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Dirty Harry Quotes from the Clint Eastwood Classic

These Dirty Harry quotes capture the classic Clint Eastwood film.

Share your favorite Dirty Harry line with us in the comments.

Dirty Harry is a 1970s movie about a cop who’s trying to find and stop a serial killer.

The film is loosely based on the Zodiac killer.

Clint Eastwood plays the leading role of “Dirty” Harry Callahan.

He is an inspector with the San Francisco Police Department and is, for a time, leading the charge.

Dirty Harry is regarded as one of the best films of 1971.

It received generally positive reviews and set the style for a genre of “loose-cannon” cop films.

In 2012, the film was selected by the Library of Congress to be entered into the National Film Registry.

There are several popular Dirty Harry movie quotes that you’ve most likely heard before from the cop, the killer, and the others that get tied up in this storyline.

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Best Dirty Harry Quotes and Lines from Harry Callahan

1. “Go ahead. Make my day.” – Harry Callahan

2. “You’ve got to ask yourself one question: ‘Do I feel lucky?’ Well do ya, punk?” – Harry Callahan

3. “$29.50, let it hurt.” – Harry Callahan

4. “Not me, no. You’re the one who wants to get yourself killed. Not me.” – Harry Callahan

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5. “Well, you can just get yourself another delivery boy.” – Harry Callahan

6. “Yeah, I’ve been following him on my own time. And anybody can tell I didn’t do that to him.” – Harry Callahan

7. “You mean you’re letting him go?” – Harry Callahan

8. “Wait a minute. Do I get this right? You’re gonna play this creep’s game?” – Harry Callahan

9. “You know, you’re crazy if you think you’ve heard the last of this guy. He’s gonna kill again.” – Harry Callahan

10. “Well, I’m all broken up about that man’s rights!” – Harry Callahan

11. “When are you people gonna stop messing around with this guy? He’s gotta be stopped now.” – Harry Callahan

12. “You know what makes me really sick to my stomach? Is watching you stuff your face with those hot dogs! Nobody, I mean nobody puts ketchup on.” – Harry Callahan

13. “Yeah. Tell them Inspector Callahan thinks there’s a 2-11 in progress at the bank. Be sure and tell them that’s in progress.” – Harry Callahan

14. “It’s a question of methods. Everybody wants results, but nobody wants to do what they have to do to get them done.” – Harry Callahan

15. “Chico! Don’t… kill him!” – Harry Callahan

16. “I mean sooner or later he’s gonna stub his toe and then I’ll be right there.” – Harry Callahan

17. “These loonies. They ought to throw a net over the whole bunch of ‘em.” – Harry Callahan

18. “That’s o.k. Look, I want you to tell Chico that I understand, you know, him quitting. I-I think he’s right. This is no life for you two.” – Harry Callahan

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19. “Now you know why they call me “Dirty Harry”. I get every dirty job that comes along.” – Harry Callahan

20. “And Anne Marie Deacon, what about her rights? I mean, she’s raped and left in a hole to die. Who speaks for her?” – Harry Callahan

Famous Dirty Harry Quotes from Scorpio

21. “Don’t do anything more. You tried to kill me… Please no more, I’m hurt, can’t you see I’m hurt? You shot me, please don’t, don’t! Let me have a doctor… Please give me the doctor, don’t kill me.” – Scorpio

22. “We’re going to the ice cream factory and see how ice cream’s made. Now anybody who doesn’t wanna go can get off right here.” – Scorpio

23. “It’s very simple. I’ve got the kids and you start screwing around, the kids start dying. Is the plane ready?” – Scorpio

24. “I’m supposed to be innocent until proven guilty and just look at what they did to me. Everywhere I go, cops follow me – and just look at me.” – Scorpio

25. “All right, now listen and listen very carefully. I’m going to be driving along nice and easy, just me and a busload of kids.” – Scorpio

Which of these Dirty Harry quotes is your favorite?

If you’ve never watched the movie before, it’s one that will keep you in suspense.

This film ended up being the first in a series of four following the work of Dirty Harry.

It also sparked a new era of police films during that time period.

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So if you’ve already binged all the good Netflix series that you’ve been wanting to watch, why not go back and watch this older Dirty Harry series and see if you can figure out the moves he needs to make to catch the bad guys.

Did you enjoy reading these Dirty Harry quotes and lines?

Which of the quotes is your favorite?

Let us know in the comment section below.

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  1. John Ohman

    September 10, 2021 at 6:30 PM

    In his office early in Dirty Harry, the Mayor (John Vernon) says, “The City of San Francisco does not pay criminals NOT to commit crimes. Instead, we pay a police department.” I like that one today because the City of San Francisco is planning on paying criminals. The program of course isn’t that simple and might work. But that scene and line of dialogue has been with me all day.

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