50 Friends With Benefits Quotes From The RomCom About Casual Sex

These Friends With Benefits quotes are not safe for work, and you might have guessed it, they talk about sex a lot!

However, there are some heartfelt moments captured in these quotes that just about everyone can relate to.

‘Friends with benefits’ is a fairly popular term in today’s culture.

If you aren’t familiar with what the term ‘friends with benefits means, the quick answer is that two people who share a friendship also have sex with each other.

These friends reap the intimate benefits of a relationship while avoiding all the complexities and work that go into a traditional relationship.

The 2011 American RomCom Friends With Benefits depicts this kind of relationship between Dylan (Justin Timberlake) and Jamie (Mila Kunis).

In the movie, Jamie is an executive headhunter who is trying to recruit Dylan for a job at GQ.

He was living in Los Angeles and working as an art director.

He ultimately gets the job, signs a one-year contract, and moves to NY.

Jamie earns a bonus as the recruiter, and the pair become friends.

They have a conversation one night where they agree that sex shouldn’t have to come with an emotional attachment.

Keep reading these Friends With Benefits quotes to see how well that worked out for them!

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Funny Friends With Benefits movie quotes

1. Jamie: “Why don’t they ever a make a movie about what happens after they kiss?”

Dylan: “They do, it’s called porn.”

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2. Dylan: “Why do women think the only way to get men to do what they want is to manipulate them?”

Jamie: “History, personal experience, romantic comedies.”

3. Jamie: “Why do I get the feeling this is the first real commitment you’ve ever made?”

Dylan: “It’s not. T-Mobile. Two years. And fuck do I regret that one!”

4. “Bananas in the refrigerator? What are you, Puerto Rican?” ― Lorna

5. “I’m your boss, give me your pants.” ― Dylan

6. “I’m wearing the only clothes outside the theater. Because I’m the only person outside the theater!” ― Jamie

7. Jamie: “Is this why you were late? You were worried about how to break up with me?”

Quincy: “Oh! No, no! I was trying to decide what to wear.”

8. Jamie: “You’re emotionally unavailable?”

Dylan: “Oh, yeah!”

Jamie: “Oh, my God! I’m emotionally damaged. I haven’t seen you at the meetings.”

9. Jamie: “At least I have food in the house. All you have at home is drinkable yogurt.”

Dylan: “I like to drink my yogurt! It’s a time saver.”

10. Jamie: “Girl, you are preaching to the congregation.”

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Dylan: “Choir.”

Jamie: “What?”

Dylan: “Preaching to the choir. You’re supposed to preach to the congregation. That’s the expression.”

11. Jamie: “That is so lame.”

Dylan: “Oh, I know! It’s some Prince Charming shit though, right?”

Friends with Benefits quotes about sex

12. “God, I miss sex! Right, I mean sometimes you just need it. It’s like, uh, it’s like cracking your neck.” ― Jamie

13. “Why can it not be like that? It’s a physical act. Like playing tennis. Two people should be able to have sex like they’re playing tennis.” ― Dylan

14. Jamie: “You swear you don’t want anything more other than sex?”

Dylan: “You swear you don’t want anything more from me? I know how you girls get…”

15. “No relationship. No emotions. Just sex.” ― Jamie

16. Jamie: “Are we getting too old for this?”

Dylan: “Sex?”

Jamie: “No. Casual sex! I just, I don’t know. It feels a little collegy.”

17. “Let me tell you how I like it. See, most girls think you should start off soft. But if you just get in, go for it!” ― Dylan

18. “Let’s have sex like we’re playing tennis.” ― Dylan

19. “Did you wash your hands? Oh! Come on, dude! I know we’re just friends, but I’m still a lady! Now, get back in there, wash your hands, and then bring that fine ass back here.” ― Jamie

20. “That never works, bro! She’s a girl. Sex always means more to them. Even if they don’t admit it.” ― Tommy

21. Dylan: “You like this position?”

Jamie: “Yeah, it’s alright”

Dylan: “I got to be honest, I feel a little emasculated.”

Jamie: “A naked girl is lying on top of you and you feel emasculated?”

22. “Look, I can live without ever having sex with you again. It’ll be really hard.” ― Dylan

Heartfelt Friends with Benefits quotes we can relate to

23. “It’s not who you want to spend Friday night with. It’s who you want to spend all day Saturday with.” ― Tommy

24. “You want to be happy? Find someone you like and never let them go.” ― Tommy

25. “I like to come up here and think. Just when it gets a little too much for me down there. It’s like, it’s like my New York version of a mountain top.” ― Jamie

26. Jamie: It’s nice to feel like you’re a part of something. New York can be a little but lonely at times.”

Dylan: “And you’re trying to sell me on it?”

Jamie: “Every place can be a bit lonely sometimes.”

