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50 Motivational 50 Cent Quotes on Success, Creativity, and More

Published on June 9, 2020 7:23 AM EST
50 Motivational 50 Cent Quotes on Success, Creativity, and More

Rapper, businessman, actor, investor; Curtis Jackson, otherwise known as 50 Cent, has achieved success in many different industries. The 50 Cent quotes below will inspire you to get your hustle on. 

What’s your opinion about 50 Cent? 

Jackson began his rap career under the wing of late rap pioneer Jam Master Jay. During the production of his unreleased debut studio album, Jackson was shot multiple times in his friend’s car. After spending five months recovering and working on mixtapes, his music was discovered by rapper Eminem. 

50 Motivational 50 Cent Quotes on Success, Creativity, and More

Jackson then signed a million-dollar record deal to Shady Records, which lead to a long-running successful musical career. Recently, Jackson has found success as an actor and TV producer, becoming an executive producer of Starz’s Power and ABC’s For Life

From the downsides of success to the creative process, the wise words of businessman and artist Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson are below. 

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Inspirational 50 Cent quotes

1. “Don’t wait for them to tell you. Tell them.” – 50 Cent

2. “If you die in an elevator, make sure you press the up button.” – 50 Cent

3. “Behind me is infinite power. Before me is endless possibility, around me is boundless opportunity. My strength is mental, physical and spiritual.” – 50 Cent

4. “Your opinion of yourself becomes your reality.” – 50 Cent

5. “Only one I can have a problem with is myself. It’s probably why my only competition is myself.” – 50 Cent, “New Day”

6. “Sleep is for those who are broke.” – 50 Cent

50 Cent quotes about life

7. “I don’t necessarily view death as something negative. Death gives meaning to life. Living in fear of death is living in denial. Actually, it’s not really living at all, because there is no life without death.” – 50 Cent

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8. “Always have bail money.” – 50 Cent

9. “I don’t display emotions. I have every feeling that everyone else has, but I’ve developed ways to suppress them. Anger is one of my most comfortable feelings.” – 50 Cent

10. “I like generals. I like Napoleon. I like strategy. The majority of them are praised for mass destruction, but it’s exciting to see how it comes to the mind mentally.” – 50 Cent

11. “I think I’ll be going to Heaven, because I had good intentions. But my actions are another thing.” – 50 Cent

12. “You shouldn’t throw stones if you live in a glass house, and if you got a glass jaw, you should watch your mouth.” – 50 Cent, “Patiently Waiting”

13. “I’ll have long, straight hair, like down to my back, when I go to Heaven. And I’m not even going to work out, but I’ll be in shape. It’s a whole new program up there.” – 50 Cent

14. “Out of frustration, I say things. Now, people listen to me so much I can say it under my breath and everybody hears me… I said in the past that I’m a work in progress, and I feel like I’m progressing.” – 50 Cent

15. “When you’ve been in life-threatening situations, you become aware that life is not forever.” – 50 Cent

50 Cent quotes about music and creativity

16. “My music is a soundtrack. The film is my life. My music matches things I’ve experienced or felt. Even if the whole thing is made up.” – 50 Cent

17. “For me, there was no Plan B. I absolutely had to be a success in music. The only thing positive in my life was music.” – 50 Cent

18. “I’m not trying to save the world. As a musician and artist, it just ain’t me.” – 50 Cent

19. “The new artist is meeting the general public before they meet the record company. They’re able to put the material on YouTube and have a million views before they even meet an executive at a record company, and get the deal based on that.” – 50 Cent

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20. “When I put out my first mixtape, ’50 Cent is the Future,’ it was the first tape where an artist did the entire tape in song format.” – 50 Cent

21. “I think either you’re creative or you’re not. In general, I don’t think you need to be in pain to actually be creative unless you’re writing love songs. Then you might need to have some ups and downs within your emotions to start to capture that.” – 50 Cent

22. “I like the story writing process. I usually use someone who has been trained for structure to take the story that I actually want, place those elements in the right places.” – 50 Cent

23. “It’s Fifty, not Fiddy.” – 50 Cent

24. “Because hip-hop has no requirements, you deal with people that have the least intelligence on the planet. Some of the people that compare themselves to me, compare themselves to me because they rap and I rap. They can’t even read the contracts that they sign to be a rapper, to do the deal.” – 50 Cent

25. “I like to sort through music and see whatever pops out to me or inspires me. If I could have a production team going and kind of mix records with me, that would be cool; to take the records and have them sound the way I want them to sound. But I’d rather sort though music to find them things.” – 50 Cent

