25 Me Time Quotes from the Relatable Movie

These Me Time quotes will have you laughing out loud!

Released in 2022 on Netflix, the movie Me Time centers on a dad whose family is away for the weekend, allowing him time to himself for the first time in years. 

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The main character, Sonny, reconnects with an old friend, and they have a wild, adventurous weekend that almost alters his entire life. 

John Hamburg wrote and directed Me Time

The film stars Kevin Hart, Mark Wahlberg, Regina Hall, Luis Gerardo Méndez, and Jimmy O. Yang.

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Why you should read Me Time quotes 

Me Time is a comedy movie starring some of our generation’s funniest comedians and actors. 

Reading Me Time quotes will make you laugh and bring a little light to your day. 

Laughing is a great way to relieve stress and boost mood.

It’s also been scientifically proven to benefit our health in various ways.  

You’ve probably heard the saying, “Laughter is the best medicine.”

As it turns out, that’s actually true! 

According to Mayo Clinic, besides relieving stress and boosting mood, laughter also makes us healthier by:

  • Improving the immune system
  • Relieving pain
  • Stimulating organs with oxygen
  • Soothing tension 
  • Increasing personal satisfaction 

So have a chuckle at these Me Time quotes!

It will do more than just help pass the time and provide temporary entertainment. 

It will actually help you improve your health and live longer! 

Me Time quotes from Sonny Fisher

They are not your typical dad jokes, but these Me Time quotes from Sonny Fisher will get you laughing!

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1. “Opening up the door with your hands builds character.” — Sonny Fisher 

2. “I say no all the time. I’m the definition of the law around here.” — Sonny Fisher

3. “I have to embrace myself, and the people I love for who they are.” — Sonny Fisher

4. “It’s not about being good. It’s about being great. It’s a little life lesson. It’s called double G.” — Sonny Fisher

5. “You got me at the table with a bunch of world leaders. What am I supposed to talk about, my kindergarten blog?” — Sonny Fisher

Me Time quotes from Alan Geller

Enjoy these Me Time quotes from Alan Geller.

6. “We’re parent friends.” — Alan Geller

7. “A prison system, that’s what it sounds like.” — Alan Geller

8. “A week without their family is literally every man’s dream.” — Alan Geller

9. “The freedom, Sonny, to have yourself in any room in your house, that’s why we fight wars.” — Alan Geller

10. “You’re saved in my phone as Dash’s Dad. I didn’t know your name was Sonny for like three years.” — Alan Geller

Me Time quotes from Huck Dembo

These Me Time quotes from Huck Dembo will remind you of funny things your best friend has said! 

11. “Open your arms, like a starfish!” — Huck Dembo

12. “I’m just on more of a Clooney plan.” — Huck Dembo

13. “It’s not a swear word, it’s a body part.” — Huck Dembo

14. “The guy rode singledom into his fifties.” — Huck Dembo

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15. “I’d hate to be a homewrecker, but I’ll do it for you.” — Huck Dembo

16. “He’s going after your family, you got to go after his.” — Huck Dembo

17. “I tried to start my own firm, but I couldn’t even get past QuickBooks.” — Huck Dembo

18. “I believe matching outfits are one of the keys to any successful soiree.” — Huck Dembo

19. “I’ve done a lot of stupid stuff in my time, but there’s no way I’m fucking a tortoise.” — Huck Dembo

20. “Welcome to Huckchella. It’s our own Burning Man. I designed it myself, the effigy is me.” — Huck Dembo

Me Time quotes from Dashiell Fisher & Stan Berman

These Me Time quotes from Dashiell Fisher and Stan Berman prove that supporting characters are sometimes the funniest! 

21. “I’m sorry, Mom, but Dad’s the glue.” — Dashiell Fisher

22. “Way to make the most of your ‘me time’, Pops.” — Dashiell Fisher

23. “That is disgusting. It looks like a hot Cheeto! I am so sorry, Sonny.” — Stan Berman 

24. “Would you really feel the pressure to pay me back without some physical violence?” — Stan Berman

25. “The man spent spring break by himself, ended up blowing our life savings, almost killing a tortoise, and destroying his marriage.” — Dashiell Fisher

Always Remember To Laugh 

If you haven’t already watched the movie Me Time, these quotes may have inspired you to check it out.

And if you laughed at any of the Me Time quotes listed here, you will surely get a laugh from this film.

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Remember, laughing is an activity that is proven to be good for you!

There is no limit to how much you should laugh.

Watch funny movies like Me Time and others to give yourself a good laugh whenever you can. 

It’s not only great entertainment, it is positive reinforcement for your overall health and well-being!

Tell us your favorite Me Time quote in the comments sections.

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