27. “I wish my life was a movie sometimes. You know, I’d never have to worry about my hair, or having to go to the bathroom. And then when I’m at my lowest point some guy would chase me down the street, pour his heart out and we’d kiss. Happily ever after.” ― Jamie

28. Dylan: (after noticing her tattoo) “Is it your dog?”

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Jamie: “No. Never had one. But everyone else did, and I thought having a dog might get a normal family. Which at seventeen I desperately wanted.”

29. “One day, you’ll meet someone and it’ll literally take your breath away. Like, you can’t breathe. Like, no oxygen to the lungs. Like a fish.” ― Tommy

30. “Hey, I want my best friend back. Because I’m in love with her.” ― Dylan

31. “You know my friends used to say, that when Dee Dee and I looked at each other, it was electric. And I let her go. I just let her go. Because I was too damn proud to tell her how I really felt about her. I’ll tell you something that I wish I knew when I was your age. And I know you’ve heard it a million times. Life is short. But let me tell you something. What this is teaching me is that life is God damn short and you can’t waste a minute of it!” ― Mr. Harper

32. “Shut up, it’s not what you think. Jamie, will you be my best friend again?” ― Dylan

33. Lorna: “I mean, we all have our Prince Charming. You just got to know him when you see him.”

Jamie: “Mom, it’s Prince Charming! You should just know.”

Lorna: “Well, your Prince Charming isn’t coming to rescue you in a horse and carriage. That’s not what you want. I mean, you’re looking, you’re looking for a man to be your partner. Someone you could take on the world with.”

34. “I messed up. I was scared. Look what happened with my mom and dad? Of course I was scared. I ruined it. Everything that happens in the day, all I can think to myself is I can’t wait to tell Jamie about this. When I see someone cursing, all I picture is you blinking. And when I hear a kid’s been cured of cancer, I pray it’s not by that douchebag tree hugging, fucking doctor who ran out on you! I mean, cancer being cured is awesome. But you know, I wish someone else did it.” ― Dylan

35. “Maybe she’ll listen. There’s always a way. If you think there’s even a chance that she could be it, you fix it.” ― Mr. Harper

Inappropriate Friends with Benefits quotes

36. “Well, they’re either lying or their vaginas are made out of burlaps. So, relax! You’re not a lizard.” ― Jamie

37. “I’m just going to work and fuck. Like George Clooney.” ― Dylan

38. “I could put up a video of me mixing cake batter with my boobs. And it will get eight million hits.” ― Jamie

39. “Listen, I’d love to take you out one night and troll for cock.” ― Tommy

40. “Do you know how hard it is to pee with a hard on?” ― Dylan

41. Tommy: “Does she have a penis where most girls have a vagina?”

Dylan: “No penis”

Tommy: “Then she’s not different.”

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42. “Maybe you should care a little bit less about work and a little more about the girl you’re dating? Cause last time I checked, work doesn’t reassure you that liking a finger up your ass doesn’t make you gay!” ― Kayla

43. Dylan: “So does the carpet match the drapes?”

Jamie: “It’s hardwood floor, if you know what I mean.”

44. “Why, I love it! Ooh, it’s like the seventies in here. Woo! That was a better time. Just sex. A little grass, a little glue.” ― Lorna

Sad Friends with Benefits quotes about friendships ending

45. “Well, Dylan, I don’t know if you’ve heard, but I am seriously fucked up! I mean Magnum P.I. couldn’t solve the shit going on up here.” ― Jamie

46. “I thought we were friends. But friends don’t go talking shit about each other. Which must mean that you and I were never actually friends, that all you wanted was to get into my pants.” – Jamie

47. “I wanted this? Just me. God, you are just like every other guy! The sad thing is, Dylan, I actually thought you were different.” ― Jamie

48. “What I do know is that, it’s no great God damn secret, you live in fear of repeating my mistakes. And you’re not wrong. So learn from me.”  Lorna

49. “That’s personal. And we’re not friends anymore. You made that pretty clear.” ― Dylan

50. “Well, with friends like you, who needs friends? And thanks for ruining my mountain top, Asshole!” ― Jamie

Which of these Friends with Benefits quotes is your favorite?

The pair hook up a few times until Jamie decides she wants to date again, and they go back to being friends.

Jamie doesn’t have much luck with the oncologist she was dating and lets Dylan talk her into coming to LA with him for the 4th of July weekend.

They tell everyone in Dylan’s family that they are just friends, but end up sleeping with one another again.

The next morning, Jamie overhears Dylan telling his mother that she is too “damaged” for him to date.

This hurts her and she flies home and ignores him.

He finds her at the top of a skyscraper they went to together, and she tells him what she heard, and ends their friendship.

Of course, it’s a Rom-Com, so it doesn’t end there, but I don’t want to spoil it!

The ending is very cute though, so if you are looking for something to do one of these evenings give this movie a go!

It did great in the box office and had great reviews from critics, specifically about the chemistry between Timberlake and Kunis.

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