25 Amazing Captain America Quotes From Popular Marvel Movies

Are you a fan of Captain America, Marvel’s first Avenger?

We’ve got fifty of the best Captain America quotes below for you to enjoy. 

What’s your favorite Captain America movie? 

First appearing in 1941, Captain America is one of the oldest superheroes created by Marvel Comics.

The hero has grown in popularity over the past decade, due to Chris Evans’s portrayal of Captain America in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

He has since become one of America’s most recognizable superheroes.

Today, we’re going to take a look at some of Steve Rogers’ (a.k.a. Captain America’s) most memorable quotes from his appearances in the MCU. 

Check out these memorable quotes featuring the adventures of Captain America below!

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Captain America quotes from Captain America: The First Avenger

1. “I don’t want to kill anyone. I don’t like bullies; I don’t care where they’re from.” – Steve Rogers (Captain America) 

Captain America Quotes about bullies

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2. “The hell I can’t! I’m a Captain!” – Steve Rogers (Captain America) 

short Captain America Quotes

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3. “I knocked out Adolf Hitler over 200 times.” – Steve Rogers (Captain America) 

funny Captain America Quotes

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4. “It’s probably too late to go to the bathroom, right?” – Steve Rogers (Captain America) 

Captain America Quotes and lines

5. “I’m… Captain America.” – Steve Rogers (Captain America) 

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Amazing Captain America Quotes

6. “I know this neighborhood. I got beat up in that alley. And that parking lot. And behind that diner.” – Steve Rogers (Captain America) You will also enjoy our article on

7. “Dr. Erskine said that the serum wouldn’t just affect my muscles, it would affect my cells. Create a protective system of regeneration and healing. Which means, um, I can’t get drunk. Did you know that?” – Steve Rogers (Captain America) 

8. “You ready to follow Captain America into the jaws of death?” – Steve Rogers (Captain America) 

9. “You know for the longest time I dreamed about coming overseas and being on the front lines. Serving my country. I finally get everything I wanted, and I’m wearing tights.” – Steve Rogers (Captain America) 

10. “Where I’m goin’, if anybody yells at me I can just shoot ’em.” – Steve Rogers (Captain America) 

11. “You start running, they’ll never let you stop. You stand up, push back. Can’t say no forever, right?” – Steve Rogers (Captain America) 

12. “There are men laying down their lives. I got no right to do any less than them. That’s what you don’t understand. This isn’t about me.” – Steve Rogers (Captain America) 

13. “I think this is the longest conversation I’ve had with one. Women aren’t exactly lining up to dance with a guy they might step on.” – Steve Rogers (Captain America) 

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Captain America quotes from Captain America: The Winter Soldier

14. “Before we get started, does anyone want to get out?” – Steve Rogers (Captain America) 

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15. “The price of freedom is high. It always has been. And it’s a price I’m willing to pay. And if I’m the only one, then so be it. But I’m willing to bet I’m not.” – Steve Rogers (Captain America) 

16. “It was not my first kiss since 1945. I’m 95; I’m not dead.” – Steve Rogers (Captain America) 

17. “Soldiers trust each other. That’s what makes it an army. Not a bunch of guys running around shooting guns.” – Steve Rogers (Captain America) 

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18. “Even when I had nothing, I had Bucky.” – Steve Rogers (Captain America) 

19. “You just can’t stop yourself from lying, can you?” – Steve Rogers (Captain America)

20. “If they’re shooting at you, they’re bad.” – Steve Rogers (Captain America)

21. “Yeah, we compromised. Sometimes in ways that made us not sleep so well. But we did it so the people could be free. This isn’t freedom, this is fear.” – Steve Rogers (Captain America)

22. “If you’re gonna fight a war, you got to wear a uniform.” – Steve Rogers (Captain America)

23. “For as long as I can remember, I just wanted to do what was right. I guess I’m not quite sure what that is anymore. And I thought I could throw myself back in and follow orders, serve. It’s just not the same.” – Steve Rogers (Captain America)

24. “Well, things aren’t so bad. Food’s a lot better; we used to boil everything. No polio is good. Internet, so helpful. I’ve been reading that a lot trying to catch up.” – Steve Rogers (Captain America)

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25. “There’s a chance you might be in the wrong business.” – Steve Rogers (Captain America)

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Are you an avid comic book reader?

If you ask a group of people who their favorite superhero is, chances are a large percentage will say Captain America.

The adventures of Captain America have entertained and inspired the lives of many different generations, from the 1940s to the present day. 

Captain America stands apart from other fictional characters because no matter what medium, comic books, TV, or movies, Captain America shines brightly.

People remember him fondly as a result, whether it’s from the Avengers series or Marvel’s earliest comics.

As time goes by, I believe Captain America will continue to connect with new generations to instill strength, resilience, and wit within them. 

Which of these Captain America quotes and sayings is your favorite?

Let us know in the comments section!

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