63 Tyler the Creator Quotes From the Grammy-Winning Artist

Read these Tyler the Creator quotes below to learn more about the former Odd Future frontman.

Multi-hyphenate superstar Tyler, the Creator has spent over a decade taking over the fashion, TV, and music industries.

What’s your favorite Tyler, the Creator song? 

Tyler, the Creator (born Tyler Gregory Okonoma) first captured the attention of fans, critics, and onlookers alike with his first solo mixtape Bastard, and its controversial single “Yonkers.”

The buzz surrounding Tyler, and the hip-hop collective Odd Future as a whole lead to the entire group getting a record deal in late 2011. 

Tyler, the Creator has accomplished many things throughout his long-running career including developing a sketch comedy show on Adult Swim and starting a popular fashion brand.

The artist also created five studio albums, including the Grammy-winning Igor

Check out the list below for relatable, inspirational, and lyrical quotes from Tyler, the Creator.

Top 10 Tyler the Creator Quotes

1. “I never want to grow up.” – Tyler, the Creator

short Tyler the Creator Quotes

2. “Youth is something I never wanna take for granted. I just want to smile and live life.” – Tyler, the Creator

Tyler the Creator Quotes about youth

3. “I’m a pretty nice dude. I have fun, and people take it the wrong way.” – Tyler, the Creator

Tyler the Creator Quotes

4. “I live in my own head and it all makes sense to me.” ― Tyler, the Creator

Great Tyler the Creator Quotes

5. “I’m not a follower. I’m a leader. And anyone who speaks their mind is always criticized.” – Tyler, the Creator

Tyler the Creator Quotes From the Grammy-Winning Artist

6. “I just want everyone to be awesome. That’s all it is. I want everyone to be cool in their own way.” – Tyler, the Creator

7. “I’m an optimistic guy. I’m one of those big dreamers. I’m one of those kids with that annoying imagination.” – Tyler, the Creator

8. “Being in love is cool as hell, like having feelings and sh*t, it’s tight.” – Tyler, the Creator

9. “If the world was ending, I think I would grab some Cinnamon Toast Crunch, a bunch of water, and I’d probably just… I’d probably go crazy.” – Tyler, the Creator

10. “I never had a drink in my life. I don’t smoke or anything.” – Tyler, the Creator

11. “I was sitting like, there’s nothing I want to buy. I was fully okay with life. It was nothing I was stressed about. I wasn’t sore nowhere. I’m financially good. Everyone around me is healthy. No grudges. The weather was great.” – Tyler, the Creator

12. “Honestly, I’m a weak bitch. My punches are not good. I can run fast, but if I had to hold somebody from falling off a cliff, they’re going to die.” – Tyler, the Creator

13. “I’m f**king stoked. My life is sick. I get to still skate around like I did three years ago. I might have to take a couple of pictures, but whatever. I have money to go do stupid sh*t. I couldn’t ask for nothing else.” – Tyler, the Creator

Powerful Tyler the Creator Quotes About Life 

14. “Do what the f**k makes you happy. Because in the end, who’s there? You.” ― Tyler, the Creator

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15. “Don’t be scared of color.” – Tyler, the Creator

16. “Do something productive, stay the f**k off of Snapchat.” – Tyler, the Creator

17. “It’s actually beautiful that we’re aware of this superpower that we have where we’re just us, no matter what. We don’t get nervous in front of people. We look in the mirror and we’re okay with it.” – Tyler, the Creator

18. “People are more obsessed with the idea of failing than the idea of succeeding.” – Tyler, the Creator

19. “I think people get caught up in having an identity. “ – Tyler, the Creator

20. “Wherever my curiosity takes me, I follow. If I f**king hate it, I’m on to the next thing. A lot of people don’t move like that and it just boggles my mind. It’s like a math problem I can’t comprehend.” – Tyler, the Creator

21. “You gotta keep things fun…Laughing is really important to your health, believe it or not, so I guess I just always try to have fun and keep the energy alive.” – Tyler, the Creator

Tyler the Creator Quotes on Music and Career

22. “My lyrics aren’t offensive. Some people find everything offensive.” – Tyler, the Creator

23. “I’m like a big 10-year-old when I’m on stage. I just go up there and do whatever I think is cool at the time.” – Tyler, the Creator

24. “I want to take Justin Bieber for a month and just lock him up in a cage where we sit and make music. He’s one of the most successful people in the world, but his music could be so much tighter.” – Tyler, the Creator

25. “I’m not hip-hop. I’m Tyler.” – Tyler, the Creator

26. “I don’t have a therapist, so I use me as my own therapist when I’m making the music.” – Tyler, the Creator

27. “Usually, when I’m rappin’, I’m creating a big story or a concept song that sounds like a movie to me.” – Tyler, the Creator

28. “Long story short, my biggest songs to date are all singing songs. And the people who were saying that I was bad were just projecting their inner fears of trying something that they wanted to try, but not being able to. And now I’m better at singing and they’re probably not better at whatever they wanted to do.” – Tyler, the Creator

29. “I want to design jewelry for girls and guys… I’ma spread it out, but I’ma design, probably when I’m just designing furniture and buildings, I’ll probably being the jewelry thing, too.” – Tyler, the Creator

30. “Rap is really just too conventional. Everybody does the same thing. No one ever pushes the box.” – Tyler, the Creator

