20 Exorcist Quotes From the Scary Horror Movie

Fans of classic horror movies will enjoy these Exorcist quotes!

The Exorcist is a supernatural horror movie released in 1973 based on William Peter Blatty’s 1971 book of the same name.

The movie was directed by William Friedkin and starred Ellen Burstyn, Max von Sydow, Lee J. Cobb, Kitty Winn, and many other talented actors.

Although the movie was met with mixed reviews from critics, it was a huge success with the audience, where it grossed over $441 million against its $12 million budget.

The movie was so popular that it won many awards.

The film is preserved in the National Film Registry and has had five sequels made after the original.

The movie’s plot follows 12-year-old Regan, who becomes possessed by a demon, and her mother, Chris, who attempts to help her daughter.

Eventually, Chris decides an exorcism is needed and finds two priests named Lankester Merrin and Damien Karras to perform the exorcism.

Priest Karras gets permission from his superior, Father Dyer, to perform the exorcism.

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Frightening Exorcist quotes

Here are some of the most frightening quotes from the scary movie.

1. “What an excellent day for an exorcism.” – Demon

2. “Is there someone inside you?” – Psychiatrist

3. “I’m afraid.” – Regan

4. “You just take your pills, and you’ll be fine, really.” – Chris

5. “You’re going to die up there.” – Regan

6. “Show me Regan, and I’ll loosen one of the straps.” – Father Damien Karras

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7. “Mrs. MacNeil, the problem with your daughter is not her bed; it’s her brain.” – Dr. Klein

8. “How do you go about getting an exorcism?” – Chris

9. “You’re telling me that I should take my daughter to a witch doctor?” – Chris

10. “You know, I make the questions and he does the answers.” – Regan

Exorcist quotes telling the story

We learn about three catholic priests in the movie, and you can see some of their quotes here.

11. “Look, your daughter doesn’t say she’s a demon. She says she’s the devil himself.” – Father Damien Karras

12. “Your mother’s in here, Karras. Would you like to leave her a message?” – Demon

13. “If you are there, you too are hypnotized and must answer all my questions. Come forward and answer me now.” – Psychiatrist

14. “Now I know the temptation is to leap to psychiatry. But any reasonable psychiatrist would exhaust the somatic possibilities first.” – Dr. Klein

15. “I think it might be helpful if I gave you some background on the different personalities Regan has manifested. So far, I’d say there seem to be three.” – Father Damien Karras

16. “If it’s a lesion, in a way, she’s fortunate. All we have to do is remove the scar.” – Dr. Klein

17. “So on the one hand, we’ve got a witchcraft kind of murder, and on the other hand a Black Mass type desecration in the church.” – Kinderman

18. “Some of their problems come down to faith, their vocation, and meaning of their lives, and I can’t cut it anymore. I need out.” – Father Damien Karras

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19. “Please, I understand, but for priests on the campus here, you’re the psychiatrist. You know who was sick at the time, who wasn’t.” – Kinderman

20. “The victim’s belief in possession is what helped cause it, so in that same way, a belief in the power of exorcism can make it disappear.” – Dr. Barringer

Do the Priests Save Regan From the Demon?

The priests engage in a battle with the demon, and an exhausted Karras temporarily leaves the room while Merrin continues the exorcism.

When Karras re-enters the room, he finds the demon has killed Merrin, and in a fit of rage, he fights the demon and demands that it takes him instead of the little girl.

As the demon begins to possess Karras, he hurls himself out of the window to kill them both and saves Regan.

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