80 Holding Hands Quotes To Help You Stay Connected

Take a look at these interesting quotes about hand-holding.

What is your body’s largest organ?

Why it is your skin, of course.

Every day your skin protects you, keeps you together, and responds to stimuli.

Touch is one of the most powerful of the human senses.

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According to a study published in the journal PLOS ONE, holding hands with a romantic partner can help reduce stress and promote calmness and relaxation.

The study found that holding hands with a partner can reduce activity in the brain’s stress response system, decreasing cortisol levels and increasing feelings of well-being.

What are the benefits of reading these holding hands quotes?

Our feelings are very important, but our sense of touch allows us to “feel” things outside of us.

Touch is its own language.

Like any form of communication, it can relay information from the receiver and received.

It has been scientifically proven that hand-holding creates many positive benefits.

Holding hands can:

  • provide a sense of security
  • decrease stress
  • boost oxytocin
  • strengthen the bonds we have with others

We yearn to hold the hands of others in some of our most important milestones in life, like birth, marriage, or even death.

These hand-holding quotes will remind you of the importance of staying connected.

Short holding hand quotes to express your love

Research conducted at the University of California, Berkeley found that holding hands with someone we care about can help to reduce feelings of physical pain and discomfort.

The study found that holding hands can help to synchronize the brainwaves of two people, leading to a decrease in pain and an increase in feelings of social connection.

1. “May you always know you have my hand to hold.” JJ Heller

2. “Once I had her hand, I never wanted to let go of her.” Ottilie Weber

3. “It’s funny how holding hands can make you feel as if you can fly.” Beth Michele

4. “I’ve sent you roses many times. I’ve held your hand in mine.” Richard L. Ratliff

5. “Every day is beautiful when you’re holding hands with your best friend.” Dave Willis

6. “Hold my hand, and I’ll take you there, somehow, someday, somewhere.” West Side Story

7. “I could conquer the world with one hand as long as you’re holding the other.” Lauren Alaina

8. “Just to hold my hand will make me think you love me as much as I love you.” Leigh-Ann Beckett

9. “I don’t know where my road is going, but I know that I walk better when I hold your hand.” Alfred de Musset

10. “The spaces in between our fingers are created in such a way that another’s hand could fill them in.” Unknown

Holding hand quotes about love and relationships

A study in the Journal of Behavioral Medicine found that holding hands with a loved one can help to lower blood pressure and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

The study found that holding hands can help to reduce the body’s response to stress, leading to a decrease in blood pressure and an improvement in cardiovascular health.

11. “The ultimate test of a relationship is to disagree but to hold hands.” Alexandra Penney

12. “Holding her hand in public is just another way of saying you’re proud to have her.” — Drake

13. “Holding hands in love is underrated, while sex is overrated. Don’t you think so?” Kiran Joshi

14. “You know it’s love when you want to keep holding hands even after you’re sweaty.” Rita Rudner

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15. “Holding hands is a way to remember how it feels to say nothing together.” Nicole Krauss

16. “True love doesn’t consist of holding hands. It consists of holding hearts.” Orlando Aloysius Battista

17. “I will remember the feel of his hand around mine for the rest of my life.” Meg Leder, The Museum of Heartbreak

18. “Only take someone’s hand in a certain way, even look into their eyes in a certain way, and the world is changed forever.” Iris Murdoch

19. “Even though my brain was a mess, what kept my soul whole was the warmth of the hands holding mine on both sides.” Won-pyung Sohn, Almond

20. “Expressions of affection, like putting your arm around someone’s shoulder, holding hands, or giving a kiss goodnight, involve the principle of honesty.” John Bytheway

The power of holding hands quotes

21. “When I work, and in my art, I hold hands with God.” Robert Mapplethorpe

22. “You are only as good as your reach; you must hold hands with others.”  Peter Legge

23. “In joined hands there is still some token of hope, in the clenched fist, none.” Victor Hugo

24. “Nothing in this world compares to the comfort and security of having someone just hold your hand.” Richelle E. Goodrich

25. “I have a dream that one day little black boys and girls will be holding hands with little white boys and girls.”  Martin Luther King, Jr.

