25 Funny Dom Mazzetti Quotes for Fitness Enthusiasts

Get motivated to make those gains with these Dom Mazzetti quotes! 

Dom Mazetti is a character created by the comedy group BroScienceLife. 

Mazetti is known for his humorous videos and articles, which often poke fun at fitness and gym culture. 

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Why Should You Read Dom Mazzetti Quotes?

First and foremost, these Dom Mazzetti quotes will give you a big laugh. 

His content typically features exaggerated and satirical versions of workout and diet advice, as well as humorous skits and parodies.

Secondly, reading his quotes will remind you not to take yourself too seriously. 

One of the hallmarks of the Dom Mazetti character is his ability to laugh at himself and the fitness culture he represents. 

Learning not to take ourselves too seriously and finding humor in our quirks and flaws helps us be more resilient and less self-conscious.

The Dom Mazetti character first gained popularity on YouTube, where the BroScienceLife channel now has millions of followers. 

Mazetti is a stereotypical “bro” or “meathead” who is obsessed with:

  • partying
  • lifting weights
  • hooking up with girls

Mike Tornabene is the co-creator of BroScienceLife and the real-life person that portrays Dom Mazetti.

He is a comedian, writer, and actor who created BroScienceLife along with Gian Hunjan.

Hunjan and Tornabene started the BroScienceLife YouTube channel in 2011 to combine their interests of comedy and fitness. 

Tornabene has stated in interviews that they were both interested in fitness and bodybuilding but also found humor in the stereotypes associated with the gym and fitness world. 

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By creating Dom Mazetti, they could take these stereotypes to the extreme and create a comedic character that resonated with viewers.

Overall, Dom Mazetti is an entertaining and loveable character that has become a cultural phenomenon both in and out of the fitness world. 

Enjoy these quotes from Dom Mazetti!

Top Ten Hilarious Dom Mazzetti Quotes

Here are the ten best quotes from Dom Mazzetti. 

1. “Sweat is just my muscles crying tears of joy.” — Dom Mazzetti

2. “I don’t skip leg day; I just do it on my rest days.” — Dom Mazzetti

3. “Every workout is Arm Day. It’s always Arm Day.” — Dom Mazzetti

4. “I don’t do cardio because it interferes with my nap time.” — Dom Mazzetti

5. “If it ain’t heavy, it ain’t worth lifting. Go big or go home, bro.” — Dom Mazzetti

6. “You know you’re swole when your biceps have their own zip code.” — Dom Mazzetti

7. “You can’t spell ‘legendary’ without ‘leg day.’ Coincidence? I think not.” — Dom Mazzetti

8. “The secret to a great physique? It’s 10% genetics, 90% gym selfies.” — Dom Mazzetti

9. “The squat rack is my sanctuary. It’s where I go to pray for bigger quads.” — Dom Mazzetti

10. “Life’s too short to skip leg day. Unless you’re on a deadline or something.” — Dom Mazzetti

Dom Mazzetti Quotes Abou Loving Yourself

One of Dom’s best qualities is that he is his own biggest fan. 

11. “I don’t need a personal trainer. I’m my own hype man.” — Dom Mazzetti

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12. “I don’t need a gym buddy. I’ve got my reflection in the mirror, and he’s always there for a spot.” — Dom Mazzetti

13. “You don’t get a pump from doing curls. You get a pump from flexing in the mirror while doing curls.” — Dom Mazzetti

Dom Mazzetti Quotes About Protein Shakes

Dom loves his protein shakes, as these quotes will show. 

14. “There’s no such thing as ‘overtraining.’ Just under-consuming protein shakes.” — Dom Mazzetti

15. “In the iron temple, we don’t just lift weights; we lift spirits and protein shakes.” — Dom Mazzetti

16. “Why drink protein shakes when you can just eat a whole chicken? It’s nature’s shaker bottle.” — Dom Mazzetti

Gains Quotes from Dom Mazzetti

More Dom Mazzetti quotes prove that gains are life. 

17. “Cardio? Nah, bro. I prefer to call it ‘heart gains.” — Dom Mazzetti

18. “Gains don’t take vacations. Unless it’s a cheat day.” — Dom Mazzetti

19. “I don’t need pre-workout. I just sniff the chalk and let the gains flow through me.” — Dom Mazzetti

20. “Why do yoga when you can lift weights and scream at them? Namaste gains, bro.” — Dom Mazzetti 

21. “I don’t count calories; I count gains. And the only numbers I’m interested in are the ones on the barbell.” — Dom Mazzetti

More Funny Dom Mazzetti Quotes

Here are a couple more great Dom Mazzetti quotes for the road!

22. “You know what they say: ‘Abs are made in the gym, but pizza is made in heaven.’” — Dom Mazzetti

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23. “You think lifting weights is hard? Try taking off a sweaty sports bra after a workout.” — Dom Mazzetti

24. “Some people wear their hearts on their sleeves. I wear mine on my biceps.” — Dom Mazzetti

25. “The best way to test your limits is to push them until they snap and then lift heavier.” — Dom Mazzetti

Life lessons from Dom Mazzetti 

As stated above, Dom Mazzetti reminds us not to take ourselves too seriously. 

But we can also learn other important life lessons from the loveable “Brofessor.” 

One is that dedication and hard work can lead to results.

Mazzetti’s approach to fitness is exaggerated and satirical, but an underlying theme in his content is the idea that dedication and hard work can lead to improvements. 

 And this idea that hard work pays off can be applied to many areas of life.

While the Dom Mazzetti character is not the best role model regarding fitness, beyond his satire, he still shares some positive life lessons.

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