66 Spice Quotes That Bring Excitement to Your Life

Add some flavor to your life with our spices quotes

Besides the quotes, we have also discussed how to spice up your life and why we add spices to food.

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How to Spice up Your Life 

The meaning of the phrase “Spice up Life” differs depending on the type of person you are.

However, there are certain things that most of us can rely on when it comes to spicing up our lives. 

This means we can add variety and happiness to our lives.

Here are some ways to bring excitement to our boring daily routine:  

Try New Things

To start with, you should learn new things, such as a new language or skill, to help improve your personality. 

Apart from this, you can also try a new cuisine, hobby, workout routine, etc.

Travel to Explore

You can also travel to new places, explore different cultures, meet new people, and try new foods.

For this purpose, you can choose destinations within your country or outside.

Visiting a new place can spice up your life by offering you an experience you haven’t felt before. 

Do Something Adventurous

This particular tip is a way to challenge your comfort zone.

For this purpose, you must think about doing a thing that scares you.

For instance, you can try an adventurous sport like kayaking, mountaineering, or scuba diving. 

Once you overcome your fears, the outcome could be incredibly rewarding.

It helps to spice up your life and gives you the required confidence.

Follow your Passion

Another way to spice up your life is to do things you love.

For instance, you can try singing, playing guitar, indulging in painting, etc.

Following your passion can bring some excitement and fun to your life.

After going through the above tips, you should readily understand how to spice up your life.

It involves breaking out your daily routine by trying new things and introducing some fun elements to your life. 

Why we add Spices to Food

After discussing the ways to spice up one’s life, let’s take a look at why spices are important for our food. 

Adding spices to food is essential as it helps improve the taste and flavor of things we eat. 

Here are the reasons why we add spices to our food:

  • Spices enhance the flavor of food.
  • You can add the required aroma to a dish by using particular spices.
  • Spices can also help to improve the visual appeal of a dish.
  • In some cases, spices like salt can also help to preserve food.
  • A few spices have medicinal properties, which can improve our health.

Top 10 Spice Quotes 

These are top spice quotes from some of the famous personalities around.

1. “The world loves a spice of wickedness.” — Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

2. “The air was full of spices… A Little Princess.” — Frances Hodgson Burnett

3. “He who controls the spice controls the universe.” — Frank Herbert

4. “A modicum of discord is the very spice of courtship.” — Nicolas Chamfort

5. “Spice a dish with love, and it pleases every palate.” —  Plautus

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6. “Words are like spices. Too many are worse than too few.” — Joan Aiken

7. “A different spice is the most interesting thing to me.” — Nobu Matsuhisa

8. “Fear is the spice that makes it interesting to go ahead.” — Daniel Boone

9. “Woman I love the Vibes, I love the Spice, I love the Passion you bring.” — Richie Spice

10. “Fenugreek, Tuesday’s spice, when the air is green like mosses after rain.” — Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni

Spice Quotes About Life  

Having some spice in life is necessary as it makes life interesting. The following quotes can spice up your life as well. 

11. “Variety is the spice of love.” — Helen Rowland

12. “Oregano is the spice of life.” — Henry Tillman

13. “Interruptions are the spice of life.” — Don Herold

14. “Dullness is the spice of life. Which is why we must always use other spices.” — David Levithan

15. “Love is like a spice. It can sweeten your life – however, it can spoil it, too.” — Confucius

16. “I just think you need to spice up life every now and then with a bit of adventure and excitement.” Richard Branson

17. “Variety, as they say, is the spice of life. For me, that counts tenfold in the world of music!” — Jason Graves

18. “Danger is the spice of life, and you’ve got to take a risk now and then…that’s what makes life worthwhile.” — Anthony Hopkins

19. “I love Indian food – it’s my favourite cuisine. I Variety’s the very spice of life, That gives it all its flavor.” — William Cowper

20. “The adventure of life is to learn. The purpose of life is to grow. The nature of life is to change. The challenge of life is to overcome. The essence of life is to care. The opportunity of like is to serve. The secret of life is to dare. The spice of life is to befriend. The beauty of life is to give.” — William Arthur Ward

Spice Quotes About Food 

Spice is a significant component of food as it adds taste and makes food more enjoyable.

21. “Peruvian food is so simple yet amazingly flavored with their traditional spices.” — L’Wren Scott

22. “Why would these English explorers search for these spices, yet never use them in their food?” — Jon Stewart

23. “I love the mixture of spices and the subtle flavors. It’s really erotic; the spices are so sensuous.” — Joe Perry

24. “Some heat, some spice, and plenty of citruses are the building blocks of many north African fish dishes.” — Yotam Ottolenghi

25. “Spice is life. It depends upon what you like… have fun with it. Yes, food is serious, but you should have fun with it.” — Emeril Lagasse

26. “Variety is what I would recommend: As variety is the spice of life in food, so it is in exercise. Change it up. But most of all, don’t overdo it.” — Martina Navratilova

27. “I have a great love for cuisine, so I’m always interested in local food, and there are so many interesting dishes, spices, and ingredients in India.” — Romain Grosjean

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28. “I add flavor – herbs and spices – to everything because I don’t want them getting used to starchy, bland food.” — Alison Sweeney

29. “I use a lot of spices, fresh veggies and fruit, extra virgin olive oil, nuts, avocado, soybeans, and organic ingredients as often as possible. We need fat in our diets, and using the healthier fats is key.” — Todd English

30. “I believe in the magic of preparation. You can make just about any food taste wonderful by adding herbs and spices. Experiment with garlic, cilantro, basil, and other fresh herbs on vegetables to make them taste great.” — Jorge Cruise

Amusing Spice Quotes

The spice quotes below are entertaining and worth sharing with friends and family. Enjoy these amazing quotes.

