25 Wind in the Willows Quotes From and About the Famous Children’s Novel

Check out these Wind in the Willows quotes to learn more about the children’s novel that has been adapted into numerous media.

Scottish novelist Kenneth Grahame wrote the children’s novel The Wind in the Willows and had it published by Methuen in 1908.

The stories in the book are based on stories that Grahame used to tell his son Alastair who suffered from poor health.

Although the initial reviews of the book were poor, it quickly became a classic and has been adapted for television, radio, and theater.

The plot of the story follows Mr. Toad and his three friends: Mole, Badger, and Ratty.

In the main story, Mr. Toad becomes obsessed with motorcars, and his friends must save him.

Take a look at these Wind in the Willows quotes to learn more about the classic story.

Wind in the Willows Quotes From and About the Animals

As the main characters of the novel, the adventurous animals have much to say.

1. “O, please let me.” — Mole

2. “I beg your pardon.” — Mole

3. “You must think me very rude, but all this is so new to me.” — Mole

4. “The Mole was bewitched, entranced, fascinated.” — Kenneth Grahame

5. “As he looked, he lived; and still, as he lived, he wondered.” — Kenneth Grahame

6. “Then he held up his forepaw as the Mole stepped gingerly down.” — Kenneth Grahame

7. I am looking at a streak of bubbles that I see traveling along the surface of the water.” — Mole

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8. “The Mole had been working very hard all the morning, spring-cleaning his little home.” — Kenneth Grahame

9. “Mole, after struggling with his memory for a brief space, shook his head sadly and followed the Rat.” — Kenneth Grahame

10. “Believe me, my young friend, there is nothing – absolutely nothing – half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats.” — Ratty

Tranquil Wind in the Willows Quotes

Due to Grahame’s calming descriptions of nature, you are sure to be relaxed by these quotes.

11. “Sudden and magnificent, the sun’s broad golden disc showed itself over the horizon facing them.” — Kenneth Grahame

12. “When they were able to look once more, the Vision had vanished, and the air was full of the carol of birds that hailed the dawn.” — Kenneth Grahame

13. “Spring was moving in the air above and in the earth below and around him, penetrating even his dark and lowly little house.” — Kenneth Grahame

14. “By the side of the river he trotted as one trots, when very small, by the side of a man who holds one spellbound by exciting stories.” — Kenneth Grahame

15. “When tired at last, he sat on the bank, while the river still chattered on to him, a babbling procession of the best stories in the world.” — Kenneth Grahame

16. “The smell of that buttered toast simply talked to Toad, and with no uncertain voice; talked of warm kitchens, of breakfasts on bright frosty mornings.” — Kenneth Grahame

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17. “A capricious little breeze, dancing up from the surface of the water, tossed the aspens, shook the dewy roses and blew lightly and caressingly in their faces.” — Kenneth Grahame

Classic Wind in the Willows Quotes

Check out these classic quotes from the well-known and beloved children’s novel.

18. “Take the adventure, heed the call, now ere the irrevocable moment passes!” — Kenneth Grahame

19. “He saw clearly how plain and simple – how narrow, even – it all was; but clearly, too, how much it all meant to him.” — Kenneth Grahame

20. “Now, you’re a good fellow in many respects, and I don’t want to be too hard on you. I’ll make one more effort to bring you to reason.” — Toad

21. “But it was good to think he had this to come back to, this place which was all his own, these things which were so glad to see him again.” — Kenneth Grahame

22. “Independence is all very well, but we animals never allow our friends to make fools of themselves beyond a certain limit; and that limit you’ve reached.” — Toad

23. “The Mole waggled his toes from sheer happiness, spread his chest with a sigh of full contentment, and leaned back blissfully into the soft cushions.” — Kenneth Grahame

24. “As one wakened suddenly from a beautiful dream, who struggles to recall it, but can recapture nothing but a dim sense of the beauty in it, the beauty!” — Kenneth Grahame

25. “Home! That was what they meant, those caressing appeals, Those soft touches wafted through the air, those invisible little hands pulling and tugging, all one way.” — Kenneth Grahame

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The shorter stories in The Wind in the Willows still follow Mr. Toad and his friends, but the shorter stories are not directly related to the main story.

The shorter stories are mostly contained between the telling of the main story and mainly feature Rat and Mole.

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