26. “Ah, what happiness it is to be with people who are all happy, to press hands, press cheeks, smile into eyes.” Katherine Mansfield

27. “And it is still true, no matter how old you are, when you go out into the world, it is best to hold hands and stick together.” — Robert Fulghum

28. “Holding hands with you is like a promise that, if even for a brief moment or a few hours, we don’t have to face the world alone.” Unknown

29. “Sometimes, reaching out and taking someone’s hand is the beginning of a journey. At other times, it is allowing another to take yours.” Vera Nazarian

30. “People say true friends must always hold hands, but true friends don’t need to hold hands because they know the other hand will always be there.” Mahatma Gandhi

Holding hand quotes to make you smile or think

31. “Hold my hand. Don’t let go.” Jenny Downham

32. “Hold a true friend with both your hands.” Nigerian Proverb

33. “We always hold hands. If I let go, she shops.” Henny Youngman

34. “If you are holding hands with others, you can’t hold a gun!” Allan Rufus

35. “Trails need to be wider so people can walk while holding hands.” Dave Barry

36. “They were not holding hands, but their shadows were.” Toni Morrison, Beloved

37. “Remember, we all stumble, every one of us. That’s why it’s a comfort to go hand in hand. Emily Kimbrough

38. “Hold my hand. Let me tattoo the creases and lines and spaces between your fingers into mine.” Shubhangi Mishra

39. “When you agree to collaborate, you agree to jump off a cliff holding hands with everyone, hoping the resourcefulness of each will ensure that you all land on your feet.” Frank Gehry

40. “Have you ever really held the hand of someone you love? Not just in passing, a loose link between you – but truly clasped, with the pulses of your wrists beating together and your fingers mapping the knuckles and nails like a cartographer learning a country by heart?” Jodi Picoult, Salem Falls

Meaningful holding hands quotes

41. “Why is it that, as a culture, we are more comfortable seeing two men holding guns than holding hands?” Ernest Gaines

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42. “Sit with me, and I’ll not be alone. Hold my hand, and I’ll not feel alone. Cry with me, and I’ll no longer suffer alone.” Richelle E. Goodrich

43. “The lovers, appearing happy, walk, holding hands. Though it appears everything is perfect, only they know the truth.” Ayumi Hamasaki

44. “So hold my hand tight. Hold my hand with confidence. For this love can last forever. For this love, we shall share it together.” Shelby Dawson

45. “There are some needs only you can see. There are some hands only you can hold. There are some people only you can reach.” Timothy Keller

46. “She closed her eyes, and I closed mine, and even though we weren’t holding hands, it felt like we were. Because what we had, we knew.” Kami Garcia, Beautiful Chaos

47. “Nothing, I learned, brings you into the present quite like holding hands. The past seemed irrelevant; the future, unnecessary.” Catherine Lowell, The Madwoman Upstairs

48. “I’m not asking you to walk in my shoes; I’d never wish my afflictions on anyone. But could you walk beside me on the secure ground and reach to hold my hand?” Richelle E. Goodrich

49. “Her hand gripped his, and even amid the fear and danger, he marveled at the feeling that came with the contact. If we die holding hands in this way, will we enter the next dream together?” Jack Campbell, The Dragons of Dorcastle

50. “A great amount of compassion is communicated in the simple act of taking someone’s hand and holding on tightly. It creates a spiritual vein through which strength, comfort, and hope are transfused to revitalize the soul.” Richelle E. Goodrich

Holding Hands Quotes Celebrating Connection

51. “When you hold someone’s hand, you’re connected to them in a way that is both soothing and reassuring.” — Diane Keaton

52. “Holding hands is the most basic form of connection, a simple gesture that carries a profound sense of love and unity.” — Daphne Rose Kingma

53. I have learned that there is more power in a good strong handclasp than in a thousand words.” — Anne Sullivan

54. “To hold a hand is to offer a piece of your heart. Let the warmth of your touch convey love, comfort, and understanding.” — Richelle E. Goodrich