31. “We were the Spice Boys.” — George Harrison

32. “The plural of spouse is spice.” — Christopher Morley

33. “What’s life without a spice of stupidity.” — Nancy Springer

34. “I often quote myself. It adds spice to my conversation.” — George Bernard Shaw

35. “There has never been any great genius without a spice of madness.” — Seneca the Younger

36. “If variety is the spice of life, marriage is the big can of leftover Spam.” — Johnny Carson

37. “Genuine polemics approach a book as lovingly as a cannibal spices a baby.” — Walter Benjamin

38. “The Spice Girl Victoria Beckham has just published the story of her life. I confess that it is not in my reading table.” — Mick Jagger

39. “It is crazy even to ask what creativity is. It would be just as useful to interview a caraway plant in your garden and ask: ‘How did you decide to be a spice?’” — Eeva Kilpi

40. “The other day, I noticed I’d arranged my spices in alphabetical order when I was on the phone, without even realizing, and when I was a kid, I was constantly cleaning and organizing things – my toys, my sister’s cosmetics.” — Jayma Mays

More Spice Quotes

Here are some more interesting spice quotes.

41. “Spices are very hot, very hip. I love spices. I’ve always loved the Mediterranean flavors.” — Todd English

42. “I measure in my palm and use my eyes to estimate amounts; a tablespoon is a full palm of dried spices.” — Rachael Ray

43. “The secret of happiness is variety, but the secret of variety, like the secret of all spices, is knowing when to use it.” — Daniel Gilbert

44. “Salt is added to dried rose petals with the perfume and spices when we store them away in covered jars, the summers of our past.” — Wallace Stegner

45. “Store spices in a cool, dark place, not above your stove. Humidity, light, and heat will cause herbs and spices to lose their flavor.” — Rick Tramonto

46. “Once you get a spice in your home, you have it forever. Women never throw out spices. The Egyptians were buried with their spices.” — Erma Bombeck

47. “Each spice has a special day to it.” — Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni

48. “Cinnamon is an awesome spice to use, and it goes great with something like apples in the morning or in a mixture of fruit or in your oatmeal or even in your cereal.” — Emeril Lagasse

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49. “All those spices and herbs in your spice rack can do more than provide calorie-free, natural flavorings to enhance and make food delicious.” — Suzanne Somers

50. “When you think about it in the big scheme of things, our time together is like a dash of spice in a big cosmic soup – important for the richness of flavor but still not quite the main ingredient.” — Alyson Noel

The best spices quotes about health and cooking

51. “Lots of spices like curcumin or cumin help aid digestion. Some superfoods.” — Adam Ondra

52. “Black pepper is necessary to absorb the key antioxidants in most spices and foods..” — Steven Gundry

53. “Cook meat with spices, and eat it with rich cakes and pies, and you have a bad quality of blood.” — Ellen G. White

54. “Ethiopia was one place that just blew me away. How many spices they used in their cuisine? Incredible.” — Jock Zonfrillo 

55. “Vegetables, herbs, and spices. If you can combine those ingredients, that would be the best dish you’d ever cook!” — Rinrin Marinka

56. “Great cooking is about being inspired by the simple things around you: fresh markets, various spices. It doesn’t necessarily have to look fancy.” — G. Garvin

57.  “Cooking is very therapeutic. That preparation, the fragrance of spices, the wafting aromas – it just sweeps aside my depression, tiredness, and name what you may.” — Shreya Ghoshal 

Spices Quotes For Adding Zest And Flavor

Spices have made the world go around for a long time. 

58. “Indian spices can find a place in any cuisine.” — Maneet Chauhan

59. “That’s the Indian in me; you must put spices on everything.” — Aasif Mandvi 

60. “I love the food in Thailand because of the exotic spices they use.” — Venus Williams 

61. “Ounce for ounce, herbs and spices have more antioxidants than any other food group.” — Michael Greger 

62. “I’m a big guy. I always carry a fork, little bottles of spices, and Sriracha. I eat what I feel like eating.” — Robert Irvine

63. “I may find something that looks interesting and then go on to alter the recipe by adding spices, things of my own.” — Paul Lynde 

Famous spices quotes about life

These quotes remind us that spices are synonymous with passion. 

64. “Spices, of course, are essential.” — Marcus Samuelsson 

65.  “When our hands have touched spices, they give fragrance to all they handle.” — John Vianney

66. “And the breeze brought to my nostril the odor of spices, As balm of healing for a sick soul.” — Moses ibn Ezra

Which of these Spice Quotes is your Favorite? 

Reading spice quotes is a fun-loaded activity.

However, you can have more fun by sharing these quotes with others.

You can find spice quotes dealing with different areas.

For instance, we have included quotes about using spices in food and spicing up your life. 

Hopefully, you found your favorite spice quotes.

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