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What is workaholism? 

Workaholism is a popular term first used in 1971 by Wayne E. Oates (an American psychologist). 

According to a few of the most common definitions of workaholism, it refers to an uncontrollable desire to work unnecessarily and without any compulsion.

A workaholic is a person addicted to work and continues to work even if he/she isn’t asked to do so.

Scott and other researchers like Miceli suggest that three major characteristics are associated with workaholism, including:

  1. Spending most of their time performing work-related activities
  2. Spending more time completing a task as compared to others
  3. Always thinking about work 

What are the major causes of workaholism?

Malissa Clark, an expert on workaholism and who conducted a lot of research on this topic, puts forward four different causes of workaholism.

  1. The first is the motivational causes, which means they continue to work as they find it motivating. 
  2. An emotional cause suggests that workaholics feel guilty or anxious when they aren’t working. 
  3. Even when workaholics aren’t working, they are thinking about the work. So, they are always connected with the work. 
  4. Workaholics have a behavioral tendency to continue to work, which leads them to work more than their colleagues. 

Top 10 workaholic quotes

Let’s start the quotes section with the best workaholic quotes. 

1. “I’m the true definition of a workaholic.” ― Kim Kardashian

2. “I see myself as a bit of a traveler. I am a workaholic.” ― Ricki-Lee Coulter 

3. “I’m a workaholic; I always try to fill my time with projects.” ― Teresa Palmer

4. “The truth is, everybody I’ve ever met who’s successful is a workaholic.” ― Ice T 

5. “It’s easier to be a workaholic than to have a truly balanced life.” ― Quentin Bryce 

6. “Man the life of a workaholic…You either on ya work or just workin on it.” ― Big Sean

7. “If there is such a thing as a workaholic, I’m it, and that’s what passes for leisure.” ― Steve Earle

8. “Am I a workaholic? Yes, but I also have no problem taking time for myself.” ― Chris Jericho

9. “For workaholics, all the eggs of self-esteem are in the basket of work.” ― Judith M Bardwick

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10. “I’m a workaholic and I don’t believe in ‘no.’ If I’m not sleeping, nobody’s sleeping.” ― Beyonce Knowles

Workaholic quotes that are Instaworthy 

Here are the Instawothy workaholic quotes that are short & sweet.

11. “Japanese are very proud and workaholics. Proud workaholics.” ― Yoko Ono

12. “Work is a substitute religious experience for many workaholics.” ― Mary Daly

13. “Beaches and romantic comedies are not my thing. I’m a workaholic.” ― Rooney Mara

14. “I don’t think I am a workaholic. I prefer to keep busy. It is better than the alternative.” ― Sebastian Coe 

15. “I’m such a damn workaholic, that it’s interesting to be like, “Oh, what do I do for fun?” ― Brad Williams 

16. “I’m a bit of a workaholic. When I feel like I’m not doing something, it drives me insane.” ― Ashley Greene 

17. “I’m pretty much a workaholic, but when you’re doing what you love it’s hard to think of a reason to stop.” ― Ani DiFranco 

18. “Lately I’ve been a workaholic. I’m in the studio all the time and I’ve helped to produce a couple of artists” ― Duncan Sheik 

19. “Dream big, work hard.” My parents brought up Kylie [Jenner] and me to be workaholics. That’s something I really appreciate.” ― Kendall Jenner 

20. “I’m a workaholic, so I ignore the signs of fatigue and just keep going and going, and then conk out when I get home. It can be pretty stressful.” ― Keke Palmer

Thought-provoking Workaholic quotes

These workaholic quotes are simply thoughtful. So, read these amazing quotes and share them with your friends and colleagues.

