25 Hunt for Red October Quotes From the Best Selling Book and Hit Movie

Fans of author Tom Clancy or his popular character, Jack Ryan, will love these Hunt for Red October quotes.

The Hunt for Red October is the first published novel by the successful author Tom Clancy.

The book was published in 1984 and would become a New York Times bestseller and introduce Clancy’s popular fictional character Jack Ryan.

The book’s popularity led to a movie of the same name being made and released in 1990.

The movie stars actors Sean Connery, Alec Baldwin, James Earl Jones, and more.

The movie proved to be a success like the book, as the movie grossed over $200 million at the box office against a $30 million budget.

Take a look at these Hunt for Red October quotes to learn more about the hit book and movie.

The Best Hunt for Red October Quotes

These are some of the best Hunt for Red October quotes.

1. “Where are we going, anyway?” — Jack Ryan

2. “Welcome to the New World, sir.” — Jack Ryan

3. “I don’t sleep on planes. Turbulence.” — Jack Ryan

4. “Fuel status says we turn back now.” — Helicopter Pilot

5. “Red October was built for that purpose.” — Captain Ramius

6. “A great day, comrades, we sail into history!” — Captain Ramius

7. “Ah, the Captain seems to think you’re some kind of… cowboy.” — Jack Ryan

8. “You make your point as delicately as ever, Mr. Pelt.” — Ambassador Lysenko

9. “What’s he going to do, sail into New York, pop the hatch, and say “Here I am “?” — Captain Davenport

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10. “Those doors, sir, are the problem. I-I don’t know what they are, neither do the British.” — Jack Ryan

Hunt for Red October Quotes from the Book

Enjoy these Hunt for Red October quotes from the book.

11. “Ah, the British sense of humor.” — Ryan

12. “You’ve never been to America before,” — Ryan

13. “Danger confronted properly is not something a man must fear.” — Tom Clancy

14. “Ryan hoped they would succeed and make their transition from Communism to freedom.” — Tom Clancy

15. “Marko’s father had been a true Soviet hero—and Marko was deeply ashamed to be his son.” — Tom Clancy

16. “Sorry, we don’t have any extra fuel, or I’d show you some aerobatics. The Harrier will do almost anything you ask of her.” — Parker

17. “One thing about flying that he never got used to was that no matter how awful the weather was on the ground, if you flew high enough, you could always find the sun.” — Tom Clancy

Hunt For Red October Quotes For Fans

Fans will love these Hunt for Red October quotes.

18. “His plan?” — Jack Ryan

19. “Comrades, this is your captain.” — Captain Ramius

20. “Forty years I’ve been at war. A war at sea.” — Captain Ramius

21. “Be careful what you shoot at. Most things in here don’t react too well to bullets.” — Captain Ramius

22. “When he reached the New World, Cortez burned his ships. As a result, his men were well motivated.” — Captain Ramius

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23. “Moscow’s not the worry; neither is the whole Soviet navy. I know their tactics; I have the advantage.” — Captain Marko Ramius

24. “And senior captains don’t start something this dangerous without having thought the matter through.” — Rear Admiral Josh Painter

25. “When I was twelve, I helped my daddy build a bomb shelter in our basement because some fool parked a dozen warheads ninety miles off the coast of Florida. This thing could park a couple hundred warheads off Washington or New York, and nobody would know anything about it until it was all over.” — Skip Tyler

The Plot of The Hunt for Red October

The story follows Soviet submarine captain Marko Ramius who commands a powerful submarine and goes off course to enter American water.

At first, the Americans believe the submarine is getting ready to launch a nuclear strike.

Jack Ryan figures out that the Captain is planning to defect from Russia to America.

Ryan leads a charge to save the Captain and the crew from both the pursuing Russians and the Americans.

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