31. “Ni**a be like why didn’t my fav rapper blow up prolly cause he has the personality of a chair ni**as be flat haha.” – Tyler, the Creator

32. “Since day one, I’ve always wanted to make the prettiest s*it that’s borderline boring or the hardest f**king sh*t…I’ve been trying to mix those together since my first album.” – Tyler, the Creator

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33. “I love talking about music. I’ll show you a song and break it down for 50 minutes. I’m a geek about it.” – Tyler, the Creator

34. “There are people I really admire. But they influence me pretty heavy right now because my own style is still blossoming. So I’m not going to tell you who they are because then you’ll know where I’m stealing from.” – Tyler, the Creator

35. “I want to do films and have my name mentioned next to Wes Anderson and Quentin Tarantino. I don’t want my name mentioned next to other rappers at all.” – Tyler, the Creator

Tyler the Creator quotes on upbringing and family

36. “I wasn’t shy, but I was really hyper. Nobody got my sense of humor. I was a black skater kid.” – Tyler, the Creator

37. “I want to make as much money as I possibly can so that when my day comes, my mother and sister is fine. My close friends are fine. They don’t have to worry about anything ever again.” – Tyler, the Creator

38. “I just live life. I grew up in a Christian family, but, you know, the way Mom brought me up is to, you know, do you, to always be yourself.” – Tyler, the Creator

39. “Hawthorne sucks… It’s a crazy place, and I’m happy that I was the weird one that got out.” – Tyler, the Creator

40. “I think, if I had a dad, I would have went the normal college route. I’m so stoked my life panned out how it was.” – Tyler, the Creator

41. “I’m a big ‘Goosebumps’ fan – ‘Revenge of the Lawn Gnomes.’ My favorites are the pick-your-own-death ones.” – Tyler, the Creator

42. “Humans have voids, and you need things to fill voids… I didn’t have a dad to fill that male model void, so when I heard Eminem or freaking seen Dave Chapelle, that’s what I gravitated to.” – Tyler, the Creator

43. “I was just such an erratic, wild personality….When you finally find someone to listen to you after years of not being taken seriously, you hold that sh*t to your heart.” – Tyler, the Creator

Tyler the Creator quotes from his songs

44. “Tell these black kids they can be who they are. Dye your hair blue. Sh*t, I’ll do it too.” – Tyler, the Creator, “Where This Flower Blooms”

45. “In school I was the one thinking outside of boxes, so everybody in them would say I got problems.” – Tyler, the Creator, “Colossus”

46. “They say success is the best revenge so I beat DeShay up with the stack of magazines I’m in.” – Tyler, the Creator, “Yonkers”

47. “I’m the loneliest man alive, but I keep on dancing to throw ’em off.” – Tyler, the Creator, “911/Mr. Lonely”

48. “You make my earth quake.” – Tyler, the Creator, “EARFQUAKE”

49. “I can grab the fireworks, the soda, all the cookies we can eat. Make you nauseous but be cautious, this is not Dawson’s Creek.” – Tyler, the Creator, “Analog” 

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50. “Listen deeper than the music before you put it in the box.” – Tyler, the Creator, “Sandwitches”

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More Tyler the Creator quotes

51. “I’m not into fashion, but I like design. I wear the same shoes every day.” – Tyler, The Creator

52. “For the record, I don’t worship the devil. I just hate religion.” – Tyler, The Creator

53. “I don’t like people around me sad. I like making people happy.” – Tyler, The Creator

Memorable Tyler the Creator quotes

54. “I think I’m cool. That’s all that matters.” ― Tyler, The Creator

55. “I don’t really listen to rap; I just like to rap.” ― Tyler, The Creator

56. “I really want to sing, but my tone of voice is really too deep to do what I want.” ― Tyler, The Creator

57. “I like my raps, but I’m never too happy with some of ’em because I feel like they could be better.” ― Tyler, The Creator

58. “The thing is, I make music I like. So it’s just weird if someone says they don’t like it.” ― Tyler, The Creator

59. “I’m hungry for VMAs and Grammys. That’s my main goal.” ― Tyler, The Creator

60. “I tweet early in the morning when I wake up or late at night just to let you know that I have a show or what’s on my mind, and that’s it. I hate Snapchat and all of that. It’s making kids so stupid.” ― Tyler, The Creator

61. “To me, Sid Vicious is cool. Super chill.” ― Tyler, The Creator

62. “I try to tell all the – not even the kids, even people older than me – to just be themselves. Don’t wear what I wear ’cause I wear it; wear what you like.” ― Tyler, The Creator

63. “What if my music is too weird for the masses and I’m only known for tweets more than beats?” ― Tyler, The Creator

What are your “guilty pleasures”? 

Tyler, the Creator is a champion for being your most authentic self.

This means pursuing the interests that make you the happiest, despite what others may think. 

If you’re wondering where your own passions lie, try checking your self-proclaimed “guilty pleasures”.

For example, I’m a huge fan of reality TV.

There was a time where I was embarrassed about liking those shows and would rarely talk about them.

After years of self-reflection, I have realized that my love of reality TV is a part of who I am — it’s what makes me, me.

Your “guilty pleasures” are valid interests.

Don’t be afraid to be joyful out loud. 

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