21. “I stop short of being a workaholic.” ― Jim Davis

22. “I’m a workaholic. I’ve been doing my job for a long time.” ― Gisele Bundchen

23. “I’m not a workaholic, but I was a bit manic, I have to confess.” ― Gavin Rossdale

24. “Workaholics are addicted to activity; super achievers are committed to results.” ― Charles Garfield

25. “People are saying that I’m an alcoholic, and that’s not true, because I only drink when I work, and I’m a workaholic.” ― Ron White 

26. “Schizophrenic is the best word – I change from day to day. I can be quite confusing. Indecisive, workaholic, and tired today.” ― Brian Molko

27. “I’m not very good at resting on my laurels. I am a bit of a workaholic, and I like to keep busy and active, so I think that’s what drives me.” ― Tricia Helfer

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28. “I missed my dad a lot growing up, even though we were together as a family. My dad was really a workaholic. And he was always working.” ― Steven Spielberg

29. “I’m not driven by killer ambition. I’m not a workaholic. I’m a good team player. I don’t have to be captain, but I do want to play on a winning team.” ― Jane Pauley

30. “This sounds really corny, but I am a slave to my work, a workaholic, and glad of it. I like what I do; this is my place, my little universe, one of them.” ― Henry Rollins

Amazing workaholic quotes

Take a look at these extremely interesting and engaging workaholic quotes.  

31. “I’m a workaholic. I also go to the gym a lot – it’s my new thing. Yes, I am a compulsive person.” ― Jonathan Rhys Meyers 

32. “I work, to this day, from morning to night, seven days a week. I’m always working two, three years ahead of my own timeline; I’m a workaholic.” ― DJ Ashba 

33. “I’ve never really been a workaholic. I work very hard, but I also enjoy playing. I think it’s important to have a balanced and well-rounded life.” ― Condoleezza Rice

34. “For quite a while I called myself a workaholic. I was proud of that label. Then one day it hit me; a workaholic is a label for an unproductive person.” ― Mike Michalowicz 

35. “I’m so passionately hopelessly in love with my job! I think the definition of a workaholic is that you can’t wait till the weekend is over so you can start working again.” ― Ann Shin

36. “I’m a workaholic because I don’t want to not work. When you come from basically nothing and you have so much good things happening for you sometimes you have to sacrifice.” ― Nelly

37. “Neither of us are workaholics. I think the key thing is to accept that if you only exist through what you do, then you become what you do, and this is very wrong.” ― Vincent Cassel 

38. “Understand that workaholics aren’t productive people. Quite the contrary. A workaholic is someone who takes twice as much time to accomplish half as much as a Lazy Achiever.” ― Ernie J Zelinski

39. “My mom and I are like sisters. We kind of grew up together. She always treated me as an adult. I never had curfew. She’s a workaholic, like I am. We’re not super family-oriented people, you know?” ― Kelly Clarkson

40. “Workaholics don’t actually accomplish more than non-workaholics. They may claim to be perfectionists, but that just mean they’re wasting time fixating on inconsequential details instead of moving on to the next task.” ― David Heinemeier Hansson

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More workaholic quotes to inspire you

If you are still looking for the workaholic quote of your choice, here are a few other options. 

41. “You know, I’m kind of a wild crazy workaholic guy.” ― Randy Jackson

42. “Chanel was a workaholic. She must have had a lot to forget.” ― Marlene Dietrich 

43. “Andy [Murray] is one of the premier workaholics. He’s given himself a lot of opportunities through that.” ― Milos Raonic 

44. “I’ve always been a workaholic. I reckon, on average, I’ve had less than one day a year off in my working career.” ― Ken Livingstone 

45. “When you need something tedious done, and don’t have time for it, give it to a workaholic. This way, both of you will be happy.” ― Ernie J Zelinski 

46. “I was a workaholic. I never stopped. I lived in fifth gear. I bought cars. I invested in stocks. I made more money than I had ever imagined.” ― Mitch Albom 

47. “If I’m enjoying something, I’d like to be able to just have it all. Frankly, that’s the way I’m approaching my career now. I’m a total workaholic.” ― Jason Bateman

48. “I loved Chiara Mastroianni voice, her talent, her generosity. We rehearsed for two months…She’s a workaholic and perfectionist, like Vincent [Paronnaud] and myself.” ― Marjane Satrapi

49. “I think your significant other should be way more important than your work. Personally, I love working. I don’t know that I’d say I’m a workaholic because I also love maxing and relaxing.” ― Kristen Bell 

50. “I am a total workaholic. If I don’t shoot for two days, I get uncomfortable at home. I won’t comment on my personal life. That is totally out of bounds. When I do get married, everyone will know.” ― Karisma Kapoor

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