90 Judgmental Quotes With Deep Meanings

These judgmental quotes will open your mind and heart to new perspectives.

What do you say to a judgemental person?

It can feel painful when someone judges you for being a true and authentic version of yourself.

These judgemental quotes can help your friend or family understand the importance of acceptance.

It is vital to love one another as a community and tolerate the differences that make us each unique.

This list of non-judgemental quotes is perfect for spreading love, tolerance, and acceptance.

Everyone passes judgement from time to time, but it is important to learn to control judgemental thoughts.

Being overly critical will cause you stress and make you sad if you don’t balance it with serenity and acceptance.

These words of wisdom will help you realize that it’s time to stop being so judgemental.

It is healthier to focus on yourself and your own personal growth.

Read this collection of judgemental quotes and inspire yourself to stop unfairly judging others.

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Judgmental quotes with deep meanings

1. “Please be kind, don’t be judgemental.” – Noel Edmonds

judgmental quotes with deep meaning

2. “Judgement comes from experience, and experience comes from bad judgement.” – Simon Bolivar

judgmental quotes from experience

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3. “When you judge others, you do not define them, you define yourself.” – Earl Nightingale

judgmental quotes about define yourself

4. “No one is born ugly, we’re just born in a judgemental society.” – Kim Namjoon

judgmental quotes about society

5. “I experienced the judgement of a lot of people – and deservedly so.” – Sienna Miller

judgmental quotes from Sienna Miller

6. “I love when things are transparent, free and clear of all inhibition and judgement.” – Pharrell Williams

judgmental quotes about inhibition and judgement

7. “Judgements prevent us from seeing the good that lies beyond appearances.” – Wayne Dyer

judgmental quotes about seeing the good that lies beyond appearances

8. “I don’t live with judgement or resentment, I don’t have time for it.” – Joe Wicks

judgmental quotes or resentment

9. “Make no judgements where you have no compassion.” – Anne McCaffrey

special judgmental quotes

10. “The way that other people judge me is none of my business.” – Martha Beck

judgmental quotes that other people judge me

Judgmental quotes to open up your mind to new perspectives

11. “Depend upon yourself. Make your judgement trustworthy by trusting it. You can develop good judgement as you do the muscles of your body – by judicious, daily exercise. To be known as a man of sound judgement will be much in your favor.” – Grantland Rice

judgmental quotes to open up your mind to new perspective

12. “All business proceeds on beliefs, or judgements of probabilities, and not on certainties.” – Charles William Eliot

judgmental quotes about all business proceeds on beliefs

13. “Retain your peace by refusing to respond to rude, judgemental, or prying people. They won’t understand anyway.” – Manprit Kaur

Relatable judgmental quotes

14. “The stage is a place where I can be wholly myself. Even though you’re in front of people almost to be judged, it is a place without judgement.” – Florence Welch

Inspirational judgmental quotes

15. “There are a lot of people who are overly judgemental on the Internet.” – Ishaan Khatter

Wise judgmental quotes

16. “At the end of the day, you need someone who listens to you with no judgement.” – Payal Rohatgi

judgmental quotes and saying

17. “When we make judgements we’re inevitably acting on limited knowledge, isn’t it best to ask if we seek to understand, or simply let them be?” – Jay Woodman

making judgmental quotes

18. “It is not for me to judge another man’s life. I must judge, I must choose, I must spurn, purely for myself. For myself, alone.” – Herman Hesse

judgmental quotes to judge another man's life

19. “Indeed – judicious, consistent parenting is a dream of mine. No judgements, learning space and listening carefully are my goals.” – Emma Thompson

judgmental quotes about learning space and listening carefully are my goals

20. “Organisation can never be a substitute for initiative and for judgement.” – Louis D. Brandeis

Wise judgmental quotes

Judgmental quotes on the importance of acceptance

21. “Never judge a potato by its skin. One day, it will be french fries.” – Ian Wilson

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judgmental quotes on the importance of acceptance

22. “The main engagement of the writer is towards truthfulness; therefore he must keep his mind and his judgement free.” – Gabrielle Roy

engagement of judgmental quotes

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23. “You never know what people are going through, because, each person you meet has a story to tell, so instead of being judgmental – Just listen well!” – Charmaine J. Forde

other judgmental quotes

24. “Judging the things you do not understand is like a game of gambling where setbacks are more often than success.” – Amit Kalantri

more judgmental quotes

25. “Before passing a judgement on somebody just give it a thought about what he or she went through.” – Paresh Rawal

passing judgmental quotes

26. “Those who are quick to judge you are in a hurry to escape the brewing pain in their own minds.” – Dr. Jacinta Mpalyenkana

