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The Greatest Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings Quotes

Get ready to enjoy more from Marvel with these Shang-Chi and the Legends of the Ten Rings quotes. Tell us your favorite Marvel character in the comments.

Shang-Chi is the newest cinematic installment of Marvel Cinematic Universe based on Marvel Comics. This film focuses on Shang-Chi, a trained assassin by his father Wenwu, the leader of the Ten Rings. The conflict arises when Shang-Chi does not want to be a killer and rejects the path laid out for him.

The film features much of the Asian culture and gives a spotlight to American-Chinese culture. Furthermore, it features incredible fight choreography and stunning visual effects.

Later on, it revealed that the fight choreographer was Brad Allan, a member of Jackie Chan’s stunt team.

So, here are some of the most badass and funniest Shang-Chi and the Legend of Ten Rings quotes for you to enjoy.

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Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings quotes from Shang-Chi

1. “I thought I could change my name, start a new life. But I could never escape his shadow.” — Shang-Chi

2. “My father trained me to be an assassin. That’s not who I am.” — Shang-Chi

3. “From sunup to sundown, I was taught every possible way to kill a man.” — Shang-Chi

4. “You trained your son to be a killer. Is this what you want?” — Shang-Chi

5. “You’re just a criminal who murders people.” — Shang-Chi

6. “I knew Katy was trouble the first time I saw her in high school” — Shang-Chi

7. “If I die, it’s your fault!” — Shang-Chi

8. “All of the training, all of the sacrifice, no one can hide forever. It’s time to show the world who I really am.” — Shang-Chi

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings quotes from Katy

9. “I know that you don’t like to talk about your life, but a guy with a freaking machete for an arm just chopped our bus in half. Who are you?!” — Katy

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10. “I’m the Asian Jeff Gordon!” — Katy

11. “It’s the art of confusion; works great on stupid people.” — Katy

12. “You sound like my mom. You dress like her a little bit too. What is that, like Talbots?” — Katy

13. “That is exactly the kind of girl my mom wishes came out of her vagina.” — Katy

14. “You changed your name from Shang to Shaun? No wonder your father found you.” — Katy

15. “I like your spike face!” — Katy

16. “Good for you, dude. You found your passion and went for it- crippling the US government along the way, but whatever…” — Katy

17. “We’re not running from adulthood.” — Katy

18. “You sound like my mom. You dress like her a little bit, too. What is that, like Talbots?” — Katy

19. “I’m sorry for my unacceptable job and staying out late and trying to enjoy my life.” — Katy

20. “You have the wrong guy. Does he even look like he can fight?”— Katy

21. “I’ve seen some really scary stuff this past week, but your dad is a whole other level.” — Katy

22. “So, um pretty confused right now. I thought your dad should see a therapist, but then that dragon vomited a crazy water map.” — Katy

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings quotes from Wenwu

23. “Throughout my life the Ten Rings gave our family power. If you want them to be yours one day, you have to show me you’re strong enough to carry them.” — Wenwu

24. “You can’t outrun who you really are.” — Wenwu

25. “I told my men they wouldn’t be able to kill you if they tried. Glad I was right.” — Wenwu

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26. “You walked in my shadow. I trained you so the most dangerous people in the world couldn’t kill you.” — Wenwu

27. “He gave his figure head the name of a chicken dish. It worked. America was afraid… of an orange.” — Wenwu

28. “I’ve lived ten of your lifetimes. Let me pass.” — Wenwu

29. “I’ve always known where my children are.” — Wenwu

30. “A blood debt has to be paid by blood.” — Wenwu

31. “ You spend your entire life afraid. Always running. Always hiding. You were there when they came for her and you did nothing. You stood there at the window and watched her die.” — Wenwu

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings quotes from Xialing

32. “If my father won’t let me into his empire, I will build my own.” — Xialing

33. “I’ve built this place on my own. I didn’t need you then, and I don’t need you now.” — Xialing

34. “Did America make you soft?” — Xialing

35. “I wasn’t allowed to train with the boys. I watched everything they did and I taught myself how to do it better.” — Xialing

36. “Just nod and stay quiet and he’ll forget you’re there.” — Xialing

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings quotes from Ying Nan

37. “You are a product of all who came before you. The legacy of your family.” — Ying Nan

38. “The rings give him the power of eternal life.” — Ying Nan

39. “I left those powers in Ta Lo with our dragon but what I got in return was so much better.” — Ying Nan

40. “Your mother knew who she was, do you?” — Ying Nan

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings quotes from Trevor

41. “You can see Morris? All this time I thought I was hallucinating.” — Trevor

42. “He knows who you are. He grew up with your mom in Ta Lo.” — Trevor

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43. “Morris is 90% sure he can get you there safely. Oh, he said 19%.” — Trevor

44. “It’s all about staying right in the pocket or the forest eats us.” — Trevor

45. “All we have to do is go through the waterfall and we’re pretty much there.” — Trevor

46. “I’m not a threat. Just an entertainer. Morris can vouch for me.” — Trevor

47. “Calm down, mate! I’m not dead, it’s just a performance! Now get down here and play along!” — Trevor

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings quotes from Li

48. “When you have the heart of a dragon, you can do amazing things.” — Li

49. “He chased money and power for a thousand years, but he still wanted more.” — Li

50. “When you have the heart of the dragon, you can do amazing things.” — Li

Which of these Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings quotes is your favorite?

As expected with Marvel Cinematic Films, Shang-Chi successfully lived up to the expectation of both comic book fans and Marvel fanatics.

Furthermore, the film solidifies Marvel’s position to create a new brand of superheroes that will shine on their storyline following the success of the Avengers series.

The film put Shang-Chi as one of the most badass Marvel characters we should watch out for. It is worth noting that Shang-Chi manages to defeat villains in the film without the use of any rings, only pure assassin instincts and years of training.

At the end of the film, he manages to possess rings that would give him tremendous power that we will see in the next installment of this series.

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