50 Windmill Quotes For Harnessing Natural Energy

Learn something new about history and the future with our windmill quotes

Windmills are an old technology that has a bright future

Find out what makes this renewable green technology worthwhile with our windmill quotes. 

What are windmills?

A windmill is a structure that converts wind power into rotational energy using vanes called sails or blades. 

Check out these interesting windmill facts below:

  • Different cultures have created windmills from across the globe. 
  • 3700 years ago, Babylonian ruler King Hammurabi had plans to use windmills. 
  • 1500 years later, Greek engineer Heron of Alexandria used wind power to make an organ. 

Humanity and windmills throughout history

The history of windmills goes back to King Hammurabi, who started the plans to use windmills to convert wind power to irrigate his land in Southern Mesopotamia or modern-day Iraq. 

While history shows Hammurabi could not realize his dream, his ambition inspired engineers, thinkers, and city planners. 

Heron of Alexandria and various engineers from China and Tibet harnessed wind power.

These brilliant thinkers make mini forms of windmill technology for musical instruments like the organ or prayer wheels. 

Prior to the transition to steam-powered engines in the 19th century, windmills were a popular form of energy on Earth for over one thousand years. 

Do windmills actually work?


Windmills are efficient, especially in ideal conditions.

People used to use windmills to aid with grinding wheat. 

Windmills remain active worldwide today, though most are called wind turbines since they don’t actually “mill” anything. 

Today, windmills are used as electrical turbines providing power to people or for irrigation and farming purposes. 

Technology happens in cycles

Earth is a planet of cycles. 

Our moon, tides, and seasons are cyclical in nature. 

Technology also comes and goes in cycles. 

Windmill technology is very old, yet it is experiencing a resurgence in popularity as people seek green renewable energy sources. 

To learn more, check out our windmill quotes below. 

Short windmill quotes about the unharnessed force

We begin our list with these short and sweet quotes about windmills. 

1. “Love is that to life, what wind is to a windmill.” — Kazi Shams

2. “I had rather live with cheese and garlic in a windmill.” William Shakespeare

3. “A windmill is eternally at work to accomplish one end.” — Charles Caleb Colton

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4. “As yet, the wind is an untamed and unharnessed force.” — Abraham Lincoln

5. “I don’t take on a fight just for a fight. I don’t tilt at windmills.”  – Carly Fiorina

6. “The slope takes you to the windmill, but effort takes you nowhere.” — Fernando Pessoa

7. “Solar power, wind power, the way forward is to collaborate with nature.” — Björk

8. “Wind power, if not properly planned and sited, can harm birds and bats.” — David Suzuki

9. “First, there is the power of the Wind, constantly exerted over the globe.” — Henry Thoreau

10. “You know what happens when windmills collapse into the sea? A splash.”  – Bill Maher

The top windmill quotes about going for your dreams

These quotes remind us why windmills are synonymous with tackling your biggest challenges. 

11. “I’m gonna pretend there are tulips. And windmills.” — Matt Corman

12. “You cannot make a windmill go with a pair of bellows.” — George Herbert

13. “Tilting at windmills hurts you more than the windmills.” — Robert A. Heinlein

14. “Wind and other clean, renewable energy will help end our reliance on fossil fuels.” — Frances Beinecke

15. “Once you’ve demonstrated you know how to do the art, then go after the windmills.Seth Godin

16. “Mini-golf is a lot like life; It can be difficult, it can be rewarding. And there are windmills.” — Charles Wachter

17. “Wind blows. You can set a wall against it; you can build up a windmill. The choice is yours.” Russ

18. “There are those who could use poetic imagery to comment on tilting at these modern windmills.” — Anton Pardoe

19. “If I’m mad, Willie, and everyone seems to think I am, then I’ve the right to tilt at the odd windmill or two. — Ian Mackintosh

20. “Windmills, remember, if you fight with them, may swing round their huge arms and cast you down into the mire! — Edmond Rostand

The best windmill quotes about blowing and harnessing wind

These quotes help us question if windmills are the future of energy. 

