25 Paul Washer Quotes About Faith And The Church

Check out our Paul Washer quotes for some spiritual inspiration

Paul Washer has been involved in some interesting situations for what he shares in his sermons and interviews. 

Learn what drives this preacher with our Paul Washer quotes. 

Who is Paul Washer?

Paul Washer is an American Protestant Christian evangelist.

He has connections to Calvinist theology and the Southern Baptist Convention. 

Washer has published many books about Christianity, including:

  • Truth About Man
  • The One True God
  • The Gospel’s Power And Message

What does Paul Washer do?

Paul Washer is a preacher. 

He is a man who started his career studying oil Law at the University of Texas in Austin. 

He converted to Christianity while in school and decided to move to Peru to become a missionary. 

He founded the Heartcry Missionary Society, which has members and associates all over the world in 41 countries. 

Washer’s association with New Calvinism

What is New Calvinism?

To answer that, you would need to know what Old Calvinism, or Calvinism, is. 

Calvinism is a form of spirituality based on the teachings of John Calvin

New Calvinism is also referred to as the Young, Restless, and Reformed Movement.

The idea is that they take conservative Evangelicalism and reinterpret the 16th-century teachings of John Calvin under contemporary American values. 

Here are some essential Calvinist beliefs:

  • There is no repenting from sin.
  • A person who has sinned was predestined to sin. 
  • A person can achieve access to Heaen in the afterlife based on their determination, not actions. 

Where can you listen to Paul Washer preach?

Followers of Washer would suggest you attend one of their church services to see him preach in person. 

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However, if you do not have the means or time to travel to his church, there are other options. 

Paul Washer’s sermons are very popular and easily accessible for anyone interested in what he has to say. 

To learn more, check out our Paul Washer quotes below. 

Short Paul Washer quotes about weakness and judgement

We start our Paul Washer journey with these short quotes. 

1. “I have neglected communion with God through my neglect of the Scriptures & prayer.” — Paul Washer  

2. “When will I learn?” — Paul Washer 

3. “All my weak days have a common cause.” — Paul Washer 

4. “People tell me judge not lest ye be judged.” — Paul Washer  

5. “I always tell them, twist not scripture lest ye be like Satan.” — Paul Washer 

The top Paul Washer quotes about Christianity

Washer shares his view on what makes a Christian. 

6. “A Christian is a person whose heart has been changed; they have new affections.” — Paul Washer 

7. “The evidence of justification by faith is the ongoing work of sanctification through the Holy Spirit.” — Paul Washer 

8. “The true convert does not receive the gospel as an addition to his previous life, but in exchange for it.” — Paul Washer 

9. “There is no such thing as a great man of God, only weak, pitiful, faithless men of a great and merciful God.” — Paul Washer 

10. “A lot of people think that Christianity is you doing all the righteous things you hate and avoiding all the wicked things you love in order to go to Heaven.” — Paul Washer  

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The best Paul Washer quotes about conversion and persecution

Here, Washer shares his views on faith and facing challenges. 

11. “The evidence of conversion is not a decision card filled out; it’s a life being lived out.” — Paul Washer 

12. “It’s absolutely absurd to say you are a disciple of Jesus Christ yet not bear the fruit of Jesus Christ.” — Paul Washer

13. “That’s a lost man with religion.” — Paul Washer  

14. “Persecution has never hurt the church, only prosperity.” — Paul Washer 

15. “Holiness is not merely a feeling, state of mind, or good intention.” — Paul Washer  

Famous Paul Washer quotes about avoiding weakness

Check out Washer’s perspective on sin and sainthood

16. “Unless you cut yourself off from the arm of the flesh, you will never see God work.” — Paul Washer 

17. “If Jesus Christ isn’t strong enough to motivate you to live biblically, you don’t know Him at all.” — Paul Washer 

18. “To the wind with what the world thinks about us.” — Paul Washer  

19. “I have never met an old saint who regretted having spent too much time in prayer, but I have met many who regretted having spent too little.” — Paul Washer

20. “We are not to seek the approval of earth, but the honor of heaven.” — Paul Washer 

Paul Washer quotes and sayings about revival 

We close our list with these inspirational quotes about revival. 

21. “I want Christ.” — Paul Washer 

22. “I don’t want revival.” — Paul Washer 

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23. “And if we have Christ, there will be a revival.” — Paul Washer 

24. “A Christian who does not pray is like prince in beggars clothes who stands but a few inches from His father’s throne and yet does not ask.” — Paul Washer 

25. “A Theologian has nothing on a man who has experienced God.” — Paul Washer 

Reaching modern audiences

Washer makes the case that in order for today’s church to reach people, they must adjust to the times. 

He asks, “Does our Gospel presentation make men excited about what God can do for them on this Earth or about whom God is?

What is your favorite Paul Washer quote?

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