truth

7. “Where did your Christ come from? From God and a woman! Man had nothing to do with Him.” –Sojourner Truth

8. “When I got religion, I found some work to do to benefit somebody.” – Sojourner Truth

9. “Life is a hard battle anyway. If we laugh and sing a little as we fight the good fight of freedom, it makes it all go easier. I will not allow my life’s light to be determined by the darkness around me.” – Sojourner Truth

10. “If the first woman God ever made was strong enough to turn the world upside down all alone, these women together ought to be able to turn it back, and get it right side up again! And now they is asking to do it, the men better let them.” – Sojourner Truth

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Sojourner Truth quotes that will inspire you to stand for your rights

11. “I have plowed and planted and gathered into barns, and no man could head me. And aren’t I a woman?” – Sojourner Truth

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12. “If women want rights more than they got, why don’t they just take them, and not be talking about it.” –Sojourner Truth

13. “Religion without humanity is very poor human stuff.” – Sojourner Truth

14. “Though it seems curious, I do not remember ever asking for anything but what I got it. And I always received it as an answer to my prayers.” – Sojourner Truth

15. “It is the mind that makes the body.” ― Sojourner Truth

Sojourner Truth quotes that will inspire you to stand for your rights

16. “Then I will speak upon the ashes.” – Sojourner Truth

17. “Because of them I can now live the dream. I am the seed of the free, and I know it. I intend to bear great fruit.” – Sojourner Truth

18. “Oh no, honey, I can’t read little things like letters. I read big things like men.” – Sojourner Truth

19. “If it is not a fit place for women, it is unfit for men to be there.” –Sojourner Truth

20. “I am glad to see that men are getting their rights, but I want women to get theirs, and while the water is stirring, I will step into the pool.” –Sojourner Truth

Which of these Sojourner Truth quotes was your favorite?

Sojourner Truth is one of the world’s best-known human rights crusaders. Though she lived a miserable life as a slave, Truth rose to prominence as an abolitionist leader and became a testament to the humanity of enslaved people.

Truth spoke up and inspired many through her journey and persistence. Hopefully, the above quotes will inspire you to speak up for what you believe in; regardless of your status or situation.

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Did you enjoy these Sojourner Truth quotes? Which of the quotes was your favorite? Let us know in the comment section below.

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    Chelsie Huskey

    April 26, 2019 at 5:22 PM

    Her quotes are awesome.

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    Raqel Harris

    February 6, 2019 at 8:32 AM

    Sojourner Truth words were few, but with a spark & determination!!

  3. Avatar

    Betty Tubbs

    February 5, 2019 at 7:30 PM

    I love “Those are the same stars, and that is the same moon that look down upon your brothers and sisters, and which they see as they look up to them, though they are ever so far away from us , and each other.”

  4. Avatar

    Selever Nadia

    February 4, 2019 at 1:07 PM

    She is soo right, im soo happy to find it.all the quotes i like them and im agree.

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