21. “When wind of changes are blowing, some people will build walls – some will build windmills.” — Chinese Proverb

22. “The two most abundant forms of power on earth are solar and wind, and they’re getting cheaper and cheaper.” — Ed Begley, Jr.

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23. “One of the greatest discoveries hereafter to be made will be the taming, and harnessing of the wind.” Abraham Lincoln 

24. “Twelve states in the Great Plains have a wind energy potential greater than the electric use of our entire nation.” — Michael Pare

25. “Global warming will kill birds and bats, as well as other species, in much greater numbers than wind power.” — David Suzuki

26. “The future of the wind power industry is very strong, and I believe it will be one of the strongest and most stable industries going forward.” — Mark Champney

27. “China has an almost infinite need for energy, and frankly, the world would be better off if much of that need goes in the direction of wind power.” — Iqbal Quadir

28. “The fuel in the earth will be exhausted in a thousand or more years, and its mineral wealth, but man will find substitutes for these in the winds, the waves, the sun’s heat, and so forth.” — John Burroughs

29. “The wind only serves to turn a few mills, blow a few vessels across the ocean, and a few trivial ends besides. What a poor compliment do we pay to our indefatigable and energetic servant!” — Henry Thoreau

30. “There is an urgent need to stop subsidizing the fossil fuel industry, dramatically reduce wasted energy, and significantly shift our power supplies from oil, coal, and natural gas to wind, solar, geothermal, and other renewable energy sources.” — Bill McKibben

Famous windmill quotes from former President Donald Trump

Over the years, Donald Trump has made some interesting observations about windmills. 

One thing is for sure; he is not a fan of windmills. 

Below are some of his most memorable windmill moments. 

31. “I never understood wind.” Donald Trump

32. “I know windmills very much.” — Donald Trump

33. “They say the noise causes cancer.” — Donald Trump

34. “You cannot allow these industrial monstrosities.” — Donald Trump

35. “If it doesn’t blow, you can forget about television for that night.” — Donald Trump

36. “I’m not going to lose that wealth on dreams, on windmills, which, frankly, are not working all that well.” — Donald Trump

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37. “If you have a windmill anywhere near your house, congratulations: Your house just went down 75% in value.” — Donald Trump

38. “Scottish offshore wind will be like looking through the bars of a prison, and the Scottish citizens will be the prisoners.” — Donald Trump

39. “If you love birds, you’d never want to walk under a windmill, because it’s a very sad, sad sight. It’s like a cemetery. We put a little statue for the poor birds.” — Donald Trump

40. “I have been told by our attorneys, that we can bring a very large lawsuit and probably win the lawsuit based on the harm that these horrible things will do to Scotland.” — Donald Trump

Windmill quotes and sayings about life

Let’s close our list with these interesting quotes about windmills. 

41. “The windmills’ blades turn by wind power.” – Linda Miller

42. “We used to have two windmills at our place back home.” – Max Evans

43. “Our windmill was ruined. Our spirits were at their lowest.”George Orwell

44. “A windmill uses sails that are driven around by the force of the wind.” – Steve Way

45. “In Holland, the Dutch use windmills to pump water out of their soggy fields.” – Linda Miller 

46. “Why don’t you ever fly through the windmill again? That’s a sure crowd-pleaser.”
– Dodie Smith

47. “I’m flopping around like a windmill, and he barely scratched me. Better avoid a direct hit.” – Hiroshi Hashimoto

48. “And the world is like an apple whirling silently in space. Like the circles that you find in the windmills of your mind!” – Marilyn Bergman

49. “A water pump windmill, still common in many rural areas of the United States, uses the energy from wind to draw water from underground.” – Gregory J. Davenport

50. “If you come across a windmill, take the time to check it out. Although many have been abandoned, it may still provide a water source.” – Gregory J. Davenport

What is next for wind energy?

We are on the verge of another technological revolution. 

How will wind energy look in the future?

Tell us what you think is next for windmills in the comments below. 

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