25 The White Lotus Quotes From the Hit HBO Television Series

Sometimes things are not as they first seem, as seen in these The White Lotus quotes!

The White Lotus is a television series that premiered on HBO in 2021 as a dark comedy drama.

It was created by Mike White, who also wrote and directed the series for HBO.

Due to the high ratings and critical acclaim, the one-time limited series has been expanded as an anthology series and was already renewed for a third season.

The White Lotus stars Murray Bartlett, Connie Britton, Jennifer Coolidge, and Alexandra Daddario, among other talented actors.

The series’ plot follows vacationers for a week while they relax in what they think is paradise.

We slowly see the darker traits of both the vacationers and of paradise.

Take a look at these The White Lotus quotes to learn more about the hit series.

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The White Lotus quotes from Tanya McQuoid

1. “My love life is a ruin.” — Tanya McQuoid

2. “I only have four hands.” — Tanya McQuoid

3. “Finger food is always a must.” — Tanya McQuoid

4. “These gays! They’re trying to murder me!” — Tanya McQuoid

5. “Don’t spend your life chasing emotionally unavailable men.” — Tanya McQuoid

6. “When you are empty inside, with no direction, you end up in some crazy places.” — Tanya McQuoid

7. “I want you to stay close ’cause I might need you but just lay low and not come out of your room.” — Tanya McQuoid

8. “Sometimes I think I should have started that spa for poor women with the girl from Maui. Maybe she put a curse on me.” — Tanya McQuoid

9. “Oh, it’s a good feeling when you realize that someone has money. ‘Cause then you don’t have to worry about them wanting yours.” — Tanya McQuoid

10. “I think my fantasy day in Italy is, well first, I wanna look like Monica Vitti. And then this man in a very slim fitting suit, he comes over and he lights my cigarette, and it tastes really good, and then takes me for a drive on his Vespa.” — Tanya McQuoid

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The White Lotus quotes from Harper Spiller

11. “We’re too young to be this old.” — Harper Spiller

12. “I feel like we’re LARPing as rich people.” — Harper Spiller

13. “I was just tripping out on being a woman.” — Harper Spiller

14. “If you never fight then your relationship isn’t real.” — Harper Spiller

15. “It’s like we’re all entertaining each other while the world burns, right?” — Harper Spiller

The White Lotus quotes from Cameron Sullivan & Albie Di Grasso

16. “Thanks for all the fun. Bye.” — Cameron Sullivan

17. “Incompetence, it makes me homicidal.” — Cameron Sullivan

18. “I refuse to have a bad relationship with women.” — Albie Di Grasso

19. “Like, I’m just so over the whole news cycle, you know?” — Cameron Sullivan

20. “You have to stop doing what you’re doing and actually change.” — Albie Di Grasso

The White Lotus quote from Quentin and Greg Hunt

21. “Sicily can be very seductive.” — Quentin

22. “It’s hot out—I got swamp crotch.” — Greg Hunt

23. “Sure, whatever you want. It’s your day to shine.” — Greg Hunt

24. “A world without beauty is not a world I want to live in.” — Quentin

25. “How do you expect to lose weight if you inhale five macaroons and not remember?” — Greg Hunt

Why is The White Lotus so Popular?

The show has seen immediate success, being named one of the ten best television shows in 2022 by the American Film Institute.

The White Lotus has also won numerous awards ranging from Outstanding Writing to Best Supporting Actress.

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