25 Schoolboy Q Quotes From the Hit Rapper

Check out these Schoolboy Q quotes to learn more about the popular rapper.

Schoolboy Q, whose birthname is Quincy Matthew Hanley, was born in Wiesbaden, West Germany, in 1986 on a U.S. Army Air Base.

His parents had already divorced before he was born, so after his birth, his mother moved with him back to the United States, where he grew up in Los Angeles, California.

Schoolboy was a good athlete and played football through college, but he was also involved in a gang where he began selling drugs and was eventually arrested for a home invasion.

He then turned to music, and following the musical influence of Nas, Biggie, and 50 Cent, he became a star in his own right.

Schoolboy has had success as a single artist as well as with the hip-hop supergroup Black Hippy, and he has multiple singles that have been on the Hot 100 list.

Take a look at these Schoolboy Q quotes to learn more about the star rapper.

Most Well-Known Schoolboy Q Quotes

Here are some of the most recognized quotes by Schoolboy Q

1. “I grew into who I am now.” — Schoolboy Q

2. “Broke? Then fix your pockets; all I do is profit.” — Schoolboy Q

3. “I’m not the ‘rappity-rapper’ type dude. All my music is really true.” — Schoolboy Q

4. “I’m a real stubborn person. I’m still humble, not too cocky, but I’m big-headed.” — Schoolboy Q

5. “I didn’t spend money on nothin’. Besides my daughter, bucket hats, and weed.” — Schoolboy Q

6. “I know what I wanna do, and I know how I wanna do it, and I know what needs to be done.” — Schoolboy Q

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7. “I can’t just smash out material like other guys. I just want my albums to be crazy every time I drop one.” — Schoolboy Q

8. “Charisma, that’s my strong point. My personality was always good, but with music, I had to grow into it.” — Schoolboy Q

9. “Most of the songs that I keep are un-relateable for most people – some of the music I make only for myself and the homies.” — Schoolboy Q

10. “You can’t just sit there with dope in your pocket and think that people are gonna come to you. You gotta put the product out there.” — Schoolboy Q

Strong Opinion Schoolboy Q Quotes

Schoolboy Q expresses some strong opinions in these quotes.

11. “Life for me is just weed and brews.” — Schoolboy Q

12. “I knew school was stupid since the fifth grade.” — Schoolboy Q

13. “We’re already dead, the living dead. So do what you gotta do.” — Schoolboy Q

14. “I wanna work forever until I die. I wanna die on the way to a show.” — Schoolboy Q

15. “The more harder you work, the less you’re out spending your money.” — Schoolboy Q

16. “The streets helps you a lot in music, cause it lets you know that you can’t trust nobody and that nobody’s gonna wait for you.” — Schoolboy Q

17. “If I was with some other rappers who aren’t as polished, or I was the only rapper, I don’t think I would be where I’m, nor would I be rapping.” — Schoolboy Q

Controversial Schoolboy Q Quotes

Here are some of Schoolboy Q’s more controversial quotes.

18. “Drink this, smoke this, get down with the shit.” — Schoolboy Q

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19. “I’ll beat a bitch down, I promise you I ain’t playing.” — Schoolboy Q

20. “I smoke weed; it’s not an addiction. It’s something I wanna do.” — Schoolboy Q

21. “I hate the business part of music. Music is just like the streets.” — Schoolboy Q

22. “Love me ‘til the sun comes up, and then we can fu.. and fu.. and fu.. again.” — Schoolboy Q

23. “There’s loyal and disloyal people, people saying one thing and then don’t do it.” — Schoolboy Q

24. “Prescription drugs, show me love: Percocets, Adderall, Xanny bars, get Codeine involved.” — Schoolboy Q

25. “You spend good time with your daughter, man; after you go smoke, chill with your daughter. You’re willing to do whatever she want to do.” — Schoolboy Q

Schoolboy Q’s Personal Life

Although Schoolboy Q struggled with drugs throughout much of his life, he has been clean since 2019.

He has two daughters from previous relationships, and he is an avid golfer who has even competed in the PGA Tour.

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