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Lil Skies Quotes On Life and Success

Stephanie Kirby, Content Writer
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If you love Lil Skies’ music, you will be a fan of these Lil Skies quotes.

Lil Skies is the professional name of American rapper Kimetrius Christopher Foose.

His dad is a hip-hop artist known as BurntMan, who previously went by Dark Skies.

Lil Skies began freestyling as a young child at the age of three.

He released his first project in high school, with which his father collaborated.

After graduating high school, he went to college for a short time before focusing on his music career.

He released a mixtape called Alone and a couple of singles in 2017.

In addition, he was part of a national tour with Lil Uzi Vert.

After gaining popularity and signing with Atlantic Records, he released a mixtape that was eventually certified platinum.

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Best Lil Skies quotes

1. “Everything I do is meaningful.” Lil Skies

2. “I was destined for this life; this is my destiny.” Lil Skies

3. “I feel like a lot of people can relate to my music.” Lil Skies

4. “Having this big heart of mine gone be the death of me.” Lil Skies

5. “I’m ready to grow and get better and be all that I can be.” Lil Skies

6. “I have face tats, so I know I’m not gonna be able to get a job.” Lil Skies

7. “I’m the type of person, my mind is too strong—I think too hard.” Lil Skies

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8. “The freedom of just going into the booth and spitting and freestyling to release whatever was on your mind was alluring to me.” Lil Skies

9. “I’m just not no kid… I was always consistent with everything: school, sports, music, everything. I made sure. That’s how I am.” Lil Skies

10. “You gotta start somewhere. It is what it is. People listen to Soundcloud more than the radio. So why would you put your music on the radio first?” Lil Skies

Lil Skies quotes for Instagram

11. “At times, I feel like I got the world on my shoulders.” Lil Skies

12. “And I”m hardly ever out because it’s hard for me to trust.” Lil Skies

13. “It’s funny how they judge you when they see you made a change.” Lil Skies

14. “You gotta move on from your past and show yourself you’re strong.” Lil Skies

15. “You gotta move on from your past and show yourself you’re strong.” Lil Skies

16. “I have to start enjoying my life more and stop stressing about sh*t I can’t control.” Lil Skies

17. “Opinions never hurt me because at the end of the day. I’mma do me regardless of what you think, straight up.” Lil Skies

18. “I don’t fake relationships, vibes, or anything with people. I just keep it real, and some people think I have a cold heart for that.” Lil Skies

19. “I would never pay for a pomo on anything I do. People are going to react and show love to what’s real. I never had any handouts ever.” Lil Skies

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20. “Every day, I thank God for the position he put me in. Life could be better, but it could be worse. Either way, I’m thankful and blessed.” Lil Skies

Which of these Lil Skies quotes is your favorite?

Lil Skies has shared that his music is inspired by artists such as 50 Cent, Lil Wayne, and Travis Scott.

In addition, he has collaborated with artists like Machine Gun Kelly, Lil Durk, and Yung Pinch.

The song “Welcome to the Rodeo” was included on the soundtrack for Madden NFL 19, and Madden NFL 20 had Lil Skies’ song “Magic.”

Foose has one child with his girlfriend, Jacey Fugate.

He is active on social media and shares short videos of himself.

He has also shared that he enjoys fishing and would like to do something outdoors if he weren’t rapping.

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