50 Leprechaun Quotes About The Lucky Irish Charm

Get some luck on your side while you search for your pot of gold with these leprechaun quotes!

Leprechauns are a part of Irish folklore and are described as diminutive fairies in the form that looks like a tiny old man.

They are known to be mischievous and guard their gold, although the myth is that their gold is hidden at the end of a rainbow, and if you find it, you get to keep it!

The first known mention of a leprechaun is in the medieval tale Adventure of Fergus, son of Leti.

In the modern world, leprechauns are popular.

They are seen in many areas, from cereal boxes to movies, as the University of Notre Dame mascot, and as the representative of St. Patrick’s Day.

Take a look at these Leprechaun quotes to learn even more about the lucky folklore fairy!

Leprechaun Quotes From the Leprechaun Movies

Enjoy some quotes from the Leprechaun movies.

11. “I need me gold!” — Leprechaun

12. “I’m 600 years old.” — Leprechaun

13. “Can you die from swallowing gold?” — Ozzie

14. “There’s a Leprechaun in the basement.” — Ozzie

15. “A leprechaun’s home has many surprises.” — Leprechaun

16. “Ho, ho, ho. I’m right here, and I ain’t no Santa Claus.” — Leprechaun

17. “That thing is a leprechaun, and we’ve GOTTA figure out how to stop it!” — Tory

18. “Give me Hotel Security. Yeah, I’d like to report a leprechaun in your hotel.” — Scott

19.” You may think this line is getting old, but believe me, son, I want me gold!” — Leprechaun

20. “Pour all you want, pour all you can, you won’t beat me, ’cause I’m a Lepre-CAN…. Mph! Cahn.” — Leprechaun

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Funny Leprechaun Quotes

Check out some of these leprechaun quotes that will make you laugh!

1. “I’m horrified of leprechauns.” — Thom Yoke

2. “Irish is a leprechaun language.” — Sammy Wilson

3. “Yelling Irish, you can sound like an angry Leprechaun.” — Norman Reedus

4. “My two favorite colors of the rainbow are gold and leprechaun.” — Jarod Kintz

5. “I built a leprechaun trap that was made to look like a tiny hotel.” — Alex Hirsch

6. “There are only two classes of people—the Irish and those who wish they were Irish.” — Therese Duffy

7. “Be sure to wear green on March seventeen, or else Irish leprechauns pinch your bones clean!” — Richelle E. Goodrich

8. “If you’re frightened of leprechauns, the best thing to do is to get yourself a little leprechaun outfit and see how big they are.” — Craig Ferguson

9. “There is something sinister about putting a leprechaun in a workhouse. The only solid comfort is that he certainly will not work.” — G.K. Chesterton

10. “If you stepped out of the shower and saw a leprechaun standing at the base of your toilet, would you scream, or would you innately understand that he meant you no harm?” — David Sedaris

Leprechaun Quotes For St. Patrick’s Day

These Leprechaun quotes are great for St. Patrick’s Day!

21. “May the blessings of St. Patrick behold you.” — Irish Blessing

22. “For the whole world is Irish on the Seventeenth o’ March!” — Thomas Augustine Daly

23. “Even when they have nothing, the Irish emit a kind of happiness, a joy.” — Fiona Shaw

24. “If you’re Irish, it doesn’t matter where you go — you’ll find family.” — Victoria Smurfit

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25. “You can take a man of Ireland, but you can’t take out the Irishness of the man.” — Tyson Fury

26. “Whether it’s St. Patrick’s Day or not, everyone has a little luck o’ the Irish in them.” — Laura Sommers

27. “Every St. Patrick’s Day, every Irishman goes out to find another Irishman to make a speech to.” — Shane Leslie

28. “For you can’t hear Irish tunes without knowing you’re Irish and wanting to pound that fact into the floor.” — Jennifer Armstrong

29. “May you have all the happiness and luck that life can hold — and at the end of your rainbows may you find a pot of gold.” — Irish Blessing

30. “The Irish celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in gratitude for the service which he did them in bringing to the Irish their most priceless possession—the gift of faith.” — Therese Duffy

The Best Leprechaun Quotes

Enjoy some of the best leprechaun quotes below.

31. “I’m Irish. I’m a leprechaun.” — Shaquille O’Neal

32. “Ya see, I’m Irish, but I’m not a leprechaun.” — Everlast

33. “May your blessings outnumber the shamrocks that grow.” — Irish Blessing

34. “I still do sort of believe in the fairies. And the leprechauns.” — Helen Mirren

35. “I stay away from the elf roles; I stay away from playing a leprechaun.” — Verne Troyer

36. “When I was 14, I almost had a big green leprechaun tattooed on my forearm.” — Jonas Armstrong

37. “I think I believed in leprechauns longer than any of my fellow classmates because I tried to catch them.” — Alex Hirsch

38. “I believe in all of these Irish myths, like leprechauns. Not the pot of gold, not the Lucky Charms leprechauns.” — Megan Fox

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39. “I was writing songs as a kid about leprechauns and Catwoman and teapots – whatever it is that little girls wanna sing about.” — Bonnie McKee

40. “It’s funny because when I got ‘Jarhead’ and ‘Avatar’ and all those movies, ‘Leprechaun’ still to this day airs on BET. I was thinking, ‘Will they just let it go?’ — Laz Alonso

More Leprechaun Quotes From the Movie

Here are some more quotes from the Leprechaun movies.

41. “What are you?” — Ozzie

42. “Why, I’m a Leprechaun!” — Leprechaun

43. “The leprechaun is attacking.” — Ozzie

44. “He said he wanted his pot of gold!” — Ozzie

45. “Mmm, I like Indian food. So spicy!” — Leprechaun

46. “Have you seen a crock of gold lyin’ around?” — Leprechaun

47. “This guy… was real. He had buckles on his shoes…” — Ozzie

48. “I really did see him. He even tried to polish my shoes.” — Ozzie

49. “Say, aren’t we a little young to be out this late?” — Deputy Tripet

50. “Don’t strain yourself. You’re not as young as you used to be.” — Leprechaun

What Do Leprechauns Look Like?

Most depictions of leprechauns show an old man with a beard that is usually white or red in color.

The leprechaun usually wears green or red clothes and a cocked hat.

They are small, no taller than a small child.

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