50 Entitlement Quotes For A Deeper Sense Of Gratitude

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What is entitlement? 

American author Michael Palmer observed, “The only entitlement guaranteed should be the fruits of one’s own labor.”

Entitlement is the belief that one inherently deserves privileges or special treatment; it can manifest in various forms. 

A person can develop an entitlement mentality without even knowing it.

For example, a parent can instill a sense of entitlement in their children without realizing it. 

A parent may say, “I do not wish for my child to experience the difficulties I did as a child.”

As a result, they remove obstacles from their children’s lives. 

By default, the child does not get opportunities to develop necessary skills such as managing disappointment, coping with loss, problem-solving, or dealing with pain. 

Aside from lacking essential life skills, they can grow into adults who believe they are entitled to specific amenities in life. 

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Insightful Entitlement Quotes

1. “Entitlement is lethal.” – Liev Schreiber

2. “Grace destroys entitlement.” – Justin Buzzard

3. “Thankfulness eradicated entitlement.” – Perry Noble

4. “Entitlement and privilege corrupt.” – James Stockdale

5. “I am afraid of privilege, of ease, of entitlement.” – Tan Le

6. “Everyone is entitled to his own nostalgia.” – James Wolcott

7. “Entitlement is the opposite of enchantment.” – Guy Kawasaki

8. “You can’t be grateful for what you feel entitled to.” – Chris Brown  

9. “Don’t feel entitled to anything you didn’t sweat and struggle for.” – Marian Wright Edelman

10. Gratitude begins where my sense of entitlement ends.” – Steven Furtick

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Entitlement Quotes To Inspire and Teach

11. “Successful people have a sense of gratitude. Unsuccessful people have a sense of entitlement.” – Steve Aitchison

12. “Everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but not his own facts.” – Daniel Patrick Moynihan

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13. “The only entitlement guaranteed should be the fruits of one’s own labor.” – Michael Palmer

14. “The most capricious modern entitlement is not just Social Security but to self-esteem.” – George F. Will

15. “No one asked me to be an actor, so no one owed me. There was no entitlement.” – James Earl Jones

16. “It is true that, when an entitlement begins to be enjoyed by people, they like to keep it.” – Jon Kyl

17. When there’s expectation, without appreciation, you get entitled and ingratitude.” – Cheri Fogarty

18. “An attitude of entitlement is inversely related to one of gratitude.” – Pete Wilson

19. “Entitlement and gratitude cannot occupy the same space within.” – Christina Dawson

20. “Entitlement is the biggest enemy to our society.” – Jason Hartman

Entitlement Quotes About Life

21. “Thankfulness is difficult to express when one starts with an attitude of entitlement.” – Chris Tiegreen

22. “Don’t go around saying the world owes you a living. The world owes you nothing. It was here first.” – Mark Twain

23. “Feeling entitled is the opposite of feeling grateful. Gratitude opens the heart; entitlement closes it.” – Paul Gibbons

24. “Service and gratitude will fuel your relationship; entitlement and expectation will poison you.” – Dr. Steve Maraboli

25. “People who take more than their share usually feel an inflated sense of entitlement.” – Jeanne Phillips

26. “I hate the sense of entitlement or the sense of business crawling into playing music.” – Joshua Homme

27. “Nothing guarantees more the erosion of character than getting something for nothing.” – Dennis Prager

28. “Male privilege and entitlement are dying a very painful death; no one gives up power without a struggle.” – Gloria Allred

29. “When a parent shows up with an attitude of entitlement, understand that under it is a boatload of anxiety.” – Robert Evans

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30. “With sports, there is no entitlement on the field. It’s about numbers. It’s about results. It’s about outcomes.” – Maynard Webb

Entitlement Quotes That Will Make Your Day

31. “Every righteous man or woman is entitled to revelation concerning his own affairs.” – Gordon B. Hinckley

32. “Entitlement? How can you be entitled to someone else’s money?” – John Stossel

33. “Everybody deserves love, but nobody is entitled to it.” – Katerina Stoykova Klemer

34. “What separates privilege from entitlement is gratitude.” – Brene Brown

35. “Success is not an entitlement. It has to be earned.” – Howard Schultz

36. “There is no entitlement. Love is either equal or a tragedy.” – Michael Robotham

37. “The bigger the sense of entitlement, the smaller the sense of gratitude.” – John Ortberg

38. “People are totally entitled to their own opinion. But they are not entitled to their own facts.” – Seth Godin

39. “Teach your children gratefulness. Do all you can to deliver them from our culture’s poisonous entitlement mentality.” – Randy Alcorn

40. “You are not entitled to your opinion. You are entitled to your informed opinion. No one is entitled to be ignorant.” – Harlan Ellison

Entitlement Attitude Quotes

41. “Work-life balance is not an entitlement or benefit. Your company cannot give it to you. You have to create it for yourself.” – Matthew Kelly

42. “Good results is not an entitlement. It has to be earned and earned each individual working day via the lens of humility.” – Howard Schultz

43. “Beware: It is a quick transition from a nourishing from a sense of gratitude to a poisonous sense of entitlement.” – Steve Maraboli

44. “A sense of entitlement is a cancerous thought process that is void of gratitude and can be deadly to our relationships.” – Steve Maraboli

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45. “People who are given whatever they want soon develop a sense of entitlement and rapidly lose their sense of proportion.” – Sarah Churchwell

46. “I do believe that I deserve what I have. I don’t think I’m entitled to it. That’s a big difference.” – Adam Levine

47. “A lot of people think, particularly the people who have benefited, that they’re entitled to the fruits of their abilities, their labor.” – Paul Solman

48. “Are you entitled to the fruits of your own labor, or does government have some presumptive right to spend and spend and spend?” – Ronald Reagan

49. We who are engaged in the sacred cause of education are entitled to look upon all parents as having given hostages to our cause.” – Horace Mann

50. “The divided world of Aspen, where locals with a sense of entitlement were pitted against developers with a sense of condominiums.” – Steve Martin

What Did You Learn From These Entitlement Quotes?

American pastor Steven Furtick suggests, “Gratitude begins where my sense of entitlement ends.”

Is gratitude the entitlement killer? 

It seems like we interact with people with a sense of entitlement daily.

These individuals believe the universe owes them something, and they appear everywhere. 

Maybe when you were going to park, someone cut in front of you and took the spot.

Perhaps someone else demands to be served at a busy restaurant without a reservation. 

People with an entitlement mentality believe the rules of social etiquette do not apply to them.

Entitlement is a form of narcissism

Doctors and researchers link entitlement to social factors. 

Factors that are supposed to impact our sense of entitlement are the environment we grow up in, how our parents treat us, whether or not adults solve problems for us, and how authority figures treat us.

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