50 Jewelry Quotes About The Popular Fashion Accessory

Jewelry is a pretty common fashion accessory, as noted by these jewelry quotes!

It can help compliment your outfit, make a statement, or glam up a dressed-down look!

What kind of jewelry is trending in 2022?

Well, large chunky gold chains have been popular on the fashion runways this year.

Earrings are perhaps the most popular form of jewelry, with many styles trending this year!

If you are looking for a trendy earring, try out some of these styles: hoops, modern pearl earrings, or colorful statement earrings.

Gold jewelry is always a timeless choice!

If you are looking for the perfect jewelry quote to help caption your Instagram posts, then you have come to the right place!

Some of these funny jewelry quotes will also have you laughing out loud.

Diamonds and pearls are popular stones for jewelry pieces like rings and earrings.

If you are looking for a present, you probably can’t go wrong with either of those!

Keep reading to learn more about the history of jewelry.

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Jewelry quotes for Instagram

1. “Jewelry first, clothes second.” — Gem Hunt

jewelry quotes about instagram

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2. “I love rhinestones, faux jewelry.” — Adriana Trigiani

jewelry quotes on i love rhinestones, faux jewelry

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3. “I am happy to receive any items of jewelry.” — Katie Price

jewelry quotes on i am happy to receive any items of jewelry

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4. “You wear your jewelry, don’t let it wear you.” — Masaba Gupta

jewelry quotes on you wear your jewelry, don't let it wear you

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5. “Into every girl’s life, a little diamond should fall.” — Elizabeth Taylor

jewelry quotes into every girl’s life, a little diamond should fall

6. “I love jewelry—gold and diamonds. I’m a woman.” — Monica Bellucci

jewelry quotes on i love jewelry

7. “At a flea market I always head for the junk jewelry table first.” — Ethel Merman

jewelry quotes about jewelry

8. “Jewelry has the power to be the one little thing that makes you feel unique.” — Elizabeth Taylor

jewelry quotes on jewelry has the power to be the one little thing that makes you feel unique

9. “Jewelry is like the perfect spice—it always compliments what’s already there.” — Diane von Furstenberg

jewelry quotes on jewelry is like the perfect spice

10. “I never understood girls who give away jewelry just because it came from an ex. I consider it compensation.” — Georgina Bloomberg

jewelry quotes about girls

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Jewelry quotes about it being a fashion statement or trend

11. “I love accessorizing with jewelry.” — Dylan Lauren

jewelry quotes about i love accessorizing with jewelry

12. “My favorite thing in my wardrobe is my jewelry.” — Kate Reardon

Jewelry quotes about it being a fashion statement or trend

13. “I like different statement jewelry, especially around the ears.” — Kat Graham

jewelry quotes on ears

14. “I love big jewelry trends and moments, especially some gold hoops.” — KiKi Layne

jewelry quotes good hoops

15. “If I had my way, I’d wear jewelry, a great pair of heels and nothing else.” — Jada Pinkett Smith

More jewelry quotes

16. “I feel naked without jewelry. If I’m having a bad hair day, I pick something from my huge collection of hats.” — Olivia Thirlby

jewelry quotes on i feel naked without jewelry

17. “If I’m not feeling super confident about an outfit or a little insecure—I’ll probably accessorize my outfit with some jewelry.” — Amber Le Bon

jewelry quotes about feeling

18. “I like for jewelry to tell a story and to be able to talk about what I’m wearing. That’s more important to me than a name, brand, or label.” — Nikki Reed

Wise jewelry quotes

19. “Trends come and go, and style evolves. It’s important to have pieces of jewelry that are timeless and look chic despite ever-changing fashions.” — Karen Elson

jewelry quotes about fashions

20. “I treat clothing or a piece of jewelry like it was a piece of art, even though people who collect clothes get a bad rap because they’re told it’s all vanity.” — Daphne Guinness

jewelry quotes about clothing

Jewelry quotes from celebrities and famous people

21. “Be careful with the man jewelry. A little goes a long way.” — Ashton Kutcher

jewelry quotes on celebrities and famous people

22. “I love jewelry—rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, you name it.” — Sofia Vergara

jewelry quotes about necklaces

23. “I carry a little collection of jewelry I love with me, in case I need diamonds.” — Liv Tyler

jewelry quotes about diamond

24. “My jewelry’s all fake—from Claire’s. Or I get it from my mom’s boutique in Barbados.” — Rihanna

jewelry quotes from Rihanna

25. “Ever since I’ve been saving money and not spending it on jewelry, I’ve been getting way richer.” — 21 Savage

jewelry quotes about money

26. “Keep da money, cars, fame, and jewelry, and just give me all the happiness—I’ll be good forever.” — 21 Savage

