25 RM Drake Quotes From The Powerful Poet

Find a reason to smile to yourself with our RM Drake quotes. 

RM Drake has been impacting readers across the globe with moving poetry. 

Learn how this phenomenal poet is reaching an entire generation with our RM Drake quotes. 

Who is RM Drake?

RM Drake is the pen name of American port Robert Macias. 

Macias has become known worldwide for posting heartwarming poems on social media. 

Some of RM Drakes’s most influential poem collections are:

  • Black Butterfly
  • Beautiful Chaos 
  • A Brilliant Madness

What are RM Drake’s poems about?

RM Drake’s poems cover a diverse set of topics. 

Everything from loss, love, the divine feminine, and how to reconcile with ourselves are all common territory Drake writes about. 

He provides brilliant insight and complex observations about life in simple terms everyone can understand. 

One of my favorite RM Drake lines is the following: 

“Don’t ever open the heart of someone you don’t plan to love.” 

On the surface, this may seem like evident wisdom, but how many of us have turned down the hearts that are open to us?

Learning to feel all of your emotions

Another beautiful piece of poetry is “You’ll never be happy with yourself if you don’t follow all the things you feel.” 

Many of us hide our feelings.

When we ignore our emotions and feelings, we invalidate them.

What happens in life when a person goes unseen or invalidated?

They might act out to get noticed. 

Our feelings are similar. 

If we do not acknowledge them, they might act out in a way that does not serve us so that we can notice them and take the necessary steps. 

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What inspires RM Drake?

The artist is inspired by everyday life. 

His experience in high school continues to inspire him. 

He was bullied in high school and considered unpopular. 

He remembers, “I hated high school for the first two years. I experienced a lot of bullying.”

After graduation, he became a content developer and Univision’s art director. 

Since then, he has allowed his life experiences to fuel his poetry and art. 

For more information, check out our RM Drake quotes below. 

Short RM Drake quotes about the natural way of things

We begin with some short RM Drake quotes breaking down the simplicity of life. 

1. “The truth is simple.” — RM Drake 

2. “You cannot force love.” — RM Drake 

3. “You cannot make people care.” — RM Drake 

4. “You cannot force a flower to bloom.” — RM Drake 

5. “Those things should happen naturally.” — RM Drake 

The top RM Drake quotes about loving yourself fully

Sometimes loving ourselves is the hardest part of our growth. 

6. “I’m learning how to appreciate my flaws.” — RM Drake 

7. “The right people will love you differently.” — RM Drake 

8. “I’m learning to let things go in order to grow.” — RM Drake 

9. “One day, everything that broke you will make sense.” — RM Drake 

10. “You’ll never be happy with yourself if you don’t follow all the things you feel.” — RM Drake 

The best RM Drake quotes about the power of the heart 

11. “Find something to love, to hold on to.” — RM Drake 

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12. “It’s simple. Don’t open her heart if you’re not willing to stay.” — RM Drake 

13. “Don’t ever open the heart of someone you don’t plan to love.” — RM Drake 

14. “No matter how bad we hurt, In the end. We are going to love  who we love.” — RM Drake 

15. “Overthinking will not just kill  your mind, but it will also kill  your heart, your soul, your mood, your magic, and love.” — RM Drake 

RM Drake quotes and sayings about learning to let go

These RM Drake quotes remind us that relationships represent union, not ownership. 

16. “You cannot tell  the sun when to rise.” — RM Drake 

17. “People don’t belong to us. And that’s the beauty of it all.” — RM Drake 

18. “Make sure you find someone that’s on the same page as you.” — RM Drake 

19. “Some of us are  still in love with people who  don’t belong to us.” — RM Drake 

20. “The ones who stay, stay because they want to and not because you need them to.” — RM Drake 

Famous RM Drake quotes to live by

We end our list with these meaningful RM Drake quotes about life. 

21. “Sometimes doing what’s right for you is the hardest thing in the world.” — RM Drake 

22. “Your suicide happened  the moment society made you feel ugly, and you believed it.” — RM Drake 

23. “I’m moving on. But not just from the people who’ve done me wrong; but from my own doubts.” — RM Drake 

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24. “The last thing you want is to be in a relationship where you feel like you’re the only one in  the relationship.” — RM Drake 

25. “You need someone who is willing to catch you if you fall, not  hold on and let go the moment you disagree on something.” — RM Drake 

Express yourself!

If there is one thing RM Drake’s poetry encourages the reader to do, it is express yourself. 

What is your favorite RM Drake quote?

Be sure to let us know in the comments. 

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