25 Fortnite Quotes About The Best Gaming Experience

“Fortnite has, I think, the most positive gamer community that’s ever emerged from a game at this scale.” — Tim Sweeney

Read this list of Fortnite quotes about the game that changed the entire gaming industry.

Fortnite is an online video game that debuted in 2017 and was developed by Epic Games. 

Since then, it has grown to become one of the most popular games on the planet.

About Fortnite

 In Fortnite, players collaborate to survive in an open-world environment by battling other characters who are controlled by other players or by the game itself.  

Check out these Fortnite quotes below:

  • The Fortnite World Cup prize is 30 million dollars! 
  • Epic Games has sued people in the past who cheat at Fortnite
  • A 16-year-old won 3 million dollars in 2019 in the Fortnite World Cup.

Fortnite as a learning tool

I have been teaching middle school for almost two decades and have seen many video games and console systems come and go during that tenure. 

I saw the Fortnite explosion take place in real-time.

When it happened, I realized that Fortnite can help students learn through intrinsic motivation.

The middle schoolers in my class were obsessed with Fortnite

It’s all they talked about, all they played, and all they wanted to do.

As an effective educator, I know how to bring in real-world situations and resources to whet the student’s imagination and desire to learn. 

Fortnite presented an opportunity for all middle schoolers in my English Language Arts class to enhance their literacy. 

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Making learning fun again

Allowing the students to incorporate Fortnite into their learning was a no-brainer. 

In the game, they must design characters, use their creativity, communicate with other players, and maintain their self-esteem as they play. 

All of these skills are essential to a middle school-aged student. 

Students were so motivated to use Fortnite as a learning resource they asked to extend their assignments.

What started as creating original characters and writing their origin stories turned into students developing their own comic book series using characters they made up.

Their writing and reading comprehension skills increased because they had to learn more as they wanted to add to their character’s origins. 

Not all video games are bad

As an educator and a parent, I deeply understand the dangers that some video games pose. 

However, just like anything else, video games can serve as a positive tool. 

Fortnite presents an excellent opportunity to teach a variety of skills to young players. 

Short Fortnite quotes for noobs

1. “Fortnite is a fad.” — Dr. Disrespect

2. “In many ways, Fortnite is like a social network.” — Tim Sweeney

3. “Tell that boy, Drake, he don’t want it with me in Fortnite.” — Logic 

4. “I play Fortnite, I play FIFA, I’m trying to get into NBA a little bit.” AJ Tracey

5. “It gives me another outlet for competition, and that’s what Fortnite does.” — Gordon Hayward 

The top Fortnite quotes about competition and gaming

6. “I’ll play anything Mario or Zelda related, but Fortnite is one step beyond me.” — Romesh Ranganathan

7. “You want to stop playing Fortnite, man, because you aren’t having fun anymore?” Ninja 

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8. “There is nothing we cannot do for an athlete. If a guy wants to write a book, great. If he wants to be a Fortnite champion, great.” — Rich Paul 

9. “Competing and streaming Fortnite all night at the most iconic building in Chicago, a city close to my heart, is a dream come true.” — Ninja 

10. Fortnite really is just the perfect storm of a game. You have the fact that it’s free to play on almost every platform, and everything about the game is enjoyable.” –  Ninja

Famous Fortnite quotes from Tim Sweeney

Who better to discuss Fortnite than the CEO of Epic Games? 

11. “We see that as Fortnite evolves, it’s evolving beyond being a game.” — Tim Sweeney

12. “Fortnite is the same game on all platforms, including high-end consoles and PCs.” — Tim Sweeney 

13. “Fortnite has, I think, the most positive gamer community that’s ever emerged from a game at this scale.” — Tim Sweeney 

14. “Games like Fortnite are way more fun to play with your real-world friends, and they’re so accessible that anybody can play.” — Tim Sweeney

15. “Fortnite is a harbinger of things to come. It’s a massive number of people all playing together, interacting together, not just playing but socializing.” — Tim Sweeney 

The best Fortnite quotes about playing on all platforms

These Fortnite quotes are about how people access the game. 

16. “If you play Fortnite and you’re over the age of 13 years old, you’ve got a psychological problem.” — Dr. Disrespect

17. “The genre thing is overrated, and the platform decisions are overrated. It’s what we see on Fortnite.” — Tim Sweeney 

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18. “Actually, we got paid because the name Fortinet is so close to Fortnite, so I’m fine with their name being close to ours.” — Ken Xie

19. “When you search for Fortnite on iOS, you’ll often get PUBG or Minecraft ads. Whoever bought that ad in front of us is the top result when searching for Fortnite.” — Tim Sweeney

20. “As soon as a critical mass of people in the world gained access to devices with high-end graphics and Internet connectivity, the rise of games like Fortnite became inevitable. Tim Sweeney 

Fortnite quotes and sayings about life

We are going to close out our list with these Fortnite quotes to live by. 

21. “I wouldn’t have a career if it wasn’t for the Fortnite Community.” — Ninja

22. “Fortnite, because of its visual style, it’s widely acceptable to just about everyone.” — Tim Sweeney 

23. “The awesome thing about Fortnite is it’s brought a huge volume of digital commerce to Epic.” — Tim Sweeney 

24. “If you really care about a game, spending a couple of minutes setting up payment is perfectly reasonable. It’s certainly happened with Fortnite.” — Tim Sweeney

25. “Everyone has friends that are limited to one platform and ecosystem, whereas what we’ve built with Fortnite is a friends system that works across seven platforms.” — Tim Sweeney 

As the gaming industry evolves, we can only imagine how the next generation of Fortnite will look. 

Perhaps in the future, gamers will integrate even more with their avatars in the game. 

What is your favorite part of playing Fortnite?

Be sure to let us know in the comments section below. 

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