50 Classic Car Quotes for Vintage Car Enthusiasts

Classic car quotes are popular among classic car lovers around the globe.

These quotes indicate the true worth of the priceless automotive pieces that remind us of the glorious automotive past.

The list of classic car quotes provided in this article can help you find the best quote that is worthy to share. 

In addition, we have also talked about classic cars and the reasons for their popularity.

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What is a Classic Car?

A classic car is a vehicle that is usually old and holds a specific historical value to it.

Although no set definition exists for a classic car, these cars are normally related to the 19th century. 

Some models of the early 20th century are also considered vintage cars. 

Classic cars have unique and impressive design features. 

These cars are known as the true combination of aesthetics and engineering.

Here are the key reasons for the popularity of classic cars:

  • Design and Aesthetics 
  • Sentimental Value
  • Exclusivity and Rarity 
  • Investment Potential

Design and Aesthetics 

Classic cars are known for their unique and charming appearance. 

You can find aesthetic designs that were used back then in the 20th century.

These automobiles were mostly handcrafted to offer an elegant feel to both the exterior and interior. 

The gleaming chrome accents are one of the pronounced features of classic cars.

Classic cars prove to be a harmonious blend of elegance, comfort, art, and engineering.

Sentimental Value

There is always nostalgia involved with owning a classic car.

These cars make it possible for individuals to connect with the past.

Owning a classic car gives a pride feeling. 

There are even stories attached to these cars. 

So, classic cars have sentimental values that are hard to ignore.

Exclusivity and Rarity 

Classic cars are usually rare and exclusive.

Over time, these cars have become a lot more expensive.

So, these cars are not within reach of regular buyers. 

There are only a few buyers who see the true value of these cars and are willing to buy them. 

Investment Potential

People also buy classic cars as a mode of investment.

This is because the value of vintage cars continues to increase.

The prices of models such as the Shelby Cobra and Ferrari 250 GTO have skyrocketed in the recent past. 

Hence, car enthusiasts also view classic cars as a promising investment opportunity.

Top 10 Classic Car Quotes 

The following list contains the top 10 best classic car quotes for lovers of classic cars.

1. “People that call old leads drive old cars.” — Jason Bailey

2. “I spent my first paycheck on a vintage Mercedes.” — Jennifer Aniston

3. “I don’t buy fur coats or jewelry. I have old cars.” — Peta Wilson

4. “I like fixin’ up old cars and doing things with my family.” — Grandmaster Flash

5. “Older cars tend to drive like older cars. That is not for me.” — Robert Herjavec

6. “I found the key to the universe in the engine of an old parked car.” — Bruce Springsteen

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7. “Old cars can be repainted, but they still keep moving in the same old ruts.” — Mongo Beti

8. “I’m driving my old car until I’m on a first-name basis with the low tow truck drivers!” — Michelle Singletary

9. “I love everything from old-school cars to whatever the latest muscle or luxury vehicles are.” — Ludacris

10. “I have a very tiny house in Burbank. I drive an 8-year-old car. I’m gonna drive it into the ground. I enjoy what I enjoy.” — Patton Oswalt

Classic Car Quotes With Humour 

This section contains classic car quotes that are humorous.

11. “I feel like a fine old car with the parts gradually wearing out, but I’m not complaining.” — Martha Gellhorn

12. “I don’t even like old cars. I’d rather have a goddam horse. A horse is at least human, for God’s sake.” — J. D. Salinger

13. “They say you only go around once, but with a muscle car, you can go around two or three times.” — Tim Allen

14. “For many, the classic car out in the garage is a long-standing and trusted member of the family.” — Adam Chinn

15. “I am a huge comic book fan, and I love everything vintage: cars, movies, music, art, and style – especially the 1950s style.” — Mateus Ward

16. “VW camper soon became just as well known for its funky yet functional design, as well as a fashion statement.” — Auto Classics Trade

17. “The band is like a vintage car. You take it out to go for a spin for a couple of miles, but you wouldn’t drive across the country.” — Robyn Hitchcock

18. “Street rods have a Chevy in front and a can of wax in the back; Hot Rods have a flathead in front and a box of tools in the back.” Fred Offenhauser

19. “I did a week in Havana. The colors, the music, the beautiful men, and the cars! I love vintage and antique cars and own a couple myself.” — Megalyn Echikunwoke

20. “The only big things I’ve purchased are my dad’s heart valve and a Rolls-Royce for my parents for their anniversary. And that was only because my dad had a Lady Gaga license plate on our old car, and it was making me crazy because he was getting followed everywhere, so I bought him a new car.”  Lady Gaga

Classic Car Quotes Showing Love for Classic Cars 

Many people love to have classic cars and have a passion for them. These quotes show the love for classic cars, so if you also love classic cars, these quotes are a treat for you.

