10 Uplifting Reality TV Shows You Can Stream Right Now

There’s so much more to reality TV than gossip and catty drama.

Below is a handpicked list of the best heartwarming reality TV shows you can stream right now. 

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What’s your favorite reality TV show? 

Reality TV has gotten a bad reputation in recent years, but it’s not necessarily earned.

For every Love is Blind or Keeping Up with the Kardashians, there is an uplifting reality TV show with much more to give the viewer than just something to watch.

You can learn how to better organize your life, create an incredible painting, or master a perfect risotto through the shows listed below.

It is completely up to you and your interests. 

The following reality TV shows are available for you to stream from the popular streaming services Hulu and Netflix. 

Enjoy the curated list below, and happy streaming!

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The best heartwarming reality TV shows you can stream right now

1. Queer-Eye (Netflix)

This seven-time Emmy-award-winning reality makeover show is a reboot of the Bravo series Queer-Eye for the Straight Guy.

This series stars a brand new Fab Five: Antoni Porowski, Jonathan Van Ness, Bobby Berk, Tan France, and Karamo Brown as they bring their expertise to unsuspecting individuals in need of a change throughout the United States.

In Queer-Eye, there are many heartwarming and relatable journeys of self-discovery.

As the Fab Five changes their physical appearance.

As a result, their self-confidence changes right along with it.

The camaraderie between the Fab Five ties the entire series together, while each member’s authenticity encompasses the show’s heart. 

2. Masterchef Junior (Hulu)

Masterchef Junior has all of the talents of its predecessor with much less of the snide drama.

Masterchef Junior is a competition cooking show that invites kids aged 8-13 to compete for the title of “Junior Masterchef”.

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The kids featured on the show are beyond talented and create culinary masterpieces that rival cooks at least twice their age.

During the show, the host and one of the judges, Gordon Ramsey, will host a culinary masterclass for the children that will surely have you following along in your kitchen.

The culinary prodigies showcased on Masterchef Junior may inspire you to remix your kitchen favorites. 

3. The Joy of Painting (Hulu)

Most reality TV shows are hectic, but The Joy of Painting finds comfort in the flip side.

Hosted by the late painter Bob Ross, The Joy of Painting originally ran from 1983 to 1994, producing over 400 episodes.

At its surface, this long-running show is a collection of painting tutorials.

But at its core, The Joy of Painting is a celebration of imagination.

In just a short 30-minute episode, Ross transforms a blank, white canvas into an awe-inspiring landscape painting.

Very few shows can captivate audiences with such a simplified format, and this Bob Ross-hosted television show is one of few. 

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4. Tidying Up With Marie Kondo (Netflix)

After taking the world by storm with the KonMari organizing method, Tidying Up With Marie Kondo brings author and world-renowned organizing consultant Marie Kondo to American families nationwide.

In the show, Kondo helps families tidy up their space and, consequently, their lives.

Watching Tidying Up With Marie Kondo may motivate you to take on your space and discover what “sparks joy”. 

5. Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan (Hulu)

Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan brings the 25-year veteran of the dog training world, Millan, into the homes of American families.

Millan uses his expertise to train dogs with behavior problems, whether they are overly aggressive or fearful.

Pets are an important part of the American family.

As a result, the behavior of these dogs can cause friction between family members, friends, or romantic partners.

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As Millan trains the dog, these relationships are given a chance to mend.

At the end of the hour-long episode, the dog and its owners are in much better places than they were at the beginning. 

Other inspirational reality TV shows

6. Survivorman (Hulu)

There’s nothing more human than our sense of survival, and Survivorman brings that layered experience to the small screen.

The series stars survival expert Les Stroud as he tries to survive for a week in a random location, documenting it all.

Instead of conflicting with another person, Stroud conflicts with the world around him, whether it’s the extreme heat of the Kalahari Desert or an animal lurking in the light.

Stroud’s survival tactics are ingenious, especially since Stroud is reacting to the world around him in real time.

Like Stroud, there is also a lot of valuable information to learn here if you are ever stuck in a survival situation. 

7. Rhythm and Flow (Netflix)

Rhythm and Flow is American Idol’s cool little brother but with a lot more heart.

Hosted by Chance the Rapper, Cardi B, and T.I., Rhythm and Flow detail the search for rap’s next superstar.

The reality competition series follows many of America’s brightest talents as they navigate weekly challenges.

With a no-strings-attached $250,000 on the line, it is moving to see how the contestants progress through the series and how their lives would be changed if they took home the cash prize. 

8. Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner (Netflix) 

You can tell a lot about a person by what they eat, and Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner bring that sentiment to fruition in this cooking meets celebrity interview show.

Hosted by restaurateur and author David Chang, the show brings celebrity guests such as Seth Rogan and Lena Waithe to cuisine they know and love.

The show takes an authentic look into the life and times of some of our favorite celebrities as they celebrate one thing that brings us all together: food. 

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9. Songland (Hulu) 

Songland takes a look into the music industry from a rarely seen perspective: songwriting.

The show brings unknown songwriters from the nation in front of popular musicians such as John Legend, Meghan Trainor, and the Jonas Brothers.

Each songwriter gets the chance to pitch a new song to the artist.

After the episode, the artist releases their interpretation of their favorite song to the public.

The most intriguing part of the snow is the synergy between Songland’s judges/songwriting mentors, Ester Dean, Shane McAnally, and Ryan Tedder.

The creative process behind making a “hit” is an inspiring process for any creative to see as well as seeing unknown songwriters given the chance of a lifetime. 

10. Nailed It (Netflix) 

We’ve all had the experience of trying to bring something that looked delicious on social media to fruition and things not turning out exactly how you hoped they would.

Nailed It challenges three amateur bakers to do the same thing.

Hosted by comedian Nicole Byer and pastry chef Jacques Torres, Nailed It is a hilarious cooking competition show that focuses on remaining fun and lighthearted.

Although many Nailed It challenges lead to hilarious fails, there are also a ton of successes that are incredibly heart-warming to witness. 

How do you feel about reality TV shows?

Reality TV doesn’t have to be thrown drinks on top of fights.

A ton of wholesome TV will inspire you and show you all the good in the world, especially on modern streaming platforms like Netflix and Hulu.

Whether you are into musical competition shows, makeover shows, or shows about organizing, this curated list will put you onto the wholesome content you deserve. 

Is there a reality TV show you have been dying to watch from this list?

Have you watched any of them recently?

Let us know below!

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