25 Subaru Natsuki Quotes From the Main Character in Re: Zero

Fans of light novels and anime will love these Subaru Natsuki Quotes!

Subaru Natsuki is a fictional character that author Tappei Nagatsuki created as the main protagonist for the light novel Re: Zero Starting Life in Another World.

Natsuki first appeared in 2014, and the series’s popularity has led to adaptations into anime, video games, and short stories.

In Re: Zero Starting Life in Another World, Subaru is also known as the “Cult Killer.”

Natsuki is a teenager who has lost his self-esteem and is going through life trying to be “invisible.”

However, one day, while walking to the store, he is transported to a fantasy world filled with humans, elves, and other races.

Take a look at these Subaru Natsuki quotes to learn more about the character.

The Best Subaru Natsuki Quotes 

Check out some of the best Subaru Natsuki quotes. 

1. “I did nothing.” — Subaru Natsuki 

2. “I have no character.” — Subaru Natsuki

3. “Nothing about me has changed!” — Subaru Natsuki 

4. “It was rough. It was so painful.” — Subaru Natsuki 

5. “A wound to the back is a warrior’s greatest shame.” — Subaru Natsuki 

6. “I am Natsuki Subaru.I am your knight, Emilia and yours alone.” — Subaru Natsuki 

7. “I guess, as long as I have life, all I can do is fight with all my might.” — Subaru Natsuki 

8. “You should rely on those around you instead of thinking about stuff alone.” — Subaru Natsuki 

9. “I have no strength, but I want it all. I have no knowledge, but all I do is dream.” — Subaru Natsuki

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10. “All I do is talk a big game and make myself sound like a big shot when I can’t do anything!” — Subaru Natsuki

Subaru Natsuki Quotes For Fans of Anime 

Here are some Subaru Natsuki quotes for fans of anime. 

11. “There’s nothing I can do, but I struggle in vain!” — Subaru Natsuki 

12. “I’m an empty shell. There’s nothing inside me at all!” — Subaru Natsuki 

13. “It’s amazing that I can live like this and not feel ashamed!” — Subaru Natsuki 

14. “I’ve known it since the very beginning. Everything that was happening was my fault.” — Subaru Natsuki 

15. “While we talk, look forward to making up for all the time you’ve wasted looking back!” — Subaru Natsuki 

16. “Even when I thought I could go on living here, nothing changed about who I really am.” — Subaru Natsuki 

17. “Listen, where I’m from, there’s a saying, ‘3 heads are better than 1.’ Wait, is it 2 heads?” — Subaru Natsuki 

More Subaru Natsuki Quotes 

Throughout the series, Subaru Natsuki had a lot to say, and here are more of his quotes. 

18. “I’ve never done a single thing worth mentioning.” — Subaru Natsuki 

19. “I wanted to say ‘I couldn’t help it,’ to be told that it couldn’t be helped!’ — Subaru Natsuki 

20. “The old man back at the manor saw that part of me perfectly, didn’t he?” — Subaru Natsuki 

21. “I was so desperate, so desperate to make everything right! It’s the truth.” — Subaru Natsuki 

22. “My hand was so small that it all slipped through my fingers, leaving nothing behind.” — Subaru Natsuki 

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23. “Whatever, the point is, 3 heads, thinking together are harder to break than only 1 arrow.” — Subaru Natsuki 

24. “Wanting to accomplish something important when I’ve never done anything to earn it goes way beyond the limitations of my arrogance!” — Subaru Natsuki 

25. “I wasn’t trying to get stronger or trying to make things better; that was a lie! I was just striking an obvious pose to justify myself!” — Subaru Natsuki 

What Happens to Subaru Natsuki in the Rest of the Story?

He meets a beautiful half-elf named Emilia, who saves him from some hoodlums.

He then learns that he has been bestowed powers that make it so that if he dies, he will only return to a previous time in his history without losing any of his memories.

This ability made him fearless in defending his friends, but the responsibility began to take a toll on him, and he eventually learned that he was given this power by the Witch of Envy in order to help her.
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