21. “I love vintage cars because you can do so much more to them.” — T-Pain

22. “I’m a crazy car guy. I’ve got an airplane hangar full of cars.” Paul Walker

23. “Many gearheads argue that old school cars have better designs than modern cars, and it’s hard to argue with that.” — Martin Peter

24. “I have one car that works; it’s fast and safe: an Audi 5. And I have two old cars that never work: an old Peugeot convertible and an Alfa Romeo Giulia.” — Daniel Bruhl

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25. “A new car gets cheaper every year, but a retro one, on the contrary, gets more expensive every year; it can generate as much income as stocks or real estate.” — Dustin Hawley

Why People Love Classic Car Quotes

Hear more about what draws people to classic cars.

26. “I love old, vintage cars. I’ve got a 1936 Dodge Touring Sedan right now, and there’s only five of them registered in the world, and I absolutely love working on it. It’s gorgeous.” — Danny Trejo

27. “Classic cars are not about efficiency and speed, although many attain plenty of the latter. They are about the feeling, style, craftsmanship and the pride you can’t help but feel owning one.” — Robert Bobo 

28. “I once bought an old car back after I sold it because I missed it so much and I had forgotten that it never ran. It was a British racing car.” — Connie Chung

29. “What I enjoy doing more than anything is I have my little antique car collection, and when the weather is pretty, I like to get out one of my old cars.” — Alan Jackson

30. “I would love an old classic car or something like that. I’d get something much more subtle than any of those cars. The Lamborghinis were unbelievable to drive and to sit in and film in.” — Dominic Cooper

Classic Car Quotes On Passion, Style, and Timeless Appeal

Here are some inspiring classic car quotes that evoke passion, style, and the enduring charm of timeless automobiles.

31. “If you restore a car, and you’re making money, then you’re doing it wrong.” — Jay Leno

32. “I’d kind of like to have a classic old muscle car. I think that would be fun.” — Brooke Burke 

33. I think that from the time I could remember, I’ve always envisioned myself in a vintage muscle car.” — Amber Heard

34. “When you drive a rare car, you become an object of attention, admiration, and envy of many car owners.” — Dustin Hawley

35. “Most of us are driven by our visual perceptions. The styling and physical appearance of a particular car will resonate with some people.” — Brandon Elitch 

Additional Quotes About the Appeal of Classic Cars

Learn more about what people love bout classic automobiles.

36. “I find people interesting. People trying hard are interesting. People with a passion are interesting – whether its old cars or taxidermy or knitting.” — Clare Balding 

37. “I’m not trying to be a new school, and I’m not old school – I’m classic. There’s a lot of new cars, and there’s a lot of old cars, but I’m just classic in doing what I do.” — LL Cool J

 38. “I look at the car park, and myself and Dave Watson come in with our old cars, and these young lads come in with their new Porches.” — Richard Gough

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39.  “There’s plenty of appeal to a vintage car, be it the screen-free driving experience, the muscular growl of an old-school carbureted V8 engine, or the endless late-night tinkering opportunities afforded by an automotive project.” — Andrew Ganz

40. “Because while classic exotics boast power, style and prestige, most of us have much more personal connections to mundane rides like wagons. These could include memories of carefree times such as family holidays or college, or throwback fun with siblings and friends.” — Gearheads Paul

Classic Car Quotes Showing Beauty and Charm of Vintage Cars

Discover the allure of vintage cars through these quotes that celebrate their timeless beauty and charm.

41. “If you’re looking for a project car, a classic is the best choice.” — Martin Peter

42. “I don’t like new cars; I’m into vintage cars – there’s a Jaguar E-Type in the ‘Goldie’ video.” — ASAP Rocky

43. “These cars come alive when you’re with other people who know and care about them.” — Kim McCulloughs

44. “I have one of those real old American-built cars. The kind that just PUNCHES through accidents.” — Kevin Rooney

45. “I like old cars, old watches, anything with a vintage, antique kind of a feel to it. I’m just more in tune with that than anything else.” — David Boreanaz

46. “Old cars were designed by people, whereas new cars are mostly designed by computers. These old cars also become more pretty when they get older.” — Alex Neuenfeld

47. “When I look at asset prices, real estate, bonds, equities, vintage cars… I think that gold is actually one of the few assets that is relatively cheap, relatively inexpensive.” — Marc Faber

48. “As any car freak will tell you, the old models are the most beautiful, even if they aren’t the most efficient. People who sacrifice beauty for efficiency get what they deserve.” — Tom Robbins

49. “I enjoy racing historic motorcars from the ’50s and ’60s. The seed of my interest was planted when I was about 12 years old and took over my mother’s Morris Minor.” — Rowan Atkinson

50. “Classic cars compete on a completely different level. It’s not about efficiency and speed, but about the experience, style, exclusivity and craftsmanship, all of which are universal and timeless.” Ian Davies

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