27. “I’ve decided that I am totally against jewelry. So I have all fake. There’s no reason to have real diamonds. People think it’s real anyway.” — Liza Minnelli

28. “The kinds of things I like with crystals are the really beautiful costume jewelry, vintage pieces, and they usually have that diamond shape.” — Zoe Kravitz

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29. “I always wear the same thing at home. I can’t be bothered with jewelry. My pants have elastic waists. I like to be comfortable. There are so many more important things to worry about.” — Barbra Streisand

30. “Well, I ain’t even gonna lie I used to wear fake jewelry when I was coming up, like trying to get on. But I just understood that you had to have that image as a rapper, as an artist, just to have the attention.” — Moneybagg Yo

Funny Jewelry quotes to make you laugh

31. “Jewelry takes people’s minds off your wrinkles.” — Sonja Henie

32. “Jewelry is like ice cream, there’s always room for more.” — Unknown

33. “Trust and love are wonderful, but don’t forget the earrings.” — Estee Lauder

34. “I never hated a man enough to give him his diamonds back.” — Zsa Zsa Gabor

35. “You can’t buy happiness but you can buy jewelry and that’s kind of the same.” — Unknown

36. “Jewelry, to me, is a pain in the derriere, because you have to be watching it all the time.” — Eartha Kitt

37. “I don’t exercise. If God had wanted me to bend over, he would have put diamonds on the floor.” — Joan Rivers

38. “Men who have a pierced ear are better prepared for marriage – they’ve experienced pain and bought jewelry.” — Rita Rudner

39. “A man’s got two shots for jewelry: a wedding ring and a watch. The watch is a lot easier to get on and off than a wedding ring.” — John Mayer

40. “You don’t want your jewelry to make you look fat. A lot of what’s out there now does – you just wind up looking like a Christmas tree.” — Padma Lakshmi

Jewelry quotes that prove jewelry is deeper than fashion

41. “Jewelry is a very personal thing… it should tell a story about the person who’s wearing it.” — Garance Doré

42. “Jewelry tells a story without even a single word – a non-verbal communication of style.” — Michael Rosey West

43. “Jewelry is something that has to do with emotion. That aspect of jewelry really interests me.” — Ann Demeulemeester

44. “I think part of the beauty of our relationship with jewelry is that it can change and evolve as we do ourselves.” — Erika Christensen

45. “Jewelry adds richness, another layer in the storytelling. Think of Elizabeth Taylor and Jackie Kennedy. Jewelry can make moments iconic.” — Kelly Framel

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46. “If someone gives you a belt buckle, it’s like a piece of jewelry. It has the same sort of emotional significance. It would be something you would intend to keep forever.” — Lyle Lovett

47. “Growing up, I was a bit of a tomboy; feminine things took a while to find their place in my world. But diamonds made me understand the magic and beauty of jewelry.” — Erika Christensen

48. “Someone gives jewelry, and there’s a bit of romance. If you buy it from a store, the store is trying to romance you. Even when I’m making the jewelry, I have to be romanced.” — Waris Ahluwalia

49. “My inspiration is always love and history, and my passion to a fault is craftsmanship and responsibility. Those are the simplest things. It goes beyond jewelry. It’s every part of my life.” — Waris Ahluwalia

50. “When I give my jewelry as a present, I feel like I’m giving protection to someone I care about… I’ve given pieces to my mom, my aunts, my friends. I’ve even made bracelets for my dad and my uncle.” — Sofia Boutella

The history and meaning of jewelry

Jewelry has been a part of human life since the beginning of humankind.

The earliest proof of jewelry was dated around 25,000 years ago.

It was a necklace made of fish bones found in a cave in Monaco.

In some cultures, they fashioned jewelry from animal parts like bones and teeth to signify that the people wearing them were skilled hunters.

This gave the wearer a sense of worth and pride and a feeling of belonging within their village and community.

Then there was the mystical element that became tied to jewelry.

In early societies, people would wear jewelry in the form of amulets to protect against bad luck and illness.

They also thought luck and fortune were bestowed on a person because of gemstones and jewelry.

From these stories, the magical properties of jewelry became symbols thought to give the wearer control over fertility, wealth, and love.

In more modern times, jewelry also signifies wealth, commitment, and connection.

What does jewelry mean to you? Are you a fan?

Let us know in the comment section below.

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