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David Allen Quotes About Getting Things Done Today

1. Space is what we are after.  Room. – David Allen

2. When you are in a crisis there is a kind-of peace that shows up there.– David Allen

3. In a crisis you are focused on a very specific outcome.– David Allen

4. Getting things done is not about getting things done.– David AllenDavid Allen quotes

david allen quotes

5. Everyone of you today are not getting a lot of things done because you are sitting right here.– David Allen

6. Appropriate engagement is the key.  Are you appropriately engaged with your staff, health, spiritual life, etc…?– David Allen

7. You can only feel good about what you’re not doing when you know what it is.– David AllenDavid Allen quotes

8. There is an inverse relationship about what is on your mind and getting it done.– David Allen

9. Chaos is in the world.  Not in your head.– David Allen

10. Einstein had 24 hours.  So did Mother Teresa.  So did Bach.– David Allen

11. If you had just two more hours what would you fill it with?  Probably more stickiness like email.– David AllenDavid Allen quotes

12. How much does it take to have a good idea?  Zero.  You don’t need time.  You need room in your head.– David Allen

13. You are most productive when you have freedom to make a mess.– David Allen

14. The freedom to make a mess starts when you are clean enough to make a mess.– David Allen

15. Perspective and control are the two ingredients to time management.– David AllenDavid Allen quotes

16. No perspective and no control was a micro-manager.– David Allen

17. Perspective and no control is a mad scientist.– David Allen

18. A lot of stuff gets done that is not in a hurry.– David AllenDavid Allen quotes

19. Water doesn’t get mad at you because you destroyed its calm.  It has appropriate engagement.– David Allen

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20. You want things to be direction correct.  Not perfect.  You want to be able to steer as you going along.– David Allen

21. Multi-tasking is driving home and wondered who drove.– David Allen

22. Martial arts people fight four people at a time by fighting one at a time.– David AllenDavid Allen quotes

23. If it’s on your mind, get it out of your mind.  Write it down…Then takes what’s on your mind and get things done.– David Allen

24. A to-do list is a list of uncompleted things.– David Allen

25. The way out is through.– David AllenDavid Allen quotes

Norbert Juma, Lead Editor
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