55. Take my hand, take my whole life too, for I can’t help falling in love with you.” — Elvis Presley

56. “Your hand fits in mine like it’s made just for me.” — One Direction

57. “I can press when there needs to be pressed; I can hold hands when there needs to be – hold hands.” — George W. Bush

58. “Let’s hold hands and brave this beautiful, crazy life together with a sweet smile and a calm breath.” — Colleen Saidman

59. “They haven’t made love for years but sleep holding hands.” — Simon Van Booy

60. “At the door to the helicopter, Gansey looked bad over his shoulder at them, his smile complicated when he saw them holding hands.” — Maggie Stiefvater

Holding Hands Quotes that Speak of Love and Unity

61. “We’ll walk together holding hands, and kiss in broad daylight, and love each other as much as we want to, and no one will ever try to keep up apart.” — Lauren Oliver

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62. “That’s what I want to be when I grow up, just a peaceful wreck holding hands with other peaceful wrecks.” — Tillie Olsen

63. “I like old-fashioned romance, when the two people sleep in separate beds but still hold hands all night. Their hands rest on a little table between the beds.” — Kaley Cuoco

64. “But it is just two lovers, holding hands and in a hurry to reach their car, their locked hands a starfish leaping through the dark.” — John Updike

65. “People need to stand up hold hands, talk about alternatives. Alternatives, alternatives, alternatives. And people united will never, ever be defeated.” — Lois Gibbs

66. “In the mid-1970s, it would’ve been astonishing, say, to see two men holding hands in the streets.” ― Robert Harris

67. “You never know what’s around the corner unless you peek. Hold someone’s hand while you do it. You will feel less scared.” — Amy Poehler

68. “Recipe for a happy marriage: My wife and I always hold hands. If I let go, she shops.” — Red Skelton

69. “I’m out, I’m married, I’m a ‘celebrity’ and I still feel unsafe holding hands in many public situations.” ― Darren Hayes

70. “Manicures: Which are basically just holding hands with a stranger for forty-five minutes whilst listening to Enya.” — Miranda Hart

71. “Holding hands is such a simple, tender gesture – there should be no barrier to people loving who they want to love and being able to express that in public.” ― Penny Mordaunt

72. “Walking off into the sunset, holding hands, and being married forever was not exactly a brand new idea.” ― Peter Noone

73. “One of my favorite things in the world is to be seeing two people that are really old, still holding hands, still kissing.” ― Tommy Lee

74. “Trying to launch a career as an artist is like trying to run through a crowd holding hands with five people. It’s so difficult.” ― LP

75. “I like hugging, holding hands or monkeying around with the people I like. That’s my way of letting them know I like the them.” ― Tejaswi Madivada

76. “I didn’t do the marching down the streets, jumping in front of the lines and holding hands… that wasn’t me.” ― Solomon Burke

77. “But there’s always a Mass. It’s not a formal Mass at all. We’re sitting around her dining room table with wine and Eucharist and holding hands.” ― Linda Vester

78. “Hell would freeze over before I saw my parents happily holding hands and ice skating.” ― Tana Mongeau

What does hand-holding mean to you?

Hand holding is as old as humanity itself.

For generations, we have been expressing ourselves by embracing one another’s fingers, a simple yet very complex form of sharing ourselves with one another.

It manifests in unique ways in various cultures across the globe.

In Western culture, hand-holding is usually reserved for those with intimate relationships.

Family members or those who are romantically involved often hold hands.

In other cultures, hand-holding signifies great friendship or moral support.

Many hand-holding styles change or adapt depending on the situation.

Loosely intertwined fingers are a sign of endearment and security.

A firm hold often represents taking charge in a relationship.

A well-placed hand on top of another can generate feelings of protection for the other.

Wrapping hands together shows a strong and protective bond, while relaxing interlocked fingers represent a fun, flirtatious relationship.

Tell us your favorite holding hands quote in the comment section below.

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