top judgmental quotes

27. “You can develop good judgement as you do the muscles of your body – by judicious, daily exercise. Grenville Kleiser

develop good judgmental quotes

28. “We must admit that history is enjoyable to a large extent because it enables us to pass judgement on the past.” – Douglas Hurd

judgmental quotes to pass judgement on the past

29. “That I can’t relate to today’s music or morals doesn’t make either necessarily bad. Just different. I leave the judgements to others.” – Perry Como

morals judgmental quotes

30. “The trouble of the king becomes the trouble of the subject, for how shall we live if judgement is withheld, or if faulty decisions are promulgated?” – James Stephens

judgmental quotes to spread love, tolerance, and acceptance

Judgmental quotes to spread love, tolerance, and acceptance

31. “Our job on earth isn’t to criticize, reject, or judge. Our purpose is to offer a helping hand, compassion, and mercy. We are to do unto others as we hope they would do unto us.” – Dana Arcuri

32. “A poem generated by its own laws may be unrealized and bad in terms of so-called objective principles of taste, judgement, deduction.” – A. R. Ammons

33. “I’m more concerned with getting them to find and strengthen their original voice as writers rather than imposing my own subjective tastes, judgements or sensibility on the project.” – Douglas Wood

34. “Judge tenderly, if you must. There is usually a side you have not heard, a story you know nothing about, and a battle waged that you are not having to fight.” – Traci Lea LaRussa

35. “Audiences aren’t fools – their judgement really is important. And the true heroes of films are the investors. They take the risk, after all.” – Stephen Frears

36. “It’s not your job to judge or to decide if someone deserves something. It’s your job to lift the fallen and comfort the broken.” – Karen Gibbs

37. “I don’t really have that many judgements on things, or crazy statements that I feel like I have to put across.” – Rita Ora

38. “And all men are ready to pass judgement on the priest as if he was not a being clothed with flesh, or one who inherited a human nature.” – John Chrysostom

39. “Do not judge. Assess.” – Naide P Obiang

40. “And finally, no matter how good the science gets, there are problems that inevitably depend on judgement, on art, on a feel for financial markets.” – Martin Feldstein

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Thought-provoking judgmental quotes

41. “Outer gavels can’t crush you when your inner judge is love.” – Curtis Tyrone Jones

42. “An expert is someone who has succeeded in making decisions and judgements simpler through knowing what to pay attention to and what to ignore.” – Edward de Bono

43. “You can never get all the facts from just one newspaper, and unless you have all the facts, you cannot make proper judgements about what is going on.” – Harry S. Truman

44. “We should not pretend to understand the world only by the intellect. The judgement of the intellect is only part of the truth.” – Carl Jung

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45. “Property may be destroyed and money may lose its purchasing power; but, character, health, knowledge and good judgement will always be in demand under all conditions.” – Roger Babson

46. “To live with someone who likes you, and whose judgement you respect, because you love them, does make quite a difference, I find.” – Roger Scruton

47. “Look. Art knows no prejudice, art knows no boundaries, art doesn’t really have judgement in its purest form. So just go, just go.” – K. D. Lang

48. “As your consciousness, refinement and pureness of heart expands you will become less judgmental, less corrective, less reactive, less black-and-white, less critical, less apt to blame and less tormented by others and their faults and views.” – Bryant McGill

49. “It amazes me sometimes that even intelligent people will analyze a situation or make a judgement after only recognizing the standard or traditional structure of a piece.” – David Bowie

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50. “When I am sharply judgmental of any other person, it’s because I sense or see reflected in them some aspect of myself that I don’t want to acknowledge.” – Gabor Maté

Other judgmental quotes and sayings

51. “Everyone may not be good, but there’s always something good in everyone. Never judge anyone shortly because every saint has a past and every sinner has a future.” – Oscar Wilde

52. “Let’s stop being so damn judgemental & crucifying everyone who doesn’t fit into our boxed-in perceptions of what is right.” – Gillian Anderson

53. “Someone praising you is also someone being judgmental. The difference is that you like the verdict this time.” – Nitya Prakash

54. “The more you look into and understand yourself, the less judgmental you become towards others.” – Tariq Ramadan

55. “The more seriously we work on our own imperfections, the less we are judgemental of the imperfections of others.” – Neal A. Maxwell

56. “I’ve been a vegetarian for years and years. I’m not judgemental about others who aren’t, I just feel I cannot eat or wear living creatures.” – Drew Barrymore

57. “Hesitancy in judgment is the only true mark of the thinker.” – Dagobert D. Runes

58. “One should make morals judgements for oneself.” – Kathryn Bigelow

59. “Success in life is the result of good judgment. Good judgment is usually the result of experience. Experience is usually the result of bad judgment.” – Tony Robbins

