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50 Sean Connery Quotes From the Scottish Actor

Sean Connery was a film legend. He was born as Thomas Connery in Edinburgh. The Scottish actor was known for his good looks, Scottish burr, and his impeccable acting skills. One of his most iconic roles is that of sexy secret agent 007… or Bond. James Bond. He was the first actor to portray the British secret agent on film and starred in seven Bond films between 1962 and 1983. It’s no surprise there are some popular Sean Connery quotes as James Bond.

The Bond films may have made him famous, but he wasn’t always a fan of the character. In fact, at first, he was reluctant to even agree to a film series but knew if it became popular it would benefit his career. Later in his career, he said, “[I am] fed up to here with the whole Bond bit.” At one point, he even said, “I have always hated that damned James Bond. I’d like to kill him.”

His other credits include some excellent movies like Indiana JonesThe Rock, and The Hunt for Red October. He also starred in The Untouchables and did voice-over work after retiring from acting in 2006.

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Best Sean Connery quotes from The Rock

1. “You know… you’re almost the only evidence that I exist.”  Sean Connery, (John Patrick Mason) The Rock

2. “I was trained by the best. British intelligence. But in retrospect, I would rather have been a poet. Or a farmer.” ― Sean Connery, (John Patrick Mason) The Rock

3. “I want a suite, a shower, a shave, the feel of a suit.” ― Sean Connery, (John Patrick Mason) The Rock

4. “Well, Stanley, this is where we go our separate ways. I’m sure you know the anthromology of your name, Goodspeed.” ― Sean Connery, (John Patrick Mason) The Rock

5. “I have a unique knowledge of this prison facility. I was formerly a guest here.” ― Sean Connery, (John Patrick Mason) The Rock

6. “I don’t quite see how you cherish the memory of the dead by killing another million. And this is not combat, it’s an act of lunacy, General Sir. Personally, I think you’re a fucking idiot.” ― Sean Connery, (John Patrick Mason) The Rock

7. “‘Patriotism is a virtue of the vicious’, according to Oscar Wilde.” ― Sean Connery, (John Patrick Mason) The Rock

8. “Thank you for making my point.” ― Sean Connery, (John Patrick Mason) The Rock

9. “In my day, we did it all with a snorkel and a pair of flippers.” ― Sean Connery, (John Patrick Mason) The Rock

10. “I’m fed up saving your ass. I’m amazed you ever got past puberty.” ― Sean Connery, (John Patrick Mason) The Rock

Famous Sean Connery quotes and lines from The Hunt For Red October

11. “Well, there are those who believe that we should attack the United States first. Settle everything in one moment. Red October was built for that purpose.” ― Sean Connery, (Marko Ramius) The Hunt for Red October

12. “Hey, Ryan, be careful what you shoot at. Most things in here don’t react too well to bullets.” ― Sean Connery, (Marko Ramius) The Hunt for Red October

13. “We will pass through the American patrols, past their sonar nets, and lay off their largest city, and listen to their rock-and-roll… while we conduct missile drills.” ― Sean Connery, (Marko Ramius) The Hunt for Red October

14. “There is little room in Tupolev’s heart for anyone but Tupolev.” ― Sean Connery, (Marko Ramius) The Hunt for Red October

15. “Once more, we play our dangerous game, a game of chess against our old adversary – The American Navy. For forty years, your fathers before you and your older brothers played this game and played it well. But today the game is different. We have the advantage.” ― Sean Connery, (Marko Ramius) The Hunt for Red October

16. “When he reached the New World, Cortez burned his ships. As a result, his men were well motivated.” ― Sean Connery, (Marko Ramius) The Hunt for Red October

17. “I miss the peace of fishing like when I was a boy. Forty years I’ve been at sea. A war at sea. A war with no battles, no monuments… only casualties. I widowed her the day I married her. My wife died while I was at sea, you know.” ― Sean Connery, (Marko Ramius) The Hunt for Red October

18. “A great day comrades, we sail into history!” ― Sean Connery, (Marko Ramius) The Hunt for Red October

19. “It reminds me of the heady days of Sputnik and Yuri Gagarin when the world trembled at the sound of our rockets. Now they will tremble again – at the sound of our silence. The order is: engage the silent drive.” ― Sean Connery, (Marko Ramius) The Hunt for Red October

20. “You will go with the men in the life rafts. The officers and I will submerge beneath you and scuttle the ship.” ― Sean Connery, (Marko Ramius) The Hunt for Red October

Sean Connery quotes and one liners from The Untouchables

21. “I’m not looking for the “yearbook” answer. Why do you want to join the force?” ― Sean Connery, (Jim Malone) The Untouchables

22. “If you’re afraid of getting a rotten apple, don’t go to the barrel. Get it off the tree.” ― Sean Connery, (Jim Malone) The Untouchables

23. “Mr. Ness, everybody knows where the booze is. The problem isn’t finding it; the problem is who wants to cross Capone.” ― Sean Connery, (Jim Malone) The Untouchables

24. “You’re gonna talk, pal. You’re gonna beg to talk. Because somebody’s going to talk.” ― Sean Connery, (Jim Malone) The Untouchables

25. “Hey you, on your feet. We need you to translate this book. And I’m not going to ask you a second time. I’m gonna count to three.” ― Sean Connery, (Jim Malone) The Untouchables

