25 BFG Quotes From the Classic Roald Dahl Children’s Book

If you are a fan of Roald Dahl or classic children’s books, then you will love these BFG quotes.

The BFG, short for “The Big Friendly Giant,” is a children’s book by Roald Dahl and published in 1982.

The book is a more extended version of an earlier short story by Dahl that was titled “Danny, the Champion of the World.”

The book was written as a dedication to Dahl’s daughter Olivia, who had died of measles encephalitis when she was only seven years old.

The book has been very popular, with over 37 million copies sold, and the story was even adapted into an animated movie and a theatre performance.

In 2016, Disney adapted the story into a live-action movie.

Take a few minutes to read these BFG quotes to learn more about this classic children’s novel.

BFG Quotes From the Big Friendly Giant

Fans of the book will enjoy these BFG quotes from the Giant himself!

1. “Never in a pig’s whistle!” — The BFG

2. “Meanings is not important.” — The BFG

3. “I is the BFG. What is your name?” — The BFG

4. “I think you is barking up the wrong dog.” — The BFG

5. “What I mean and what I say is two different things.” — The BFG

6. “I cannot be right all the time. Quite often I is left instead of right.” — The BFG

7. “I cannot be helping it if I sometimes is saying things a little squiggly.” — The BFG

8. “Me is the only one what won’t be gobbled up because giants is never eating giants.” — The BFG

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9. “Us giants is making whizzpoppers all the time! Whizzpopping is a sign of happiness.” — The BFG

10. “We is having an interesting babblement about the taste of the human bean. The human bean is not a vegetable.” — The BFG

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BFG Quotes From Sophie

Here are some BFG quotes from Sophie!

11. “Nicholas Nickleby.” — Sophie

12. “My name is Sophie.” — Sophie

13. “Do you like vegetables?” — Sophie

14. “It is very rude of me to keep correcting you.” — Sophie

15. “But you don’t like it that those beastly giants are eating humans every night, do you?” — Sophie

16. “Take a bite, and I am positive you will be shouting out oh how scrumdiddlyuptious this wonderveg is!” — Sophie

17. “I’ think it’s rotten that those foul giants should go off every night to eat humans. Humans have never done them any harm.” — Sophie

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More BFG Quotes

Check out these BFG quotes!

18. “Let your love out.” — The BFG


20. “Two rights don’t equal a left.” — The BFG

21. “Don’t gobblefunk around with words.” — The BFG

22. “You is getting nosier than a parker.” — The BFG

23. “The human beans is making rules to suit themselves.” — The BFG

24. “But where you might ask, is this book that the BFG wrote? It’s right here.” — Roald Dahl

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25. “And I is still reading it and teaching new words to myself and how to write them.” — The BFG

What is the Plot of The BFG?

The plot of the book follows an eight-year-old girl named Sophie who is taken from her orphanage by a mysterious giant to a land of giants.

There Sophie learns that her giant is friendly and spreads dreams to kids all around the world.

However, the other giants are terrible and eat people, so Sophie and the BFG work with the Queen of England to capture the other giants.

Sophie and the BFG are rewarded with residences in Windsor Great Park.

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