60. It is best to disregard their talk and judge only their actions.” – Dorothy Day

Judgemental quotes that are filled with wisdom

61. “The self-righteous scream judgments against others to hide the noise of skeletons dancing in their own closets.” ― John Mark Green

62. “If we judge ourselves only by our aspirations and everyone else only their conduct we shall soon reach a very false conclusion.” ― Calvin Coolidge

63. “A judgmental heart keeps listening to the things that annoy.” ― Toba Beta

64. “Everyone judges constantly: positively judging one person is the same as negatively judging everyone else; it is to say that that person is superior in some sense.” ― Criss Jami

65. “Before you condemn someone else for a wrongful act, check your behavior and see if you too, have committed an act similar or even worse than the act that person has done. Then you won’t be in a position to judge.” ― Ellen J. Barrier

66. “Living your truth is so healing. Never hide parts of you because you are scared of other people’s judgments.” ― Winnie Nantongo

67. “I think it’s always easy to judge people who sin different from you.” ― Allie Ray

68. “Sound judgment is absolutely necessary to stay alive. Being judgmental—critical—is not. They are two very different things.” ― Laurie Buchanan, PhD

69. “Even the thinnest anything, has two sides to it. Let’s seek to examine both sides to everything before we judge.” ― Dr. Jacent Mpalyenkana, Ph.D. MBA

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70. “Be curious, not judgmental.” ― Walt Whitman

Judgemental Quotes Without Knowledge Of Their Opinions

71. “The eye of judgment sees at a distance what it refuses to see in its own reflection.” ― T.F. Hodge

72. “Everyone is right from their own perspective so don’t judge anyone prior to knowing why they have that perception.” ― Giridhar Alwar

73. “I am never going to be less sensitive so that you feel better about being judgmental toward me.” ― Dan Pearce

74. “The most judgmental people are often those who complain most about being judged. The ones not complaining will look as though they’re the ones doing the judging.” ― Criss Jami

75. “Millionaires don’t judge but connect.” ― Dee Dee Artner

76. “It is very important to carefully observe the things we see before we judge. Things aren’t always as they appear.” ― Ellen J. Barrier

77. “You are judgmental because there are social norms to be followed.” ― Tapan Ghosh

78. “Acceptance is simply love in practice. When you love, you accept, when you lack love, you judge.” ― Abhijit Naskar

79. “Don’t fucking make judgments about something you know nothing about.” ― Cecily von Ziegesar

80. “But when will the judges endeavor to complete an examination of themselves?” ― RJ Intindola

81. “Judging anyone, yourself included, is a source of great pain because judging denies the Divinity of both yourself and the other person.” ― Barry Ferguson

82. “Acceptance is a powerful antidote to avoidance. It requires acknowledging troubling emotions, without judging or taking action to counteract them.” ― Gretchen Kubacky

83. “Give others the opportunity to fully express their feelings without judgement.” ― Byron Pulsifer

84. “Always respect the differences we all have, do not pass judgement but try to understand.” ― Catherine Pulsifer

85. “Good judgement is the result of experience and experience the result of bad judgement.” ― Mark Twain

86. “Every now and then go away, have a little relaxation, for when you come back to your work your judgement will be surer; since to remain constantly at work will cause you to lose power of judgement.” ― Leonardo DaVinci

87. “Consider and judge your actions, for they have become your habits.” ― Gandhi

88. “We can never judge the lives of others, because each person knows only their own pain and renunciation. It’s one thing to feel that you are on the right path, but it’s another to think that yours is the only path.” ― Paulo Coelho

89. “Before you judge me try hard to love me.” ― Michael Jackson

90. “And that’s what innocence is. It’s simple and trusting like a child, not judgmental and committed to one narrow point of view.” ― Michael Jackson

What are your favorite non-judgemental quotes to spread acceptance?

Judgemental words and negative sayings can get inside our heads and affect how we feel about ourselves.

Have you ever felt judged, bullied, or excluded?

These judgemental quotes highlight how significantly judgement can impact our lives.

Humans are naturally social creatures that crave acceptance.

If you feel that you’ve been unfairly judged or that you’ve been too judgemental yourself lately, review these inspirational quotes for guidance.

Now more than ever, the world needs to stop being so judgemental and spread peace and love instead.

If you witness someone being hateful to another person, share these judgemental quotes with them to open up their minds to new perspectives.

It is possible to fairly evaluate and analyze a situation without being overly judgemental.

Learn more about using good judgement with these Judgement Quotes.

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What are your favorite judgemental quotes and sayings about spreading love and tolerance?

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