26. “All this stuff is impounded. You’re all under arrest.” ― Sean Connery, (Jim Malone) The Untouchables

27. “If you walk through this door now, you’re walking into a world of trouble. And there’s no turning back. You understand?” ― Sean Connery, (Jim Malone) The Untouchables

28. “Oh, what the hell? You gotta die of something!” ― Sean Connery, (Jim Malone) The Untouchables

29. “You just fulfilled the first rule of law enforcement: make sure when your shift is over you go home alive. Here endeth the lesson.” ― Sean Connery, (Jim Malone) The Untouchables

30. “Don’t wait for it to happen. Don’t even want it to happen. Just watch what does happen.” ― Sean Connery, (Jim Malone) The Untouchables

31. “I need to know where this guy is! And I need to know NOW! Or I’m gonna rat you out for all the shit I know that you’ve done in your life! I’m going to turn you over!” ― Sean Connery, (Jim Malone) The Untouchables

Best Sean Connery Quotes as James Bond

32. Bond: “I admire your courage, Miss…?”

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Silvia: “Trench. Silver Trench. I admire your luck Mr…?”

Bond: “Bond… James Bond.”

33. “Just a drink. A martini, shaken, not stirred.” ― Sean Connery, (James Bond)

34. “Do you mind if my friend sits this one out? She’s just dead.” ― Sean Connery, (James Bond) Thunderball

35. (After dropping a lamp into a bathtub to electrocute a henchman) “Shocking! Positively shocking!” ― Sean Connery, (James Bond) Goldfinger

36. Bond: “I have to leave immediately.”

Sylvia: (Kissing Bond) “When did you say you had to leave?”

Bond: “Immediately… Well, almost immediately.”

37. “World domination. The same old dream. Our asylums are full of people who think they’re Napoleon. Or God.” ― Sean Connery, (James Bond) Dr. No

38. (After coming out of a pipe) “Thank you very much. I was just out walking my rat and I seem to have lost my way.” ― Sean Connery, (James Bond) Diamonds Are Forever

39. Emilio Largo: “Here’s a gun.”

Bond: “Looks more fitting for a woman.”

Emilio Largo: “You know much about guns, Mr. Bond?”

Bond: “No. I know a little about women.”

40. M: “When do you sleep, 007?”

Bond: “Never on the firm’s time, sir.”

Sean Connery quotes from Highlander

41. “When only a few of us are left, we will feel an irresistible pull towards a faraway land, to fight for The Prize.” ― Sean Connery, (Ramirez) Highlander

42. “We must fight until only one remains. You are safe only on Holy Ground. None of us will violate that rule. It’s tradition.” ― Sean Connery, (Ramirez) Highlander

43. “Patience, Highlander. You have done well. But it will take time. There are generations being born and dying. You’re at one with all living things. Each man’s thoughts and dreams are yours to know. You have power beyond imagination. Use it well, my friend. Don’t lose your head.” ― Sean Connery, (Ramirez) Highlander

44. “From the dawn of time we came; moving silently down through the centuries, living many secret lives, struggling to reach the time of the Gathering; when the few who remain will battle to the last. No one has ever known we were among you… until now.” ― Sean Connery, (Ramirez) Highlander

45. “You cannot die, MacLeod. Accept it!” ― Sean Connery, (Ramirez) Highlander

46. “The Kurgan. He is the strongest of all the immortals. He’s the perfect warrior. If he wins The Prize, mortal man would suffer an eternity of darkness.” ― Sean Connery, (Ramirez) Highlander

47. Connor MacLeod: “How do you fight such a savage?”

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Ramirez: “With heart, faith, and steel. In the end, there can be only one.”

48. “You have the manners of a goat. And you smell like a dung-heap! And you have no knowledge whatsoever of your potential.” ― Sean Connery, (Ramirez) Highlander

49. “The sensation you feel is the Quickening. We are one, MacLeod. We are brothers!” ― Sean Connery, (Ramirez) Highlander

50. “If your head comes away from your neck, it’s over!” ― Sean Connery, (Ramirez) Highlander

Which of these Sean Connery quotes is your favorite?

Sean Connery wasn’t always a famous actor though. Before the Bond movies made him a household name, he was a milkman! He did some backstage work at King’s Theatre to help supplement his income.

His real-life had a bit of Hollywood drama to it, as when he was in Edinburgh he was the target of a violent gang. They first approached him in a billiard hall when they tried to steal his leather jacket. Then six gang members followed him to a 15-foot-high balcony at the Palais de Danse.

Connery singlehandedly attacked the gang members. He grabbed one by the throat and another by the biceps, cracking their heads together. This earned him respect from the gang and the reputation of being a hard man.

He also had some backward views on domestic violence, which led to some issues in his personal life. His first wife Diane Cilento alleged in her 2006 autobiography, that he had abused her both mentally and physically. In an interview with Playboy magazine, he said, “I don’t think there is anything particularly wrong in hitting a woman, though I don’t recommend you do it in the same way you hit a man.”

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While there is no denying he was a talented and accomplished actor, he was not the nicest man in Hollywood, even if he was knighted by the queen.

Have a favorite Sean Connery quote you would like to share? Leave it in the comment section below!

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