26. “Hip-hop – it’s the safari: it allows people who aren’t under those circumstances to come closer to inner-city life, to explore it without actually being in danger. It’s something kids in middle America indulge in to be rebellious.” – 50 Cent

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27. “When I’m actually creating music, I try not to listen to the hip-hop records that are going on, because I think, subconsciously, we steal from each other.” – 50 Cent

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50 Cent quotes about success and money

28. “I’ve spent four years being what people call “successful,” and all the rest of my life not having it. And maybe because of that, the painful moments are more visible in my memory. If I’m writing about the environment I grew up in, then guns are gonna be goin’ off.” – 50 Cent

29. “Get rich or die tryin’.” – 50 Cent, “Get Rich or Die Tryin’” 

30. “Money is freedom. Money is a private plane. Money is no metal detection.” – 50 Cent

31. “Power’s an aphrodisiac.” – 50 Cent

32. “People who actually have money don’t want to talk about it. They want to talk about everything else.” – 50 Cent

33. “Concentrate on your money. try to hold your paper. It takes money to make money, so save your money, opportunities come.” – 50 Cent

34. “People often say I have so much energy, that I never stop; but that’s what it takes to accomplish your goals.” – 50 Cent

35. “Eating well was something I learned as I started to be successful and had to travel and perform concerts, which are an intense cardio workout.” – 50 Cent

36. “I just feel really good about my accomplishments. I haven’t had, like, a party because a deal goes through or something like that. I don’t know. I need to develop that – I need to have something that I do when things go right.” – 50 Cent

37. “Every morning I wake up in a home where Mike Tyson previously laid in the bed and he earned over $500 million his career. It makes me conscious.” – 50 Cent

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38. “You learn a lot about yourself when you have success for a while. Like, a lot of things that you think are really important aren’t. But you need that process.” – 50 Cent

39. “It’s difficult for me to trust a woman. Men are attracted to beautiful women. Women are attracted to men who offer security – financial security. And if you have money and you’re famous, women find that sexy.” – 50 Cent

40. “If you’re familiar with my man Uncle Sam, you understand the only way you can actually feel better about what he’s gonna take, come the end of the year, is lifestyle. Only thing you can do is spend some of it.” – 50 Cent

50 Cent quotes about upbringing

41. “After I got shot nine times at close range and didn’t die, I started to think that I must have a purpose in life … How much more damage could that shell have done? Give me an inch in this direction or that one, and I’m gone.” – 50 Cent

42. “When I got shot, it was a $5,000 exchange. The price of a life is cheap.” – 50 Cent

43. “Hustling was my internship.” – 50 Cent

44. “I had to overcome challenge after challenge in order to take my life from nothing to living my dreams.” – 50 Cent

45. “I started boxing at 12, and I was above weight for my age, so they put me in the ring with adults… When you’re fighting all the time, it gives you the ability to fight without getting angry.” – 50 Cent

46. “I started hustling at 12, my mother hustled ahead of me. I was only allowed to because they knew me.” – 50 Cent

47. “My grandparents went through a bad experience themselves; they invested money in a church and got burned – the pastor had his own agenda – and my grandfather lost interest in the church after that. That was when I had the option to not go. ‘Grandpa ain’t going; I’m gonna stay with Grandpa.’” – 50 Cent

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48. “In my neighborhood… they view the police as someone who comes to take their loved ones away.” – 50 Cent

49. “Some people are born with very little; some are fortunate enough to have it all. When I grew up, we didn’t have much. I had to hustle to get what I wanted… but I had that hunger for more. I didn’t always make the right choices, but I learned from my mistakes.” – 50 Cent

50. “My grandmother, she’s been the positive portion of my life the entire time. She raised us Baptist, and when I got old enough to say I didn’t want to go to church, she didn’t force me. She was cool.” – 50 Cent

What can you learn from 50 Cent’s work ethic? 

Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson is an expert on work ethic and expanding your personal brand. As Jackson says up above, he never stops working towards his goals. From video games to clothing, Jackson brings his work ethic and creative spin to whatever project he’s working on. Many people trust him because of his work ethic.

The same can be said about his career as an executive producer and actor. Many people have chosen to watch Jackson’s new TV show ABC’s For Life because they’ve had so many great experiences with Starz’s Power. Gaining the trust of your audience is invaluable, and producing quality products is a great way to do that. 

What is your favorite 50 Cent quote? Is there another rapper that we should showcase on Everyday Power? We would love to know your thoughts!

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